Demand Reparations for Victims of British Slave Trade

Target: King Charles III, the King of England

Goal: Pay reparations to Caribbean Community nations for harm done during the transatlantic slave trade.

Slavery is one of the great crimes of the 20th century, a permanent stain on the history of the Americas that defines the lives of African-descended people to this day. When it comes to the British Empire, the sting is particular poignant, as slave traders received compensation after liberation, while the slaves themselves never did. With the monarchy changing leadership after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, countries in the Caribbean touched by the slave trade are continuing to demand reparations for centuries of poverty, marginalization, and humiliation that began with the slave trade, from which the crown and government directly profited and continue to make dividends on.

Basic human rights and sovereignty are at risk, as the Caribbean suffers from a lack of basic infrastructure amidst the ravages of climate change. Out of desperation, these countries may have to give up much of the independence they’ve fought so long for in exchange for loans from often exploitative economic superpowers like China. At a time when Caribbean countries need to invest in their infrastructure and their people, they are saddled with debt.

Besides being the morally correct thing to do, reparations from Britain would help build positive relationships between formerly colonized countries and the former colonial powers. It could open up a new chapter of development, as funds are invested in  healthcare and education for marginalized populations that have been devastated for centuries. Sign this petition to demand that the new leader of the Commonwealth of Nations, King Charles III, makes the historic decision to pay back the people of the Caribbean for stolen labor and damages.


Dear King Charles III,

As leader of the Commonwealth of Nations, you are responsible for the global legacy of the former British Empire. Much of that legacy involved the subjugation and exploitation of human beings. Although the crown has expressed regret over this history, it has not yet made material restitution, and continues to benefit from the dividends of its historic crimes.

The Caribbean continues to suffer from a lack of opportunity and basic infrastructure as well as a geography that makes it vulnerable to the ravages of climate change. China is taking advantage of this by providing predatory loans for these countries, trading infrastructure opportunities for political and economic control. Financial dependence on China, especially in the context of desperation due to the changing climate, means a likely political realignment away from the Commonwealth and towards an entrenchment of authoritarianism.

As you take on the mantel of the crown, you have an opportunity to begin a new chapter in Commonwealth history, based on reconciliation with and renewal of the Commonwealth nations that have suffered under colonialism. The Commonwealth is at risk of collapsing under the weight of its negligence.

Pay reparations to the Caribbean and take a step towards ameliorating injustice and ensuring long-term stability for the Commonwealth and its members.


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Photo credit: John Raphael Smith

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  1. Michael Simmons says:

    LOL, havent heard so much BS before in my life, Slave trade, reparations, guilt, this happened centuries ago and everyone affected is now dead so who gets the reparations?

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