Success: Students Arrested for Throwing Dog Off Roof

Target: Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate, India

Goal: Applaud swift arrest of students accused of gravely wounding a dog.

A pair of Indian students have been arrested after a video surfaced of them throwing a dog off of a rooftop in the city of Chennai (Madras). The disturbing video created a surge of outrage, with an intense viral campaign emerging to identify and find such heartless individuals.

In the video, a man can be seen holding the helpless dog by the neck and dropping it from the top of a building. The man can be heard laughing as the dog screams in pain on the ground.

The incident, and subsequent calls for justice, are detailed in this ForceChange petition. Thanks to this intense attention, the men have been identified as students of the Madha medical college, and have also been arrested for “maiming or injuring” an animal.

This sequence of events has been extremely encouraging, as it shows that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. Sign the petition below to thank the authorities for promptly finding the men who so senselessly wounded an innocent animal.


Dear Mr. Javadekar,

I am writing to applaud the recent arrest of two students from the Madha medical college after a video surfaced that allegedly shows them dropping a dog off of a rooftop. In the video, the helpless dog can be seen screaming in pain as the man who dropped it laughs. Such cruelty cannot be tolerated, and the individuals responsible must be held accountable.

The video sparked international outrage as countless social media users shared the video and demanded justice, and the swift arrest of these men proves that cruelty will not be tolerated. Thank you for responding so quickly to this unconscionable act of cruelty.


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  1. These two POS are subhuman garbage! Worthless and useless! Throwing them off a roof is too good for them! Some psychopath skinning them alive is what they deserve!
    This sh*t gets me so mad I see red!!!

  2. These two cruel individuals are medical students? If they did this to an animal, what would they do to their future patients. Remember those that hurt animals intentionally are more likely to also hurt humans intentionally. These two students should be thrown out of the Madha medical college immediately!

    • Medical students experiment on animals and learn surgical procedures by operating on live animals as part of their training.
      That happens in most medical schools.
      Why do you think most doctors are cold emotionless robots, it comes from torturing animals first.
      Go to the website of the “Physicians for responsible medicine”, in the US who are trying to stop all medical training from using live animals to practice on.

    • This was my thought too. In addition to whatever sentence they receive, they should be expelled from Med school.
      If not, their names should be shared all over the Internet. Most people would not want to go to a doctor or allow such a doctor to work on them, that was guilty of such a thing.

  3. Drago Bandas says:

    If you really want JUSTICE ….. Throw these Murderous “students” off from the same building that poor dog was !!!

  4. But will they be prosecuted? Will they be sentenced? anything can happen in the India justice system. Rapists and murderers can go free.

  5. Toss these murdering lowlife monsters of the roof and laugh as they hit the ground.
    I pray they both have the most agonising death possible.
    An eye for an eye.

  6. Simon Draper says:

    I bet it won’t be much of a success. They’ll probably just get a warning and maybe a ban on keeping animals for a couple of years or something equally pathetic. If I had my way they would get the same punishment they would get if they did it to a human baby.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Sons of bitches❗️Pieces of sh!t?❗️?Glad they were caught❗️
    Hope they rot in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

  8. sabita patwardhan says:

    Shitty, shitty, shitty people.

  9. Glad they got caught!
    These evil, useless, magot pieces of shit need to be thrown off a roof and ran over with a tank or semi.

  10. NO punishment is suitable ,, the only good thing to do is give them a long, suffering, painful death, there’d be no shortage of people that can make this happen,,, asap…. rid the world of all evil scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!

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