Stop the Abuse of Animals for Entertainment in Film

Target: Yu In-chon, Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Goal: Implement strict guidelines for animal safety in film production to prevent alleged abuses.

Recent allegations have raised concerns over the treatment of animals during the production of the Korean occult thriller, “Exhuma.” Reportedly, the movie involved the use of live animals and animal carcasses, stirring public outcry and condemnation from animal rights groups. The film’s scenes, described as involving traditional rituals with live and deceased animals, have spotlighted the need for regulatory oversight.

Further details revealed by Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) suggest that during a traditional ritual scene, five pig carcasses were used and later returned to a livestock retailer. Allegedly, live fish and other animals were temporarily subjected to filming conditions that resulted in harm. These practices, absent of veterinary supervision, purportedly violated even the basic standards of animal welfare. The film, having reached a wide audience, now faces scrutiny for these alleged practices which have sparked a broader debate on the ethical use of animals in media.

The absence of stringent regulations in Korea compared to guidelines available in other countries highlights a significant disparity in animal welfare standards. The alleged use of animals in such a cavalier manner without proper oversight suggests a grave oversight in the industry. Demand the establishment of rigorous, enforceable guidelines to ensure the safety and humane treatment of animals in all stages of media production.


Dear Minister Yu In-chon,

We are writing to express our deep concern and to demand immediate action regarding the alleged use of live animals and animal carcasses in the production of the film “Exhuma.” This film, which involved traditional shamanistic rituals, reportedly included the use of live animals and carcasses in ways that have raised significant ethical and welfare questions. The lack of veterinary oversight and the conditions reported are troubling and necessitate a thorough examination and response from your office.

The details provided by Korea Animal Rights Advocates, regarding the alleged treatment of animals during the production, illustrate a stark violation of what should be standard ethical practices in film production. The use of five pig carcasses, the treatment of live fish, and the involvement of other animals without appropriate welfare considerations were actions that allegedly took place under the film’s production oversight. Such practices not only jeopardize animal welfare but also tarnish the integrity of the Korean film industry.

We urge you to take swift action by developing and enforcing strict guidelines for the use of animals in film and media production. These guidelines should ensure that all animals used in entertainment are treated with the utmost care and respect, and that any violation is met with appropriate legal consequences. It is essential to align Korea’s standards with international practices to prevent such alleged abuses from occurring in the future.

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  2. Align Korea’s standards with international practices to prevent animal abuses from occurring in the future.

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