Articles written by: Paulina Calistru

A lifelong resident of New York City who is passionate about housing rights, immigration justice, public policy and the right to self-determination.

Demand Equitable Repairs to Century-Old Sewer System

New York City is battling with a century old drainage system that leaves apartments under water, floods subway systems, and turns streets into rivers. Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams has just provided new sewers and water mains to his home neighborhood of southwest Queens. Demand that he turn his eye to the rest of the city and make a plan to fix the entire sewer system.

Demand Amazon Stop Union-Busting Efforts

Amazon is facing its second unionization attempt in two years and responding with anti-union propaganda. One Staten Island location is battling unfair union busting efforts from upper management. Demand that the multibillion-dollar company allow their workers to freely exercise their right to unionize and fight for better work conditions.

Demand Ted Cruz Apologize for Racist Comments

Senator Ted Cruz criticized Supreme Court Judge Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s alleged support of critical race theory. Using a children’s book as evidence, Cruz challenged Judge Jackson’s qualifications on racist and politically motivated grounds. Demand that Cruz immediately apologize for his inappropriate, irrelevant and racist tirade.

Demand the Immediate Investigation of Jetliner Following Plane Crash

A Boeing commercial airplane fell from the sky and disappeared over China’s Guangxi region. Over a hundred passengers are now missing. Demand the removal of all 737-800 jetliners from operation and the Federal Aviation Administration’s immediate reevaluation of Boeing’s aircraft.

Stop the Use of Invasive and Racist Detection Technology

New York City has released plans to use unregulated, untested, invasive facial recognition software in their battle against gun violence. Such technologies, in addition to being experimental and ineffective, are racially biased programs that threaten to attack communities of color. Stop the implementation of harmful recognition technologies.

Protect the Right to Record Police Violence

The right of concerned bystanders to film and document police misconduct is under attack in New York. Stop this assault on civil liberties.

Address Reportedly Horrendous Living Conditions at Residential Property

A property management company has reportedly ignored complaints filed by residents of their newly acquired rent-stabilized building. Egregious conditions, including an abhorrent rat infestation, have allegedly rendered the tenants’ building unlivable. Demand that this company address the needs of their tenants.

Close Inhumane, For-Profit Migrant Detention Centers

Migrant detention centers previously cited for egregious conditions are still open, despite the reduction of migrant children in need. Demand the immediate closure of the remaining for-profit migration shelters, specifically Fort Bliss in Texas, and the establishment of adequate nonprofit migrant care systems.

Limit Rent Increases and Protect the Right to Affordable Housing

Excessive, uncapped rent increases have reduced New York City’s affordable housing and increased the population of priced out, vulnerable tenants. Demand essential protections for tenants against abusive landlords.

Protect the Rights of Trans Youth and Don’t Outlaw Gender Affirming Healthcare

Gender affirming medical procedures now constitute cases of child abuse, under an order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott that calls for inquiries into parents and medical providers associated with them. Demand that legal measures be taken to protect the rights of vulnerable trans youth.

Support Puerto Rican Government Workers Demanding Fair Wages

Puerto Rico’s government workers have taken to the streets to demand fair wages. Call on the governor to guarantee higher salaries in the face of an increased cost of living.

Stop Over-Charging and Concealing Information From Electricity Consumers

An electricity monopoly is raking in money at the expense of consumers, while shrouding its decisions in secrecy. Demand transparency and accountability from companies that provide essential services.

Deploy Mental Health and Homeless Outreach Services Amidst Rising Crime

Crime in New York City is on the rise alongside the number of homeless and mentally ill individuals. Demand the mayor deploy mental health workers, medical professionals, and relevant experts to tackle this growing problem.

Don’t Evict Hundreds of Thousands of People

New York State’s eviction moratorium has ended, leaving 600,000 residents vulnerable to losing their homes. In light of rising homelessness, unemployment, and crime urge lawmakers to reinstate the moratorium and help those at risk.

Stop Using Puerto Rico as a Tax Haven for Wealthy Colonists

Puerto Rico gives heavy tax breaks to the wrong people, affording new “bona fide residents” federal tax relief while its islanders remain wanting. The breaks are colonist in essence and drive a further wedge between Puerto Ricans and their right to self-determination. Demand a repeal of this incentive at once.

Protect the Right to Assemble and Protest

Florida has recently expanded the legal definition of “riot” and increased penalties for protestors. This new restriction has its roots in partisan desire for political quiet, as well as racism, fear, and control. Take a stand to protect our right to demonstrate.

Stop Environmental Racism From Endangering the Health and Rights of Black and Brown Communities

Black and brown communities’ health and human right to a clean space is under attack. Inequity in neighborhood upkeep, environmental enforcement, access to green space and proximity to toxic pollutants have disproportionately burdened these vulnerable communities. Demand an immediate end to this environmental racism.

Stop Investing in Gentrifying Luxury Developments

The United States is experiencing a housing crisis at the hands of luxury developers. Over 37 million households are rent burdened, while real estate giants receive tax exemptions. Demand the construction of sufficient affordable housing and limits on the power of developers.

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