Articles written by: Kendra Richards

Kendra Richards

Kendra is a freelance writer, copywriter, and blogger who believes cats are superheroes in disguise. Her compassion for animals and her fellow humans is what drove her to Force Change. When she isn't writing (or knitting), Kendra enjoys spending time with family, her spouse, and pets. You can connect with her on Linkedin [] or Twitter [].

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Strangled and Dragged Down a Driveway

A puppy was reportedly strangled and dragged down a driveway, causing him to suffer from injuries including multiple fractures as well as fluid in his lungs. The poor dog was reportedly coughing up blood from the alleged incident. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Punish Animal Shelter Employees Accused of Killing Hordes of Animals

Employees at a city animal shelter have reportedly been seen committing repeated animal abuse. A witness complaint was filed just a week after an alarmingly high number of cats and dogs were euthanized at the shelter. Please sign this petition to demand that the employees be fired and charged with animal cruelty, if guilty.

Justice for Innocent Hunting Dogs Allegedly Shot and Killed

Two innocent hunting dogs were reportedly shot and killed because they were chasing away the deer. Please sign this petition demanding that the men who allegedly killed them be punished and banned from ever owning animals in the future.

Dog Allegedly Sexually Abused Repeatedly Deserves Justice

A teenager reportedly admitted to having “marathon sex sessions” with his family’s small dog. Less than a year prior, he was charged with bestiality and animal cruelty when, according to investigators, he admitted to molesting the dog. Please sign this petition to demand that this apparent serial animal abuser be stopped once and for all.

Prosecute Humane Society Director Accused of Asking Employee to Break Cat’s Neck

The director of a humane shelter allegedly had employees break a cat’s neck, claiming it as a form of euthanasia. Cruel and barbaric practices must not be tolerated. Please sign this petition to demand that the director be severely punished and permanently barred from working with animals in the future, if found guilty.

Police Must Stop Protecting the Illegal Killing of Animals in Ritual Ceremonies

Two police departments allegedly allow the illegal killing of chickens to take place for an annual religious ritual. The ceremony involves live chickens being swung around before they’re slaughtered. Sign this petition to demand that police not turn a blind eye to the illegal killing of innocent animals.

Fire Officers Filmed Beating Two Nude Women in Front of Children

Video footage captured police officers allegedly brutalizing two nude women in front of their children before throwing them in the back of a truck. Police can be seen digging their boots into the back of one victim’s knee and twisting her arm behind her back, and in another clip, they carry a victim by the hair and feet. Demand that these officers be fired and severely punished immediately for their alleged disgusting violation of human rights.

Man Caught on Video Punching Dog Must be Punished

A man was caught on video punching his dog repeatedly in the head before slamming her to the ground. This man viciously attacked his innocent dog in broad daylight on a public street. Sign this petition to demand that the poor dog be rescued and that her violent attacker is brought to justice.

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