Articles written by: Vanessa Nowitzky

I am a creative performing artist in Oregon, writing to address the suffering in the world.

Provide Basic Income That Supports America’s Artists

Artists make the world beautiful and many of them live in poverty due to unemployment and low wages. Universal basic income would provide them much-needed relief and time to focus on their creative passions. Demand the president establish a basic income for struggling artists throughout the United States, as the worth of their work is inestimable.

Tax Beef to Curb Massive Pollution From Cattle Farms

While thousands are displaced by raging wildfires caused by climate change, cattle farming is making the problem worse. Call for a tax on beef to fund solutions.

Demand Cancer Risk Warning Labels on Dairy Products

Drinking just 2/3 cup of milk per day increases the risk of prostate cancer by 60%. Call for labels to warn consumers of this serious health risk.

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