Justice for Dogs Allegedly Rescued From Unlivable Conditions

Target: Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for the alleged neglect of 18 dogs.

In a distressing incident in Houston, 18 dogs were discovered in a state of reported neglect, living in conditions no being should ever endure. This case highlights an apparent act of animal cruelty, where the animals were left to suffer in an environment unfit for any form of life. Allegedly, the dogs’ owner was being evicted, which led to the intervention by the Houston Police Department and the subsequent surrender of the animals to be moved to a safer place where they could receive the care they desperately needed.

Six of these dogs, due to the severity of their condition, are now under treatment, a testament to the reportedly egregious level of neglect they endured. The other 12 dogs have been placed with BARC, awaiting a chance for a better life. Despite the rescue, the owner faces no charges, a decision that starkly overlooks the alleged suffering inflicted on these animals. This incident not only exposes a seemingly dire situation but also the urgent need for a legal framework that ensures accountability for such neglect.

The decision not to pursue charges against the owner is troubling and sets a concerning precedent for animal welfare. It underscores the need for a robust legal response to prevent further instances of alleged cruelty and neglect. Such measures are crucial in sending a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious offense, meriting appropriate legal action to protect the vulnerable. Demand the Houston District Attorney take action, ensuring those responsible for the alleged neglect of these 18 dogs face legal consequences.


Dear Attorney General Ken Paxton,

In a recent, heart-wrenching case, 18 dogs were reportedly rescued from deplorable conditions in Houston, indicative of severe neglect. This situation came to light when the owner was being evicted, and the Houston Police Department stepped in, leading to the dogs’ surrender. Now, six of these dogs are receiving vital treatment, while the others await a chance for a new beginning with BARC. Astonishingly, it has been stated that no charges will be pressed against the owner, a decision that overlooks the alleged suffering endured by these animals.

The lack of legal action in this case is not only disheartening but also sets a dangerous precedent, implying that such neglect may go unchecked. The animals’ alleged suffering paints a grim picture of what can happen when individuals fail to meet their responsibilities to their pets. As the legal authority in Houston, you have the power to challenge this precedent and advocate for the voiceless.

We urge you to reconsider the decision not to press charges and to pursue legal action against the individual allegedly responsible for the neglect of these 18 dogs. Doing so would affirm the city’s commitment to animal welfare and justice. It would also serve as a deterrent to potential neglectors, underscoring the seriousness with which Houston treats animal cruelty. Let us not allow the alleged suffering of these dogs to be in vain but instead use it as a catalyst for change in how we protect our most vulnerable.


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  1. Texas once again shows us all how not to act, thanks for that, but a lot of innocent animals are suffering under heartbreaking conditions because your state just does not care about any animal it can’t sell in a stock auction. Being civilized isn’t that hard, find and punish people who do this and make it hurt them as bad as they hurt animals. I won’t hold my breath, we all know Texas.

  2. Bosha Karanovic says:

    Unfortunately these world is full of fetid scum!

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