Stop Using Exotic Animal Skins for Handbags and Watches

Target: Axel Dumas, Executive Chairman of Hermès

Goal: Stop the use of alligator skin, and the materials from other exotic animals, in the production of luxury watches and bags.

Many luxury brands rely on exotic animal skins for the straps of handbags, watches, and more. Such procedures reduce the populations of exotic animals everywhere, and buyers of such products have begun to request animal-free products. Typically, alligators are used in luxury products because of their flat, scaly skin. With Hermès specifically, the once animal-using brand now relies on non-leather materials to make some of its watches. As the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent a letter to Dumas regarding the use of crocodile skins in bags, it’s time to resort to a completely animal-free method of producing luxury products.

Sign this petition to demand luxury companies stop using animals in their products. It’s unethical for innocent animals to be slaughtered for consumer products. Demand change immediately.


Dear Mr. Dumas,

Please stop the use of crocodiles and other exotic animals in the making of bags. As watches are now in many cases made out of humane non-leather materials, it’s time for other products to be animal-free. This practice is unjust since innocent animals are losing their lives at the hands of luxury products.

It’s time to stop animal populations from dwindling. Customers are already opting for animal-free products, so there’s no reason to continue selling them. We demand animals not be utilized in any further luxury products. We appreciate your attention to this message.


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  1. Only filthy people buy items made from animals skin.

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