Dogs Dead After Reportedly Choking on Vomit and Receiving Blunt-Force Trauma to Head Deserve Justice

Target: Martin County Prosecutor

Goal: Ensure dog trainer faces maximum legal punishment for the alleged abuse and deaths of dogs in her care.

A troubling case has emerged in Palm City, where Nikki Camerlengo, the operator of a dog training and boarding facility, allegedly abused dogs under her care. Investigations revealed that at least three dogs apparently died at Camerlengo’s facility, Pawsitively Paradise. One of the dogs, a Goldendoodle named Fleurie, reportedly died from blunt-force trauma to the head, with necropsy reports apparently suggesting extensive acute hemorrhage in the brain.

The alleged abuse extended to other dogs as well. A Flat-coated retriever named Mako reportedly choked on his own vomit, while another dog, a Cavapoo named Beau, also reportedly suffered blunt-force trauma to the head. These findings suggest a pattern of severe mistreatment and neglect, painting a horrifying picture of the conditions at Pawsitively Paradise. Despite being cited previously for not providing adequate water and shelter, Camerlengo’s actions allegedly resulted in further suffering and deaths.

The gravity of these allegations demands a swift and strong legal response. The reported abuse and neglect inflicted on these innocent animals highlight a critical need for accountability. Ensuring that the alleged perpetrator faces the maximum legal punishment will not only serve justice for the deceased dogs but also deter future instances of such cruelty. The Martin County Prosecutor must act decisively to bring justice for Fleurie, Mako, Beau, and any other potential victims.


Dear Martin County Prosecutor,

The recent arrest of Nikki Camerlengo, who operated a dog training and boarding facility in Palm City, has brought to light deeply troubling allegations of animal abuse. The necropsy reports for three dogs who died at her facility apparently suggest severe mistreatment, with two dogs reportedly dying from blunt-force trauma to the head and another choking on his own vomit.

The distressing allegations surrounding these dogs’ deaths—particularly the extensive acute hemorrhage in Fleurie’s brain and the trauma inflicted on Beau—underscore the severity of the alleged abuse. Such actions demonstrate a shocking disregard for animal welfare and necessitate immediate and stringent legal action to ensure justice is served.

We urge your office to pursue the maximum legal punishment for Nikki Camerlengo in connection with these alleged acts of cruelty. It is imperative to hold her accountable for the reported abuse and deaths of these animals, sending a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Ensuring justice in this case will protect other animals from suffering similar fates and uphold the values of compassion and humane treatment.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Martin County Sheriff’s Office


  1. This woman needs to have done to her what she did to those dogs. Take a 2 X 4 and smash her head. What is wrong with people these days? They seem to be no longer human, or people, only monsters. Why would someone do this? She belongs in a mental institution for the rest of her life. She should never be out living in our society based on laws. We live under rules to protect the peace but this woman doesn’t believe inhumane laws, does not cooperate, only wrecks our checks and balances. This type if person has no problem living in our society as she knows the rules and we live by them. But this woman ruins any group she is part of by not paying attention to the laws.

  2. Sherry Akridge says:

    Seven victims have come forward because of abuse from
    Nikki Camerlengo. This woman deserves to be in prison!
    She sounds like another psychopath out in the world abusing and killing animals. Total monster.

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