Articles written by: Mariz Bartley

Mariz Bartley

A recent graduate who studied environmental justice and sustainability and urban development, based in San Francisco. She strongly believes that together, we have the power to bring to light the issues we face and find solutions to them.

Praise India for Punishing Celebrity Guilty of Illegal Hunting

A court in India has sentenced a famous actor for poaching a protected species of Indian antelope while filming in 1998. Without a special permit, most of India’s wildlife are off limits to hunters. Sign the petition below to praise India for upholding conservation laws, even for affluent citizens.

Stop Assault on Public School Education

Puerto Rico will close 283 of its schools in the next school year. This move will harm parents and students who are already traumatized by the effects of Hurricane Maria in December 2017. Urge Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Education to stop privatizing public education and closing down public schools.

Regulate Electronic Waste to Protect Waterways and Public Health

Kenya is generating huge amounts of unregulated electronic waste, polluting the environment and harming public health. E-waste from abroad and local sources is ending up in waterways, streets, and food. Urge Kenya’s director of public health to implement a policy to regulate this harmful waste.

Keep Nuclear Waste Away From Residential Areas

British authorities are trying to site dangerous nuclear waste facilities near residential areas. These sites pose a risk of leakage and radiation getting into local water supplies. Sign the petition to keep nuclear waste facilities away from residential communities.

Protect Europe’s Heaviest Flying Bird

The beautiful and majestic great bustard, Europe’s heaviest flying bird, is in danger of disappearing forever. Due to intensive agriculture and obstructive man-made structures, their populations have been declining across Europe. Sign the petition to help protect the species.

Applaud England for Banning Electric Shock Pet Training Collars

England is proposing a ban on shock collars, which are used to train cats and dogs inhumanely. This method creates more problems than solutions, and ministers acknowledge that this ban would help improve animal welfare overall. Sign the petition below to praise England for helping improve pet health.

Save Wildlife Habitat From Being Turned Into a Golf Course

Over 20 acres of urban wilderness are at risk of being turned into a golf course. The development will turn little economic profit while shutting off access to wildlife and citizens alike. Help stop this development by signing this petition.

Save One of the World’s Rarest Trees

North America’s most endangered conifer has less than one percent of its population remaining, but with the help of biotechnology, scientists are trying to save the species. A devastating fungus and climate change are the culprit in the tree’s decline. Help the species survive by signing the petition.

Prevent Ecological Suicide in Proposed Canal Project

The proposed Istanbul Canal in Turkey might displace thousands of people, jeopardize the city’s water supply, and wreak havoc on natural and built water systems. Urge authorities to push for a more sustainable project.

Prevent Ocean Dead Zone, Clean Up Animal Farm Waste

Untreated animal waste from pig and chicken farms is likely to trigger jellyfish blooms, killing off fish stocks for human consumption. Although local authorities are aware of the problem, there is little being done to prevent this catastrophic event. Urge enforcement of stricter regulations on animal waste.

Praise City for Banning Retail Pet Adoption

A city in Iowa has prohibited the adoption of pet store animals, which often come from mills. This move is a response to Iowa’s ranking as the country’s second largest producer of puppies from puppy mills. Sign the petition below to thank the mayor for protecting animal welfare.

Help Citizens Breathe Clean Air

Citizens in Arkansas are breathing dangerous air, and are suffering from respiratory and other health issues due to exposure to hydrogen sulfide from a nearby paper mill. Urge the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to bring more awareness to the issue and help protect citizens from harmful chemicals.

Success: Trump Signs Bill to Stop Wall From Destroying Wildlife Refuge

Trump has begrudgingly signed a bill that will stop the U.S.-Mexico border wall from ruining a spectacular wildlife refuge. Sign the petition to thank activists who helped make this happen.

Empower Citizens to Take Polluting Chemical Companies to Court

In Vermont, citizens impacted by toxic chemical contamination found in drinking water are responsible for paying for their own medical bills and de-contamination actions. Urge the Governor of Vermont to pass a bill to help protect these citizens from toxic chemicals and the financial burden imposed on them by large corporations.

Repeal Law That Threatens Lives and Safety of Environmentalists

Spontaneous environmental gatherings will be banned during this year’s UN climate change conference in Poland. The new law also gives the Polish government the right to put attendees under surveillance without their consent. Sign the petition to protect environmentalists’ human rights during the meeting.

Justice for Dozens of Horses Reportedly Found Dead and Malnourished

Dozens of horses were reportedly found dead and malnourished in Wicomico County, Maryland. In 1995, the property owner was also charged with 100 counts of animal neglect when 200 cats were removed from her property. Sign the petition below to make sure that these property owners are never allowed to keep animals again.

Praise Indonesia for Protecting Endangered Species

Two slow loris traders in Indonesia were sentenced to three and half years in prison. This maximum penalty will help deter wildlife crimes in areas where there is a history of lax punishment. Sign the petition below to let the Law Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Sumatra Region know that their work is helping stop wildlife crimes.

Denounce Dog Cloning

Those who love their canine companion and have the monetary means clone their dogs to avoid having to say goodbye. This puts worker dogs who have to be surrogate mothers and egg donors in distress, and prevents possible shelter dogs from being adopted. Sign the petition below to help stop dog cloning.

Praise FDA for Reducing Nicotine in Cigarettes

Tobacco products like cigarettes cause 480,000 deaths per year in the U.S. The FDA is proposing to make cigarettes less addictive, a first step to help smokers quit and prevent teenagers from getting addicted. Sign the petition to show support for this momentous decision.

Don’t Flood Indigenous Villages to Build Massive Dams

Two Chinese-backed dams are expected to displace 15,650 indigenous families in the Philippines, while exacerbating flood risks and putting the country into more debt. Sign the petition to prevent the Philippines from falling into a debt-trap while simultaneously violating indigenous communities’ rights.

Justice for 200 Birds Found in Cockfighting Raid

More than 200 birds were rescued from a property associated with cockfighting. They were found with no access to proper food or water in makeshift cages. Sign the petition below to demand justice for these poorly treated animals.

Make Access to Healthy Environment a Human Right

A UN employee is appealing to make access to a healthy environment a human right, a decision that would protect environmental activists as well as our natural resources. The employee is proposing a framework to help support environmental defenders. Sign the petition to urge the UN to support his framework.

Protect the Amazon from Deforestation

The Amazon is in serious danger thanks to Brazil’s new Forest Code. Urge the country to protect the Amazon from deforestation.

Stop Cruel Plan to Slaughter Pigs Faster

Pig slaughterhouses could soon become even more horrific and inhumane under a new proposal. Don’t allow this cruel industry to become even worse.

Investigate Suspicious Death of Imprisoned Wildlife Advocate

A conservationist in Iran has been found dead in prison, allegedly having committed suicide. However, the UN and other organizations suspect foul play and are urging authorities to conduct a fair and efficient investigation. Help reveal the truth about this environmental activist’s death.

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