Punish Deputy Accused of Locking Dogs in Hot Shed, Leading to Their Deaths

Target: Alisha Johnson, District Attorney of Rockdale County, GA

Goal: Prosecute animal cruelty case involving three deceased bulldogs and a police dog to the fullest extent.

With extreme temperature swings as the new norm, cases of animal cruelty involving either sweltering or freezing conditions will tragically rise as well. Three American bulldogs in Georgia reportedly became victims of such a tragedy. Storm, Luke, and Lala were apparently found dead inside a 95-plus degree shed. And the man allegedly responsible for leaving them to this agonizing fate is a local law enforcement officer.

A grand jury indicted sheriff’s deputy Eric Tolbert on animal cruelty charges in connection with the aforementioned deaths, as well as the case of a police dog also under Tolbert’s care. The latter animal, named Aegis, was apparently discovered at the deputy’s residence inside a hot pen and in a neglected state. Fortunately, Aegis was alive, unlike the other reported victims.

Tolbert’s case only came under review after significant protests and calls for action from PETA. Sign the petition below to help ensure continued calls lead to a full and vigorous prosecution.


Dear DA Johnson,

Sheriff’s deputy Eric Tolbert’s badge should not shield him from responsibility for the three innocent animal lives that were allegedly ended under his watch. Each of the dogs in this animal cruelty case experienced a likely horrific and painful death in a shed that was said to be akin to being inside an oven. Worse yet, a police dog also reportedly almost fell victim to this seeming neglect.

It took pressure from PETA to help secure an investigation and a grand jury indictment. Please see this case through and pursue the maximum possible penalty in the event of a conviction. Do not plea the case out, and do not rebuff requests to make a permanent ban on pet ownership for Tolbert part of the penalty. Show that the life of every living being matters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Emerald City American Bulldogs


  1. Carol Jane Brandt says:

    Who- just WHO – would do something this horrible???

  2. This cop deserves to be killed! Put him in a dog crate, place it in the desert and LEAVE him there to DIE!

    • Leimamo Oshiro says:

      Yeah!!!! 💯%

    • Lauren A Wallace says:

      Why don’t they show his face, it’s the same BS because he is black. The Media shows the face of everyone else when it suits them. I am getting sick and tired of this. For BLM they continuously play the race card when it’s convenient for them. Those lowlifes have no feelings for animals. I am a nurse, and i notice their actions towards animals. This country was built on free speech and when you can’t say the facts then you are on the verge of communism. The Truth Will Set Them Free. We are all God’s creatures big and small. I respect all if they do the same to me and animals.
      Thank you.
      Lauren Wallace

      • Sherry Holt says:

        Sherry Holt I want to see a face be it black white yellow or green . We deserve to c the dirt bag . Whatever did he decided to do that it is murder MAY GOD PUNISH U KARMA WILL FIND U POS SOB GOD NO’S WHO U R

      • Typical trumpturd commenter

    • 👍👍

  3. And he’s in law enforcement, which makes this case even more horrific. He needs to be severely punished, huge fine, jail time. No plea deals either!!!

    • What makes it even MORE horrific is he’s a K9 handler!

      • Nancy Hunter says:

        Yes, Mary, and how stupid is he??? The dogs that perished under this idiot’s watch were all short nosed breeds that really do not do well in hot, hot weather. The fool should have known/probably does know and just does not give a hoot. He can’t be punished enough to suit me!!!

  4. Gabriela Torres says:

    What an undesirable, hateful, cruelly, cowardly soulless, monster, hell awaits him, but in the meantime, he should be in jail

  5. Michelle Taylor says:

    This vile, mentally deranged dog killing scumbag requires instigation of the death penalty. A slow and agonizing death for this evil cretin is essential!

  6. Bosha Karanovic says:

    Dear DA Johnson,
    If a Deputy Law Officer – who is supposed to ‘help and protect’ – is capable of mercilessly doing that to innocent dogs in his custody, he should be expelled from the Police and sentenced to go to prison.

  7. Millie Yamini says:

    Dear District Attorney Johnson –
    What a pity that in this case the law of ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ cannot be applied.

  8. Kathleen Norton says:

    Deputy dumb ass should not be employed in law enforcement, just another thug who got caught being cruel because he could, strip him of his badge and service revolver, wait maybe he should use the revolver on himself!

  9. Urszula Lund says:

    Animals shall not be VICTIMS of human neglect, and deserve justice just like YOU & ME! Sadistic psychopaths neglecting their animals deserve MAX JAIL and a hefty fine. They should also cover all vet costs resulting from this neglect and be banned from owning animals ever again. Tormenting and neglecting animals is a CRIME, just like tormenting children is a crime.

  10. Christine Farrugia says:

    Lock this “deputy” in a shed just as he did. An eye for an eye.

  11. Dawn Richardson says:

    Has anyone asked this moron why he did something so monstrous?Tell this black guy “Dogs lives matter”

  12. Sandra Weber says:

    What a horrendous and senseless death for these poor dogs! This guy is a complete idiot and has no business being a police officer. It’s a shame he can’t be locked up in a hot box but he can be punished and whatever he gets will not ever be enough!

  13. This is very common in the Atlanta area, I live here, Unfortunately it doesn’t matter that he is a cop. Georgia animal laws are terrible. I can only hope and pray he is put away and never ever have another animal. Live with the roaches.

  14. Put SCUMBAG POS Eric Tolbert behind bars! This sheriff should be terminated from his job and never own an animal again!


  16. Cheryl Miller says:

    Those poor dogs!!!! They suffered!!! Take all animals away from this loser forever, fire the sick bastard, make him do community service of picking up trash like the garbage this guy is and fire his ass NOW!!!! What a horrible role model!!! This guy is sick and disgusting!!!!

  17. Joie Marshall says:


  18. Lock this piece of shit in a hut and leave him to suffer like these poor dogs. He doesn’t deserve to walk this earth and certainly not as a law enforcement officer! Come on judge show that you have some balls – give him “an eye for an eye” punishment and show no mercy

  19. Karen Harper says:

    They didn’t even press charges until PETA got the word out!? Prosecutors and judges need to do their jobs, no easy plea deals or light sentences and fine him into bankruptcy. Is this pos still employed???

  20. Sarah Taylor says:


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