Justice for Gray Wolves and Golden Eagles Found Dead From Poisoning

Target: Natalie K. Wight, U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, Oregon

Goal: Prosecute and punish those responsible for the wildlife poisonings in Wallowa County.

Three gray wolves and two golden eagles, alongside other wildlife, were discovered deceased in Wallowa County, victims of poisoning. This tragic event unfolded in an area recognized for its vibrant wildlife presence. The gravity and illicit nature of these actions necessitate urgent legal action.

Oregon’s laws and federal protections unequivocally outlaw the killing of such animals, highlighting the severity of the crimes. The targeted species, crucial to our ecological balance, are safeguarded under stringent regulations due to their vulnerable statuses. Further investigation into this matter revealed that not only wolves and eagles but also a cougar and a coyote suffered from similar fates in the same vicinity, underlining a possibly broader issue of wildlife endangerment in the region.

The deliberate poisoning of these animals strikes at the heart of conservation efforts and disrespects both state and federal laws designed to protect our natural heritage. This petition calls for thorough investigation and appropriate legal actions against those responsible. Demand accountability to deter such heinous acts in the future.


Dear Attorney Natalie K. Wight,

We are writing to you distressed by recent findings in Wallowa County, where several protected species were found dead due to poisoning. These include three gray wolves and two golden eagles, among others, indicating a grave violation of both state and federal wildlife protections.

The implications of such actions are far-reaching, affecting biodiversity and ecological balance. These species are not only vital to our environmental health but also hold significant cultural and natural value. The laws protecting these animals are clear and comprehensive, reflecting their importance to our ecosystem and our commitment as a society to their survival.

We urge your office to take swift and decisive action in response to these poisonings. We seek thorough investigations and, following due process, the prosecution and stringent penalizing of those found responsible. It is imperative to send a clear message that such disregard for wildlife and legal statutes will not be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: USFWS Endangered Species


  1. Charlotta Ross says:

    People suck!!! You see or read someone else did it and only got a slap on the hand so everyone has to try. We need to advocate for stricter laws and harsher punishment.

    • Michelle Kang says:

      Agreed! We need harsher punishments for these individuals. They should be locked up for life!

  2. This is deliberate murder, but torture first! These people are mentally ill. They can’t be helped but they will hurt animals and then turn to humans. They are sick but there is no medicine to help them. Our society is built on laws for all to follow in oder to live in peace. The men doing this are not wanted by society. I honestly see that our legal system doesn’t do anything. We can’t wait longer for action. Show these creeps they can not act this way but putting them ih prison or making them drink the same poison they gave to animals. They wanted to watch as these innocent animals suffered. Now they can see how it feels from the inside out! They deserve no less!

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