Punish Man Accused of Slamming Dog on Ground and Dragging Him by Rope

Target: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma District Attorney Vicki Behenna

Goal: Give man maximum legal sentence for abusing his dog, if he is found guilty, and do not allow him to keep his animal.

A dog was allegedly slammed to the ground and mercilessly dragged by a rope wrapped around the animal’s neck. Jose Pece was arrested shortly afterwards for the crime. It is important he spend the most time in prison possible and that he also no longer be legally allowed to own animals if he is found guilty of this heinous act.

According to reports, the dog simply ran up to Pece while he was on his bike before the animal was viciously kicked and dragged by the rope. It was further said that the helpless dog was profusely crying during the incident. Pece is currently being held on a five-thousand-dollar bond.

Sign this petition to demand that this suspect is held accountable for his actions, if he is found guilty of beating this dog, and that he no longer be allowed to have animals in his care.


Dear District Attorney Behenna,

Jose Pece was recently arrested for allegedly brutally beating his dog. He needs to get the maximum penalty under law and not be allowed to retain ownership of his dog if it is found he committed this heartless abuse.

Witnesses said the dog was kicked and dragged by a rope that was wrapped around the animal’s neck after running up to Pece on his bike. Reports state that the dog was crying throughout the beating and showing severe signs of distress. Studies have shown that abused animals continue to show signs of stress toward others after they are mistreated. Therefore, this dog would likely continue to be fearful of people even if the animal is adopted by a loving family.

For these reasons, I demand Pece receive the maximum prison sentence and that he further be legally banned from owning pets if he is found guilty of these inexcusable actions.


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Photo Credit: Oklahoma Department of Corrections


  1. Michelle Taylor says:

    This vile mentally deranged scumbag dog abuser requires instigation of the death penalty and nothing less!

  2. Bosha Karanovic says:

    Dear District Attorney Behenna,

    The degenerate face of Jose Pece tells of what he is capable of doing without any remorse, so defintely he should be behind bars!
    Thank you!

  3. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear District Attorney Behenna,
    What if the police checks the police record of this soulless, with the face of a gang member, of a cold blood murderer?
    He deserves to be imprisoned for the most extended period of time.
    Thank you!

  4. Carmen Tagle says:

    Jose’s face is that of a gang member … have you checked his police records? Is he an Oklahoma native or is Oklahoma his new place of residence?

  5. Jackie Pflucker says:

    Dear District Attorney Behenna,
    Please lock Jose up as soon as possible so he can pay for his crime in a prison of maximum security before he retaliates

  6. I like to go John wick on his ghetto a$$

  7. Jeanne Brauch says:

    If he did that it will only get even worse. He needs maximum time and mental health support. And illegal to ever have any pet.

  8. Paula Rock Rock says:

    I hope karma visits him real soon. He’s a menace to society and needs to be locked away from decent human beings

  9. Nadine Brundage says:

    Evil, evil scum needs time in a mental institution as no normal person commits such cruelty to an innocent animal. This one is a danger to animals and society.

  10. get the scum good rot in jail

  11. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Jose Pece violent nature means that he will always be a threat to Society. This piece of walking flesh has no second thoughts about just how far he will go to inflict pain, suffering, and even death on other living beings whether human or animal. This man is filled with so much hate that anyone or anything could be his next target.

  12. Andrew Wells says:

    Hang him!

  13. This piece of shit should get life in prison without the possibility of parole but first of all he should be kicked and dragged behind a moving car! If left to me he’d get an automatic death sentence I do hope that the judge has the balls to step up to the plate

  14. Just find him and fuck him!!!

  15. Pamela Plambeck says:

    It’s a shame that Mr. Pece felt he had the right to unleash his unaddressed pent-up rage on this sentient being…maximum penalty for this deliberate act of unsubstantiated violence.

  16. Look at that face -pure evil. He could have killed that dog. Give him to me tied up and I will kill this scum bag myself.

  17. Patricia Williams says:

    This POS needs to be Prosecuted to the Max!!!
    And Never be allowed to have contact with Any animal Ever again. This is an example of a person who is practicing to injure or kill because it always escalates to worse the next time. Prosecute Prosecute Prosecute. Take the animal from this scum Now.

  18. Jill Lawrence says:

    Bastard, do the same to him with a chain around his neck

  19. The amount of animal abuse throughout the world defys the imagination. This poor innocent dog is one of millions. We need to sign a petition to attain some form of justice for one human monster when it is common sense that punishment is due. We need as a nation to do more, the horrendous abuses can be watched on youtube, Facebook, tiktok and the likes. Perpetrators are earning money from these platforms and we allow it to happen. Come on guys wake up! This world is full of monsters and we need to cull them.

  20. Jose Pece should be slammed to the ground and then dragged until dead!!!!!!!!

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