Success: Innocent Dog Not Euthanized

Target: Jeremy Wright, Attorney General for England and Wales

Goal: Thank attorney for helping to save the life of a dog wrongfully accused of threatening sheep.

A dog accused of chasing and threatening a farmer’s sheep will not be euthanized. We need to thank the attorney general for helping to save the life of this innocent animal.

The farmer had absolutely no solid proof that Pandora the dog had ever threatened any of his sheep. Since no such concrete evidence existed to show that this ever took place and since Pandora had always thrived in a household full of children and other animals, the dog’s owner—Sarajane Rounds—pleaded with the courts for her animal’s life to be spared. She argued that since the dog had not previously attacked either a person or another animal that it was highly improbable the dog threatened or attacked the farmer’s sheep. Thankfully, with the help of animal activists, such as those in the ForceChange community, Pandora was eventually saved.

Thank the attorney general for playing a part in helping to save this innocent dog. Pandora will likely get to spend many more happy years with her family because the attorney general and animal activists cared enough to fight for her.


Dear Attorney General Wright,

You recently advocated to save a dog that was accused of killing a farmer’s sheep. We as the animal rights community would like to thank you for helping to ensure that Pandora the dog will see another day.

Since the farmer who accused the dog of having harassed his sheep had no concrete evidence to prove that this was the case, it is great news that this particular animal’s life was spared. Animal activists everywhere are grateful that you helped this dog, as Pandora had been living peacefully in a house filled with both animals and children for two years before she was ever accused of having committed such an act. Being unwilling to accept that a dog should be euthanized without having solid proof that it ever threatened other animals makes you both an ethical and caring attorney.

Once more, thank you so much for doing everything in your power to ensure that Pandora gets to continue living with her family. Animal activists appreciate you fighting for her, as she will likely now get to spend many more fulfilling years with Sarajane Rounds and the other people who truly care about her the most.


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Photo Credit: Malamute


  1. great news for pandora the dog.

  2. THANK YOU AG Wright – Thank you for your wise, rational, sane & compassionate decision — job well done — keep it up!

  3. it is great news among grat misery of innocent pets and their owners. They are being killed for foolish suspition or minor misbehaviour. Some people love their dogs like real human children. Deliberate “legal” killing is an unhumane senseless action. Muzzling should be the highest “life sentence” for pets.

  4. Fantastic news for Pandora the dog. I pray this happens to other innocent dogs that are persecuted for no reason at all.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Thanks so much!!!
    Signed & Shared. ?

  6. At last! Someone in real authority for England and Wales who looks at a problem like this from a critical perspective and takes a perspicacious view. Brilliant. Looked carefully and saw Pandora for exactly the beautiful dog she is. Thank you SO much.

  7. Cecelia Nelson says:


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