Punish Person Who Shot Cat with Arrow

Target: Bruce Bartlett, State Attorney for Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Goal: Prosecute animal cruelty case involving cat shot with arrow to fullest extent.

A popular feline fixture in a Florida neighborhood was almost killed with an arrow. The cat, described as a gray shorthair, arrived at a veterinary clinic with an arrow in the back. This resilient animal then underwent a successful surgery.

The Cat Trap Fever Inc. nonprofit rescued the cat and plans adoption when the feline has fully recuperated. Authorities have now turned their attention to identifying the person or persons who committed this disturbing act. They have asked for leads from residents of the neighborhood where the incident occurred.

Sign the petition below to call for appropriate charges after a suspect is apprehended.


Dear State Attorney Bartlett,

Pinellas County was recently the site of a horrific act of possibly random animal cruelty. A beloved neighborhood cat was shot with an arrow and rescued, with the weapon still protruding from the animal’s back. Skilled veterinary surgeons were able to save this cat, but the sheriff’s office is still investigating the case.

Please pursue maximum charges when and if a person of interest is identified. An individual who could commit this type of callous act will likely strike again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Kate


  1. Gilda Provenzano says:

    The MAGAt state? Where gay and trans people get murdered? LOL!!!

  2. I may be wrong but this seems like a teen crime. Someone using a bow and arrow shoots a stray cat but doesn’t know how to hit the target. The cat was lucky and I hope he lives and has a wonderful life. The suspect could be anyone. I hope he is found and brought to whatever justice is available in Florida. It’s not the best state for animal safety. To do this action is deplorable as the victim had to be shot and thus the abuser had to go after some small animals in order to do this evil act. This person is mentally ill. He needs help but he also needs to answer to the law for hurting an innocent animal for no their reason than his wanting to do so. That’s unacceptable when living in a society of laws. He must be removed

  3. Offer a reward, jerks like this brag about their crimes and more than one person knows who is responsible for this vicious act and will gladly turn him in for a few dollars.

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