Success: Dog Caged Without Exercise for Two Years Finally Set Free

Target: Judge Graham Cottle, Exeter Crown Court

Goal: Praise decision to reverse destruction order on gentle dog and send her to a new home after she was locked up for two years without exercise by police force.

An innocent dog locked up for two years without exercise has finally been freed and rehomed. Despite having never shown aggression, Stella the pit bull was taken from her owner in 2014 simply because she is a banned breed. The dog was then reportedly caged for over two years without ever being exercised, while waiting to be put down.

Following a media report on the animal’s plight, a wave of public criticism of the dog’s detention and unfair sentence, including by the ForceChange community, put pressure on authorities to release Stella. This has led to a judge reversing the destruction order and allowing for the gentle dog to finally be rehomed.

Sign this petition thanking authorities for finally releasing this innocent dog so that she can recover from the distressing ordeal of being locked up for two years.


Dear Justice Cottle,

Thank you for reversing Stella the pit bull’s destruction order and allowing her to be adopted into a suitable home. Prior to this, Stella spent two years locked up without exercise by the Devon and Cornwall police, despite being perfectly innocent and having never displayed signs of aggression.

While we praise this laudable decision, this move should not have been over two years in the making, as it has caused this poor animal significant distress. Moreover, breed-specific legislation has been proven to be irrational and inefficient at preventing dog bites.

Thank you for setting a positive precedent with Stella, and please ensure no other animal suffers like she did by battling breed-specific legislation and making sure future cases are handled faster.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Laura Khanlarian

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  1. Are the police going to be prosecuted for animal neglect?

  2. Having seen the videoof her at the detention centre she shouldn’t have been locked up anyway! I think the law needs changing and fast to save these poor dogs from persecution just because of their breed!

  3. Marilyn Graziano says:

    It’s people that need changing not the dogs!!P.Bull/mixes are dogs just like the others! They are just DOGS and don’t know that they are P.Bulls.Humans know what they are doing and what they are doing is evil and wicked as far as Pit Bulls and animals in general are concerned!!!

  4. Lisa D'Ambrosio says:

    They couldn’t have taken the dog for a walk once in a while when she was detained????!!!!

  5. I agree with everyone especially Lisa This was such a cruel act so happy it was overturned. I hope they prosecute UNACCEPTABLE

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Glad she is not being killed, but Sad she is being re-homed 🙁

  7. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    What kind of police departments do you have? Obviously I would assume they have been discharged from their position.

  8. Behind every “vicious” dog is a evermore vicious owner! These types should undergo an mental evaluation, most likely these owners needs to be retrained. Stop blaming and killing dogs because of their breed, its silly.

  9. Nena Miller says:

    Breed specific legislation (BSL) is total BS! Seems to me that there are probably criminals to catch that would utilize the police time in better fashion

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  11. Thank you so much Judge Graham Cottle for showing compassion to a helpless dog Stella.

  12. Dog Breeds are NOT the problem. It is the Human Breeds have become the most Dangerous & the Most Cruelest species on the planet earth.

    Such an Innocent sweet Pooch has being given Imprisonment for the crimes which the human species committed. There are SO MANY PEOPLE who commit heinous crimes against other species and other humans, SO WHY DON’T the Police keep imprisoning them in the first place.

  13. Judge Graham Cottle,

    Special kudos to you!!! You are our hero!!

  14. Vernell Smith says:

    She should have never been taken from her family to begin with

  15. I would like to know just how many shelters take cats for walks or let them outside in the dog runs for exercise and fresh air. how can everyone get so outraged over 1 dog when tens of thousands of cats are kept in small cages all year long.

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