Articles written by: Michael Leeroy

Shut Down Online Stores Profiting from the Sale of Endangered Species

Customers can purchase slow lorises, baby baboons, and lions from illegal websites in Dubai. The Warsan animal market is allegedly a brick and mortar cover for a web of illegal animal sales that might fund terrorism. Sign this petition to demand the UAE government crack down on these exotic animal sales.

Punish Couple Accused of Leaving 35 Cats to Die

A couple allegedly locked 35 cats in their truck to die. Police say the cats were trapped for three days before being freed. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these traumatized animals.

Shut Down Dangerous Pipelines Before They Explode

Two pipelines are reportedly causing sinkholes and polluting groundwater in Pennsylvania. A nearby pipeline exploded under similar circumstances. Please sign this petition to demand the pipelines be shut down until they can be fully investigated.

Clean Up Indiana’s Coal Ash Wasteland

Over 175,000 cubic yards of dangerous coal ash have been uncovered near a community’s drinking water. Parts of Tanners Creek in Indiana are covered in an average of two feet of combusted coal waste. Please sign this petition to demand that the poisonous fly ash be removed before it is too late.

Punish Cop Accused of Sexually Assaulting Animals on Film

A police officer is accused of filming himself while having sex with an unspecified number of animals. Please sign this petition to demand that the officer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Denounce Nicaragua’s Attack on Democracy

The Center for Human Rights has been raided by police in Nicaragua. President Ortega is cracking down on all forms of dissent after making political demonstrations illegal. Sign this petition to demand the U.S. fully denounce Nicaragua for these human rights violations.

Stop Trump Administration From Letting Oil Companies Determine Environmental Rules

Lobbyists for Big Oil have been allowed by the EPA to alter air pollution research which dictates environmental regulations. Sign this petition to demand that the Trump Administration stop giving Big Oil control over our environmental policies.

Success: New Jersey Bans Circuses from Exploiting Wild Animals

Wild and exotic animal are now banned from exploitation in circuses and carnivals. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the historic bill into law in a reversal of former Governor Chris Christie’s veto. Please sign this petition to applaud Governor Murphy’s support of animal rights.

Stop Letting American Weapons Fall into IS Hands

American weapons traded to Saudi Arabia are ending up in IS or al-Qaeda hands. Human rights violations in the Yemen civil war will only be intensified by misused American armaments. Please sign this petition to demand the United States stop trading weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Justice for Dog Slammed Into Pavement on Video

A man was filmed slamming his pitbull into the ground in front of a McDonald’s. The accused, William Roberts, claims he was not abusing the dog in question. Please sign this petition to demand that this case of potential animal mistreatment is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Protect Endangered Florida Panthers from Land Developers

There are less than 250 Florida panthers left in the wild. Despite this, landowners in southern Florida are working toward further developing the panthers’ habitats. The surviving panthers need three times as much land as they currently have access to in order to survive. Please sign this petition to demand that land developers stop destroying the habitats for critically endangered Florida panthers.

Justice for 150 Samoyeds Freed from Alleged Puppy Mill

Over 150 dogs, most of them Samoyeds, were freed from an alleged Puppy Mill. Now the main suspect is petitioning the state to get them back. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these allegedly abused animals.

Save Otters Threatened by Dynamite Fishing

Indian otters are being killed and injured by underwater dynamite explosions. The collateral damage from dynamite shockwaves are capable of damaging entire ecosystems. Please sign this petition to demand the Indian government protect the smooth-coated otter from blast fishing.

Denounce Duterte’s Death Squad Threats

The president of the Philippines says he wants to assemble his own death squads. While “floating the idea around” for now, Rodrigo Duterte has embroiled his nation in thousands of extrajudicial killings in the past. Please sign this petition to demand the US denounce these horrific claims.

Stop Crab Fishermen From Fatally Entangling Whales

Hundreds of whales have died after being entangled in crab fishing nets. Global warming has pushed humpback whale migrating channels into water used by the Dungeness crab fishing industry. The clash of these two marine worlds has tripled the number of whale entanglements over the last five years. Please sign this petition to demand that crab fishermen not be allowed to set up deadly traps where whales are migrating.

Stop Imprisoning and Torturing Ethnic Minority in China

A million people are being held against their will in reeducation camps in China. The Uighur people are being targeted by the Chinese government due to their Muslim religion and heritage. Please sign this petition to demand that the U.S. government recognize and condemn these human rights abuses.

Justice for Hundreds of Allegedly Neglected Animals Freed From Home

Over 250 animals, two of which were endangered leopard frogs, were freed from a Pennsylvania home. The animals were reportedly in a severe state of neglect and dehydration. Please sign this petition to demand these animals receive the justice they deserve.

End Modern-Day Slavery in Brazil’s Chocolate Industry

Brazil’s chocolate industry is reportedly dependent on modern-day slavery and child labor. An investigation by Brazil’s Federal Labor Office has reportedly uncovered a system of abuse and exploitation which might affect more than 90% of the nation’s chocolate. Please sign this petition to demand that the Brazilian government end these alleged slavery-like conditions in their chocolate industry.

Justice for Cat Drowned on Video

A video showing two people reportedly drowning a helpless cat has surfaced on the internet and social media. No charges have been filed, but an anonymous source claims the owner of a local trailer park is to blame. Please sign this petition to demand local authorities fully investigate this alarming case of animal abuse.

Success: Chicago Voters Demand Plastic Straw Ban

Chicago voters support a city-wide ban of single-use plastic straws. Local ordinances are being drafted to make the straw ban a reality. Sign this petition to thank Mayor Rahm Emanuel for supporting green initiatives like this in Chicago and demand that he continue to support the straw ban.

Stop Online Videos Depicting Animal Torture and Killing

Videos of animals being tortured and killed by beautiful women are going viral in China. Nearly 400,000 videos tagged “abusing animals” are reportedly uploaded on China’s largest video hosting site each day. Please sign this petition to demand the Chinese government criminalize this disturbing trend.

Protect Sage-Grouse Birds from Oil Developers

The Trump Administration has sold the habitat for nearly a third of America’s sage-grouse birds to oil and gas developers. Research on the environment claims that development could destroy the sage-grouse’s breeding grounds. Sign this petition to demand that the government not allow energy companies to exploit the sage-grouse’s habitat.

Don’t Let Trump Turn Over American Resident to Turkey

The U.S. government is trying to use a green card carrying American resident as a bargaining chip between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Demand the Trump administration not allow the Turkish government to extradite Fethullah G├╝len.

Investigate Slaughterhouse Accused of Torturing Animals to Death

A video appears to depict lambs being kicked and thrown around before being sent to the slaughter fully conscious. Please sign this petition to demand the Spanish government fully investigate the disturbing allegations resulting from the just released video footage.

Justice for 34 Malnourished Horses

Two horses were found dead at a facility where over 30 animals were slowly wasting away, according to reports. Officials report the animals were freed from an environment of complete neglect. Demand that this case of alleged animal abuse is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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