Tell the ACCTPHILLY AND police to stop catching community cats and put them to death, even spayed and neuter cats.

Target: ACCTPHILLY, Police and Mayor Kenney.,

It’s disheartening to see so many cats captured, lost pets reported missing by the owner( 37 so far) and later learn that 389 cats were put to death in one night. Many pet owners has reported their pets missing in the Paw Boost and most of them never returned( put to death). We need to put pressure on ACCT animal control team who beat them with stick, grab the tail, legs, use dogs to hunt them, because of methods, many of them injured and is put to death. Something need to be done to take action. Please sign this to make your voice heard. Thank you.

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2 Signatures

  • Marlene Schaffer
  • Robert F Schaffer
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