Justice for Alleged Mistreatment of K-9 Officer by Deputy

Target: Michael A. Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for the deputy’s alleged mistreatment of a K-9 officer in Moreno Valley.

In Moreno Valley, a disturbing incident allegedly unfolded during a routine traffic stop. A video, now circulating online, reportedly shows a Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy engaging in what appears to be harsh treatment of their K-9 partner. The footage, igniting widespread indignation, purportedly captures the deputy slamming the dog onto the ground. Such alleged actions, if true, are not only inhumane but also a gross misuse of authority.

Further details in the video reveal the deputy’s alleged reaction to the K-9 snapping at their hands. The officer is reportedly seen lifting the animal and forcibly shoving it into the ground, accompanied by a stern “No.” Following this, the deputy appears to strike the dog on the nose. This sequence of events, if accurate, paints a troubling picture of animal mistreatment and raises serious concerns about the deputy’s conduct.

This petition demands an immediate and thorough investigation into these allegations. If found true, appropriate legal action must be taken against the deputy for such unacceptable behavior. Animals, especially those serving in law enforcement, deserve respect and humane treatment. The community’s trust in law enforcement hinges on the assurance that all officers, human or canine, are treated with dignity and respect.


Dear District Attorney Hestrin,

We are writing to you, deeply concerned about a recent incident in Moreno Valley involving a Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy and their K-9 partner. A video has emerged, allegedly showing the deputy engaging in what appears to be severe mistreatment of the animal during a traffic stop. This footage has understandably caused considerable distress and calls for a prompt response from your office.

In the video, the deputy is reportedly seen purportedly lifting the K-9 and slamming it onto the ground. Subsequently, the officer seems to strike the dog on the nose. This alleged conduct not only reflects poorly on the department but also raises serious questions about the treatment of animals within law enforcement. If these actions are verified, they represent a clear violation of the trust and responsibility entrusted to our law enforcement officers.

We urge you to take immediate action on this matter. An in-depth investigation into the allegations must be conducted. Should these claims be substantiated, it is imperative that legal action is taken against the deputy involved. It is crucial that our community has faith in its law enforcement, and that includes the belief that all members, including K-9 officers, are treated with the respect and care they deserve.


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Photo credit: City of Greenville, North Carolina

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  1. K9 dogs are very important and precious members of the police force and they should be respected and well cared for. They are amazing law enforcement officers that handle difficult tasks that no humans can do especially with their noses. The abusive, violent and cruel deputy officer per say (wonder why his stupid name is not being mentioned) jolly well knows it yet he deliberately hurt the dog by striking its nose! K9s should be safely assigned to deputies who have passion for animals (especially dogs) to ensure the love and protection these precious babies truly deserve! Also, the abuser must face harsh punishments for animal cruelty and be removed from his post to prevent more K9s from getting harmed . He must be banned from handling or owning an animal permanently!

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