Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Killed and Dumped in Trashcan

Target: W. Stephen Muldrow, United States Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico

Goal: Prosecute Jacob Luna for alleged animal cruelty and related charges to prevent further harm.

In a recent appalling incident, Jacob Luna, aged 20, is under arrest for his alleged involvement in a gruesome act of animal cruelty in San Juan. Surveillance footage purportedly captured him entering a property without permission and attacking a resident’s dog. This alleged situation climaxed when the dog’s body was discovered in a trashcan, shocking the community and sparking widespread condemnation.

Further investigation revealed that the dog had been missing since Saturday, culminating in a tragic discovery that has since fueled calls for strict and immediate legal action. Luna faces multiple charges, including animal cruelty, theft, trespassing, and tampering with evidence, with a bond set at $104,000. These allegations underscore a deeply troubling disregard for life and property that cannot go unaddressed.

The community’s reaction is one of profound distress and a strong desire for justice. The alleged act of cruelty by Luna not only ended an innocent animal’s life but also breached the trust and safety of the community. Deter future instances and uphold community safety and moral standards.


Dear Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow,

We write to you amidst widespread outrage over the alleged brutal killing of a dog by Jacob Luna, as apparently captured on local surveillance. The dog was later found in a trashcan, per reports. This apparent act, coupled with charges of theft, trespassing, and tampering with evidence, paints a picture of severe moral and legal failings that demand your immediate attention.

This case has not only reportedly robbed a family of their beloved pet but has also shaken the trust of our community in its ability to protect its most vulnerable members, including animals. The charges laid against Mr. Luna must be pursued with the utmost rigor to ensure justice is served and to signal to potential offenders that such cruelty will meet with severe consequences.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action in prosecuting Jacob Luna under the full extent of the law. Our legal system must respond with appropriate gravity to reaffirm our community’s commitment to justice and compassion for all living beings. Let this case not only bring justice to the victim but also serve as a deterrent against future acts of cruelty.


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Photo credit: Elizabeth Thomsen

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