Articles written by: Hannah Elizabeth

Punish Nestle for Stealing Water in California

A state investigation has determined that Nestle has been illegally bottling millions of gallons of water every year, potentially dating as far back as 1947. Especially in a state stricken by droughts and wildfires, Nestle must be punished for years of illegal water collection.

Don’t Sentence Canada Lynx to Extinction

The Trump administration wants to remove protections from the Canada lynx, leaving the species vulnerable to habitat loss and hunting. Conservationists believe that this may doom the lynx to extinction in the lower 48 states by 2100. Sign this petition to protect the Canada lynx.

Applaud Environmentally Friendly Transportation Barges

An innovative company is about to revolutionize the shipping industry with zero-emission barges. Sign this petition to praise this company for reducing air pollution and helping to prevent climate change.

Stop Dangerous Fishing Practice From Destroying Coral Reefs

For 50 years, divers have been using cyanide to catch tropical fish for aquariums. This practice is destroying tropical reefs and killing vulnerable marine species. Sign this petition to demand that the Philippines start enforcing a ban on this type of fishing.

Oppose Trump Re-Nomination of Climate Denier to Council on Environmental Quality

President Trump has re-nominated Kathleen Hartnett White to serve as chair of the Council on Environmental Quality. White denies that carbon dioxide is harmful and opposes protections for endangered species. Sign this petition to demand that she is once again denied this very important environmental post.

End Oil Drilling in Pristine Amazon Rainforest

The oil company Petroamazonas plans to drill nearly 100 new oil wells in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. Sign this petition to protest oil drilling in one of the most biodiverse areas on the entire planet.

Praise U.K. for Massive Reforestation Project

The U.K. has announced plans to plant 50 million trees in the next 25 years. This reforestation project will create wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and prevent flooding. Sign this petition to applaud the U.K. for their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Stop Children From Being Poisoned by Lead Paint

Over a million American children are exposed to dangerously high levels of lead. Many are being poisoned by lead paint in their very homes. Sign this petition to demand programs to replace lead paint and protect vulnerable children.

Stop Trump From Destroying Oceans With Oil Drilling

Offshore drilling is deadly for ocean ecosystems and human health, but it’s very profitable for Big Oil. Tell Trump that we support clean renewable energy, not fossil fuels. Sign this petition to denounce Trump’s decision to open 90 percent of America’s coastal waters to offshore drilling.

Save the Critically Endangered Asiatic Cheetah

As few as 50 Asiatic cheetahs remain in the wild, and the U.N. is cutting funding for cheetah conservation. Sign this petition to save Asiatic cheetahs from extinction.

Don’t Bring Back Toxic Sulfide Mining

Sulfide mines produce pollutants that cause brain damage to humans and are deadly to aquatic ecosystems. Sign this petition to denounce recent efforts to expand these dangerous and deadly mines.

Protect Wild Salmon From Dangerous Virus

Wild salmon are in danger of being infected with a virus from fish farms and fish processing plants. Sign this petition to demand stricter regulations to protect wild salmon.

Applaud the Largest Ocean Cleanup in History

Plastic pollution in the ocean may kill as many as one million marine animals every year, and The Ocean Cleanup is committed to saving them. Sign this petition to show your support for cleaning up our oceans to protect sea birds, turtles, fish, dolphins and whales.

Fight Invasive Armored Catfish

Invasive armored catfish are destroying Mexico’s waterways, threatening native species and the livelihoods of local fishermen. Sign this petition to fight back against these dangerous invaders.

Demand Ivory Ban in the European Union

As many as 100 African elephants are killed by poachers every day, largely for their ivory. Sign this petition to demand that the E.U. ban the trade of ivory to protect elephants.

Don’t Cut Funding for Malaria Programs

Donald Trump may cut funding for the President’s Malaria Initiative by nearly half. This would lead to millions more cases of malaria and many more deaths, especially among vulnerable children. Sign this petition to demand that funding be maintained to save lives.

Fight Invasive Fire Ants in Hawaii

Invasive fire ants are a major threat to many already endangered species of birds in Hawaii. Sign this petition to urge the Department of Environmental Health to increase their efforts to eradicate this dangerous insect.

Protect Children from Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the top 10 causes of child mortality globally. Urge the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to expand programs for the diagnosis and treatment of TB to save children from this terrible disease.

Success: Kiwis Taken Off Endangered Species List

Two species of kiwis have been removed from the endangered species list. Sign this petition to applaud New Zealand’s Department of Conservation for its extraordinary efforts to protect kiwis.

Support Rewilding and Biodiversity Preservation in Europe

The Dutch foundation Rewilding Europe has made incredible progress in the restoration of a mountain range in southeastern Europe, reintroducing populations of European bison, red deer, and fallow deer as well as protecting vulnerable species of vultures. Sign this petition to show your support for their important conservation work.

Restore the Great Barrier Reef

Massive areas of the Great Barrier Reef have been destroyed by warming ocean temperatures. Now, scientists have a plan to repair damaged areas with coral transplants. Sign this petition to support restoration of this incredibly important ecosystem.

Don’t Wipe Out Old-Growth Forest to Build Coal Mine

A 12,000 year old forest in Germany is set to be destroyed to make room for a coal mine. Sign this petition to save this ecologically valuable forest.

Stop Letting Company Dump Toxic Oil in Marine Ecosystem

An oil refinery has contaminated the surrounding landscape with high levels of arsenic, mercury, and bezene. Sign this petition to protect the environment and the people living near the refinery.

Stop Radioactive Waste from Leaking into the Pacific Ocean

A containment facility for nuclear waste generated during nuclear bomb testing in the 1940s and 50s is leaking. Sign this petition to save Pacific ecosystems and the people of the Marshall Islands from dangerous radioactive waste.

Applaud Costa Rica for Commitment to Renewable Energy

So far in 2017, Costa Rica has powered the entire country for 300 days using only renewable energy sources. Sign this petition to applaud Costa Rica’s dedication to renewables and the future of our planet.

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