Justice for Puppy Allegedly Dragged and Kicked on Street in Broad Daylight

Target: Amanda Gordon, Crown Solicitor of Rotorua, New Zealand

Goal: Ensure rigorous investigation and prosecution of individuals allegedly involved in puppy abuse incidents in Rotorua.

Recent reports have surfaced, alleging distressing incidents of puppy abuse on the streets of Rotorua. Witnesses claim to have seen a puppy dragged on concrete and subjected to multiple kicks, a shocking revelation that underscores a broader issue of animal cruelty within the community. These alleged actions not only display a blatant disregard for animal welfare but also raise significant concerns about the frequency and severity of such incidents in the area.

In particular, one Rotorua resident recounted an alarming episode where a man was seen allegedly dragging a tired puppy along Lake Rd, then reportedly proceeding to kick it without any attempt to conceal his actions. Another resident reported witnessing a puppy being lifted by its lead, choking it, and then being kicked, further evidencing the alleged cruelty faced by these defenseless animals. These detailed accounts, while deeply disturbing, highlight the urgent need for intervention and justice.

The necessity for swift and decisive action is clear. The alleged mistreatment of puppies in Rotorua not only violates basic principles of compassion and care but also contravenes laws designed to protect animals from abuse. Safeguard animal welfare and undertake a thorough investigation into these allegations.


Dear Solicitor Gordon,

We are reaching out to express our deep concern and distress over recent reports of alleged puppy abuse in Rotorua. It has come to our attention that there have been several incidents where puppies were reportedly dragged on concrete and kicked in broad daylight. These acts of alleged cruelty not only cause immediate harm to the animals involved but also contribute to a culture of indifference towards animal suffering.

The specific accounts of these incidents are particularly alarming. Witnesses have described seeing individuals displaying a shocking level of disregard for the well-being of these vulnerable creatures. From dragging a tired puppy across concrete to lifting and choking it with a lead, these actions, if true, are unacceptable and demand a rigorous response. It is imperative that these allegations are investigated thoroughly, and that those found responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

We implore you to prioritize the investigation into these alleged incidents of puppy abuse in Rotorua. We trust in your organization’s dedication to protecting animals and urge you to act decisively in response to these reports.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nathanael Coyne

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  1. This is New Zealand? I would never have thought people like this existed in your country. Mentally challenged people live everywhere. Yet this outright abuse must be stopped. What a horrible sight for anyone to witness. The entire world is looming on insanity. Where is our humane sense? Where is our compassion? Why do the bad among us seemingly talking over the world? PEOPLE LIKE THIS HAVE NO THOUGHT OF OTHERS ONLY OF THEMSELVES. How tragic the be forced to live with inhuman people, be they insane or not.

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