Articles written by: Michael Leeroy

Success: New Jersey Bans Circuses from Exploiting Wild Animals

Wild and exotic animal are now banned from exploitation in circuses and carnivals. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the historic bill into law in a reversal of former Governor Chris Christie’s veto. Please sign this petition to applaud Governor Murphy’s support of animal rights.

Success: Chicago Voters Demand Plastic Straw Ban

Chicago voters support a city-wide ban of single-use plastic straws. Local ordinances are being drafted to make the straw ban a reality. Sign this petition to thank Mayor Rahm Emanuel for supporting green initiatives like this in Chicago and demand that he continue to support the straw ban.

Success: Real Scientists Elected to Congress

Scientists dedicated to confronting climate change have finally been elected to Congress. Support evidence-based climate change policy and encourage our new scientist representatives to continue fighting for the environment.

Success: Toys R Us Owners Raise Money for Laid-Off Employees

Following outrage from labor groups and readers like you, Toys R Us owners will set aside $20 million for laid-off employees. Sign this petition to thank Toys R Us owners for setting a good corporate example and contributing to employees deserved restitution.

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