Articles written by: Karlyn Whipple

Get Hazardous Microplastics Out of Our Air and Water

Microplastics pose a serious risk to human and environmental health. One way to reduce plastic waste is to ban forms of confetti that are not environmentally-friendly. Support biodegradable forms of celebration and ban plastic confetti.

Support Ban on Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are one of the top ten polluters of Colorado’s waterways. They do not biodegrade, and they cause harm to wildlife. Demand that Colorado cut down on their use of single-use plastic straws.

Save Kiska the Orca from Solitary Confinement

Kiska, the orca whale, has been kept in solitary confinement since November 2011. Orca whales are social creatures. Living alone is torture for Kiska. Demand she be rescued from isolation and re-homed to a sanctuary with other whales.

Shut Down Marineland to Save Animals From Reported Starvation

Zeus – a walrus known from a viral 2016 video showing his apparent emaciated state – has died. Zeus is seemingly the latest victim of neglect at Marineland. Shut this alleged house of horrors down before another animal meets Zeus’ fate.

Bonobo Beaten and Bullied by Enclosure Mates Deserves a Better Life

Bili the bonobo is beaten, denied food, and ostracized by the other bonobos in his enclosure. This has happened at every zoo he has lived in. Don’t let his current zookeepers send Bili to another zoo to be bullied again. Sign this petition to see Bili sent to an animal sanctuary where he will be safe, happy, and healthy.

Demand End to Horrifying “Animal Crush” Videos

Small animals are being crushed to death as part of a bizarre form of sexual fetish. This disgusting form of animal abuse must stop. Tell the House of Representatives to make these “animal crush” videos illegal.

Don’t Kill Coyotes When We Invade Their Space

Coyotes are at risk of persecution by people as urban areas expand. The city is encroaching on the wild, not the other way around. Don’t kill coyotes because we have invaded their space.

End Tiger Smuggling by Crime Lords

Tigers in Thailand are being targeted by organized crime from other countries. Tigers are extremely endangered and need to be protected. Call on authorities to strictly uphold the international ban on the tiger trade.

Save Rare Amur Leopards from Fatal Disease

As few as sixty Amur leopards remain in the wild. This tiny population is at risk of extinction from a disease usually seen in canines. Protect the last of these beautiful creatures from this tragic fate.

Stop the Unnecessary Killing of Lynx

Lynx will be hunted and killed in Sweden starting in March 2019. This majestic cat will be murdered in droves unless something is done to stop the planned hunt. Demand an end to this scheduled hunt.

Enforce Ban on Sadistic Festival of the Ox

Helpless oxen are brutally tortured during an illegal festival in Brazil. This cruel event has been outlawed since the late 1990s, but it still persists. Demand an end to this sadistic spectacle.

Stop Giving Hunters on Public Lands Preferential Treatment During Shutdown

Hunting is being allowed on public lands while parks and wildlife languish unprotected during the government shutdown. This is a deplorable allocation of funds. Demand the government protect public lands instead of protecting hunters.

Coyote by Rebecca Richardson

Applaud the End of Animal-Killing Contests

A new ban on killing contests on state trust land is a step in the right direction for animal welfare and conservation in the state of New Mexico. This executive order should be applauded and animal welfare should continue to be made a priority.

Justice for Kittens Left to Suffocate

Eleven kittens were rescued from sealed boxes where they had been taped into airtight containers and left to die. The person responsible for this has not been found. Demand justice for these poor kittens.

End Pig Slaughter at Cruel Festival

Innocent pigs are slaughtered at a New Year celebration in Vietnam. Demand this cruel treatment come to an end.

Don’t Allow Coal Lobbyist to Control Environmental Protection

An advocate of Big Coal and chemical companies could soon be in charge of environmental protection in the United States. Andrew Wheeler’s beliefs about climate change and the environment make him unfit to lead the EPA. Sign this petition to ask the Senate to reject this unqualified and utterly inappropriate nominee.

Implement Humane Stray Population Control

Stray cats and dogs are being murdered in a horrific attempt at population control. They are clubbed or poisoned to death like vermin. Demand the immediate halt to this cruel practice and the development of humane methods of population control.

Make Lion Burgers Illegal

Lions are being sold as meat for human consumption in the United States. These beautiful creatures should not end up as a steak on someone’s plate. Sign this petition to tighten regulations on lion meat and ban its sale.

Reopen Government to Protect Joshua Tree

The iconic Joshua trees at Joshua Tree National Park are being cut down. They are the latest victims of the government shutdown. Tell Congress that they must end this shutdown in order to protect our national parks.

Shut Down Sleigh Rides Pulled by Elephants

Elephants are being used to pull sleigh rides as part of a cruel circus act. They are reportedly subjected to physically and emotionally abusive treatment by their trainers. Shut down these circuses.

Fire Cop Accused of Sadistically Running Over Deer Multiple Times

An injured deer was allegedly brutalized by a police officer. The actions in question were captured on tape and are under review. This disgusting penchant for cruelty and serious disregard for life should be grounds for getting fired.

Free Dolphins From Captive Misery in Traveling Circuses

Dolphins are forced to beach themselves during traveling circus performances. No animal should be treated so harshly for the sake of human entertainment. Demand an end to marine mammal acts in circuses.

End Government Shutdown to Protect Farmers

Farmers and our food security are at risk because of the government shutdown. Demand Trump stop holding farmers hostage and fund vital agricultural programs.

End Sale of Vulnerable Pacific Bluefin Tuna at Auctions

Pacific bluefin tuna are seriously vulnerable in the wild. They are being auctioned off to the highest bidder at prices exceeding $5,000 per pound. Demand protection for this species by removing them from auctions that cause them to be overfished.

Ban Sunscreens Destroying the Florida Reef

Coral reefs around the globe are being destroyed by two common ingredients in sunscreen. Demand that Florida pass a ban on sunscreen containing oxybenzone and octinoxate to save the Florida Reef from further destruction by humans.

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