Success: Bestiality Banned in Nevada

Target: Jason Frierson, Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly

Goal: Applaud the recent ban of bestiality in Nevada, saving countless animals from horrific abuse.

The legality of bestiality has largely been up to individual states since there is no federal law prohibiting it. In the past 15 years or so, there have been many bills enacted across the United States, banning the rape of animals in almost all states. Nevada was one such state that did not have a rule on the books regarding bestiality, until now that is. The Nevada government stepped up and spoke for animals’ rights, and that should be celebrated.

One possible reason why there were no laws regarding the sexual abuse of animals in many states is that the abuse usually fell under the category of sodomy, which was already illegal in most places. Sodomy is a broad term, referring to certain sex acts between consenting people and to the abuse of innocent animals for one’s own sexual pleasure. As the social climate in the west has advanced, sodomy laws have been overturned but this left the animals with no legal rights to not be sexually assaulted. This change couldn’t happen without the tireless work of animal rights activists and many petitions, including this one on ForceChange. Sign this petition to support Nevada’s bestiality ban.


Dear Mr. Frierson,

The Nevada state government recently passed legislation banning the practice of bestiality. The measure was passed unanimously, which goes to show how committed you and your peers are to protecting animals. Experts believe that bestiality is more common than most people realize, some studies even state that almost 5 percent of men and 2 percent of women have committed such atrocities. The amount of abusers out there walking among us is truly staggering, but if sexually abusing animals is harshly punished, hopefully it will cut down on the number of cases that happen each and every day.

The bill that was passed will also allow for victims to be removed from their abusive situations, and ban the sex trafficking of animals. It’s surprising to most people that these problems still exist in modern society, but they do and they cannot continue to be swept under the rug. All that does is keep animal victims suffering, and since they can’t speak out against their abusers or cry for help, we must take action to protect them. I would like to thank you for passing this important law and protecting animals from suffering terrible abuse.


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Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe

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  1. Disgusting and sickening abuse of these innocent animals by very mentally unstable people!

  2. Excellant work having this attrocious act finally forbidden. Such people that rape animals should be made eunuchen. casterate them all!

  3. great news for the animals.

  4. Yes it’s great news. Should be banned worldwide.

  5. Jason Frierson, Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly, U.S.A.

    WHAT??????????? BESTIALITY (sexual intercourse between a person and an animal) was LEGAL in NEVADA, U.S.A. This certainly gives quite the reputation to Nevada.

    The animal rapists deserve to spend time behind bars where animal lovers there will take care of them.
    While these abusers are in jail, they should be castrated. This would save thousands of helpless animals.

    The Nevada decision makers finally saw the light and recently banned the bestiality in Nevada which is good news. Indeed, this will save countless animals from horrific abuse.

  6. Good news, in civilized societies unbelievable that it ever could happened.

    WHO IS IT?

  7. Bestiality banned in Neveda… it should never have been allowed in the first place, and all the sick bastards that abused the animals should be castrated and left to rot

  8. I, too, support castration for any and all of these offenders, because this is tantamount to raping BABIES. Just THINK of how these poor animals are ripped apart…all for some human beast’s DICK pleasure!!! It’s just too sick for words & makes me want to vomit!

    That, and now Nevada MUST actually ENFORCE this new law as much as they can, PLUS dole out the harshest consequences possible…OR, worsen same if they’re lame as is!!!

  9. Doris Khong says:

    This serves as a GENTLE REMINDER for HUMANS to BE KIND, THINK RIGHT and DO GOOD!!! Always REMEMBER that GOD IS WATCHING and that KARMA does exist as What Goes Around Comes Around!!! Blessings to ALL THOSE KIND SOULS who are ALWAYS there to SUPPORT and to VOICE for all the voiceless, helpless ANIMALS that were created for us to respect, to love, to care and to protect them and NOT otherwise!!! And prayers to all those poor souls that were tortured and murdered ALIVE so that their souls will rest in peace and that they will not be re-born as animals again!!! Let there be LOVE and PEACE on earth so that every living being can live peacefully thus happily!!! PLEASE LOVE ALL ANIMALS and EVERY LIVING BEING; and you will be blessed abundantly!!!
    P/S: What’s WRONG with “HUMANS” these days???!!! WHY can’t VOICELESS living beings be left alone to live PEACEFULLY???!!!  Its always the “HUMANS” that DESTROY the BEAUTIFUL gifts created and please be REMINDED that “HUMANS” are ONE of His creations too!!! Be GRATEFUL and count YOUR blessings that you are still ALIVE to see this beautiful WORLD with beautiful creatures LIVING in it!!! Live with LOVE in your heart for EVERY living being and the WORLD will be a BETTER & PEACEFUL place to live in!!!

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & sharing ??

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