Stop Greedy Corporation From Plundering Spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountains

Target: Deb Haaland, United States Secretary of the Interior
Goal: Stop gold mine from scarring the Sierra Nevada mountains.

A Canadian backed corporation is planning to build an environmentally destructive “open pit and heap leach” gold mine in the spectacular Eastern Sierra Nevada region, next to the town of Mammoth Lakes. This mine would be located in the heart of the ecologically and geologically unique Long Valley Caldera (one of Earth’s largest volcanoes).

The area is known locally as Hot Creek and is the site of numerous geothermal wonders, including hot springs, fumaroles, mud pots, and unparalleled scenery. The area also contains countless cultural relics and artifacts from the Paiute and Shoshone native peoples. Additionally, this area is home to the endangered Bi-State Sage Grouse, whose ecosystem would be severely damaged by the proposed mine.

The mining company looking to dig into this sacred land is called Kore Mining and is apparently backed by a Canadian billionaire named Eric Sprott, who has stated, “I believe Kore is extremely under-valued and have positioned myself as their largest shareholder with over $12 million invested over the last ten months,” adding that their gold mining plans are going to “deliver outsized returns.”

We must tell this company that “outsized returns” for their shareholders is not a good reason to destroy one of the United States’ most scenic and spectacular locations. Sign this petition to ask the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to reject Kore Mining’s attempts to plunder the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

A foreign backed corporation is seeking to build an “open pit and heap leach” gold mine in California’s spectacular Eastern Sierra region. This area is home to one of the country’s most famous ski areas, Mammoth Mountain, and some of the world’s most unique geologic features in the Long Valley Caldera.

This area is also where native Paiute and Shoshone peoples lived, leaving countless artifacts and relics in the region.

Additionally, the endangered Bi-State Sage Grouse resides in this area and a gold mine in the middle of their habitat would severely threaten their tenuous survival.

For these reasons, and more, we ask that you please use your power to resist the efforts of Kore Mining to build a gold mine in the heart of this special location.

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  1. Richard Reale says:

    Save the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains!

  2. I will do everything in my power to stop them from putting this gold mine in the Eastern Sierra. The time for mining the Sierra Nevada ended a hundred years ago.

  3. Paula Morgan says:

    This mine should not be allowed. Not only is the Sierra Nevada magnificent but we are dealing with climate change. There’s no second act. We do something now or else. We need nature, wildlife, rivers, trees, etc. We have no need of gold mines to profit one company. They are a Canadian company so they need to work in their own country but not in the USA. There is not one half way good reason to allow this mine to commence. We need to stop it now as tomorrow may be too late!

  4. Raymond Stevens says:

    These fucking corporations don’t give a shit about anything except lining their fucking pockets. This must be stopped.

  5. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Have Canada destroy their own Country.

  6. Muriel Servaege says:

    This greedy corporation should understand that destroying to make big profits belongs to the past. In spite of their money, the world doesn’t belong to them only. They’d better think about it.

  7. Julia Edinger says:


  8. STOP destroying the beauty and diversity of our planet because of GREED! It’s your OBLIGATION to reject Kore Mining’s attempts to PLUNDER the Sierra Nevada mountains. STOP THIS HELLISH GREED!!

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