Success: Kikkoman Ends Cruel Animal Testing

Target: Noriaki Horikiri, President and CEO of Kikkoman

Goal: Praise a popular soy sauce company for ending their cruel animal testing practices.

The popular soy sauce company, Kikkoman, has finally put an end to their cruel animal testing. Kikkoman was flooded with emails, phone calls, and public outcry including by those at ForceChange to end this practice. Previously, animals were subjected to countless experiments which included having feeding tubes shoved down their throats, purposely being fed high cholesterol diets to prompt heart disease, creating obese mice to kill them and study their interiors, decapitation and exposure to radiation.

Now, the company is committed to practicing ethical research. Their new company policy reads “Kikkoman is committed to non-animal approaches to test the safety of our products when we use biological methods. Kikkoman is introducing and developing non-animal testing methods, and conducts no animal testing across any of its product lines.” You can read the full statement on their website here.

Kikkoman is now a leader in ethical research and hopefully will inspire more companies to follow suit. Kikkoman now joins Barilla, Coca Cola, Welch’s, Lipton and Ocean Spray in banning animal testing. Thankfully, this is becoming a trend in the food industry. Sign this petition and thank Kikkoman for listening to the public and ending their animal testing.


Dear Mr. Noriaki Horikiri,

We would like to express our support, thanks and happiness in your recent decision to end animal testing within your company. It is clear that you listen to your customers and are willing to adapt to make them happy. Not only are you making your customers happy, you are also making the animals happy. You are sparing hundreds of lives from unnecessary pain and death.

We are hoping that more companies within the food industry follow in your footsteps. It is great to see how many have already ended their testing including Barilla, Coca Cola, Welch’s, Lipton and Ocean Spray. Hopefully, the new innovations you use in your research will be picked up by other companies which will spare even more animals from pain and death.

Thank you again for ending your animal testing and being a leader in the food industry. Your actions do not go unnoticed. It is great to see companies that are still committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining high morals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Richard Masoner

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    notice no hairs on soy sauce?

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