Call for Thorough Investigation Over Man Accused of Cruelty Against Dog

Target: Marc Bennett, Sedgwick County District Attorney in Kansas

Goal: Ensure a comprehensive investigation into the alleged animal cruelty incident in Wichita Park.

Recent events have stirred public unrest and suspicion as a video surfaced, allegedly showing a man possibly engaging in animal cruelty in a Wichita park. This footage, shared widely across social platforms, prompted an immediate investigation by local authorities. Community members are now calling for transparency and a thorough investigation to ascertain the truth behind these troubling allegations.

Further examination by the Wichita Police Department reportedly confirms the man’s claim that he was merely grooming his dogs. However, the initial reaction to the video suggests potential harm, sparking a significant outcry for justice and demanding reassurance about the safety of animals in our community. Given the nature of the video and public concern, it is imperative to delve deeper and verify these findings comprehensively.

The necessity for a rigorous and open investigation is clear. Citizens rely on their officials to uphold the safety and welfare of all community members, including animals. Re-examine the case, ensuring that all possible leads are explored and that justice is served if wrongdoing is indeed found.


Dear DA Marc Bennett,

Our community is deeply troubled by the video that recently emerged, suggesting possible animal cruelty in a local park. The footage, which captured widespread attention, portrays actions that many perceived as harmful to animals, raising significant concern among citizens and animal advocates alike.

While we acknowledge the preliminary findings from your department, we urge you to conduct a more exhaustive investigation into this matter. The video’s disturbing implications demand a transparent and thorough inquiry to ensure that all aspects of the incident have been comprehensively assessed and that community concerns are addressed satisfactorily.

In light of the serious allegations and the public’s heightened sensitivity to animal welfare issues, we respectfully request that your office reassess the available evidence and conduct further investigations as necessary. We seek reassurance that our community’s standards of animal treatment are upheld and that any violations are met with appropriate legal action.


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Photo credit: Sam De Sousa

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