Articles written by: Sam Young

Demand Reparations for Victims of British Slave Trade

The Caribbean is struggling to remain financially afloat while weathering the effects of climate change. The British Commonwealth can help by paying reparations to a community they wronged during the slave trade. Demand the new king take moral and financial responsibility for his nation’s troubling history.

Save Victims of Global Climate Change Disasters

Millions of lives are at stake as mass flooding, heatwaves, and dangerous weather patterns caused by climate change damage communities across the globe. Powerful countries, including the US, contributed most to this global warming crisis. Demand the US repair damage it caused and fund international relief.

Invest in Electric Bikes and Revolutionize Green Transportation

Electric bikes with bike sharing programs are a cost-effective way to reduce environmental impact. They are also much more accessible and better for the environment than electric cars. Demand that US invest in programs that promote and support these programs.

Support Safe Injection Sites to Stop Overdose Deaths

Our communities are racked by overdose deaths, and the War on Drugs hasn’t helped. Support safe injection sites to save lives.

Don’t Push Vulnerable People Back Onto the Streets

Essential funds that keep people at risk of COVID housed will soon dry up. Call for a renewal of this funding to save our neighbors in need.

Justice for Black Pastor Arrested for Watering Plants

Body camera footage shows officers arresting Pastor Michael Jennings for seemingly no reason while he was watering his neighbor’s plants. Demand these officers are terminated, if found guilty of wrongful arrest.

Support the Right for Public Defenders to Form a Union

Public defenders make enormous personal sacrifices to make sure marginalized people receive justice in a court of law. Demand that these essential employees receive the right to unionize.

Plant Vegetables Instead of Grass to Feed Neighbors in Need

With climate catastrophe and homelessness skyrocketing, we need a new campaign to replace turf grass with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fight Climate Change With Drought-Resistant Lawns for Every Homeowner

Grass lawns consume massive amounts of water, burn gasoline, and contribute to climate change. Drought-resistant yards are effective in staving off climate collapse, but they often go against neighborhood guidelines. Demand all residents have the right to environmentally friendly lawns.

Protect Tarantulas During Their Mating Season

Tarantulas, who play a vital role in the ecosystem by controlling insect populations, are killed in huge numbers on busy highways during their mating season. Call for action to protect these under-appreciated predators.

Save Our Rivers: Provide Tax Incentives for Greywater Use

A water crisis is unfolding across the country, as reservoirs run dry and future access to clean water is uncertain. This problem can be addressed by mandating the reuse of “grey water.” We must increase efforts to conserve and reuse water before our taps run dry.

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