Punish Deputy Accused of Locking Dogs in Hot Shed, Leading to Their Deaths

Target: Alisha Johnson, District Attorney of Rockdale County, GA

Goal: Prosecute animal cruelty case involving three deceased bulldogs and a police dog to the fullest extent.

With extreme temperature swings as the new norm, cases of animal cruelty involving either sweltering or freezing conditions will tragically rise as well. Three American bulldogs in Georgia reportedly became victims of such a tragedy. Storm, Luke, and Lala were apparently found dead inside a 95-plus degree shed. And the man allegedly responsible for leaving them to this agonizing fate is a local law enforcement officer.

A grand jury indicted sheriff’s deputy Eric Tolbert on animal cruelty charges in connection with the aforementioned deaths, as well as the case of a police dog also under Tolbert’s care. The latter animal, named Aegis, was apparently discovered at the deputy’s residence inside a hot pen and in a neglected state. Fortunately, Aegis was alive, unlike the other reported victims.

Tolbert’s case only came under review after significant protests and calls for action from PETA. Sign the petition below to help ensure continued calls lead to a full and vigorous prosecution.


Dear DA Johnson,

Sheriff’s deputy Eric Tolbert’s badge should not shield him from responsibility for the three innocent animal lives that were allegedly ended under his watch. Each of the dogs in this animal cruelty case experienced a likely horrific and painful death in a shed that was said to be akin to being inside an oven. Worse yet, a police dog also reportedly almost fell victim to this seeming neglect.

It took pressure from PETA to help secure an investigation and a grand jury indictment. Please see this case through and pursue the maximum possible penalty in the event of a conviction. Do not plea the case out, and do not rebuff requests to make a permanent ban on pet ownership for Tolbert part of the penalty. Show that the life of every living being matters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Emerald City American Bulldogs


  1. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Eric Tolbert needs to be severely punished for neglecting his police dog and leaving his pet bulldogs in a hot shed to suffer and die a miserable death. He is an irresponsible piece of slime and he needs to be banned from being around animals.

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