Articles written by: Claire Muehleisen

I graduated from the Evergreen State College in 2018 with a degree in Art and Creative Writing. My deepest passions have always been the environment and our natural wonders. Fighting climate change is one of the great battles of my generation and I feel very strongly that I must contibute to that fight in any way I can. Environmentalism is an intersectional issue that disproprtionatly affects our most vulnerable community members and as such, it is up to the most privildged of us to do something about it.

Don’t Allow Trump to Postpone the Presidential Election During Pandemic

Donald Trump wants to postpone the November election due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This contradicts his claims that it is safe to open the economy and schools and raises questions about his motives. Sign this petition today demanding Republican leaders denounce Trump’s plan and commit to upholding a fair vote.

Impeach Attorney General William Barr for Racist Reaction to Protests

Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly shown that his responsibilities to the American people come second to his loyalty to the Trump agenda. His reactions to the Black Lives Matter and lockdown protests show clear racial bias in a position that should never hold such prejudice. Sign this petition demanding Congress impeach Barr at once.

Stop Paying Disabled Employees as Little as $2 per Hour

Disabled Americans live in poverty because their employers can pay them less than minimum wage, sometimes at an average of $2.15 per hour. Sign this petition today demanding that disabled employees are guaranteed equality.

Justice for Two Brothers Shot by Police

Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin were shot by an Olympia police officer in 2015. Despite almost losing their lives, they were charged with a crime while the officer kept his job. Sign this petition now demanding that the investigation be reopened.

Stop Denying Public Housing to Individuals with Non-Violent Criminal Records

United States housing policies have forced countless non-violent parolees into homelessness. Sign this petition today to amend these policies and give people with non-violent criminal records access to public housing.

Protect the Citizens of Washington State from the Spread of COVID-19

Washington State has almost 51,000 cases of COVID-19 and the number of sick people continues to rise. Sign this petition today asking Governor Inslee to impose a stay-at-home order to lessen the spread of this virus.

Hold Government Officials Accountable for Unlawful and Immoral Acts Against Civilians

Police officers have gotten away with immoral pepper spray use, unlawful searches, and even robbery thanks to a legal loophole known as “qualified immunity.” Tell Congress to end this unfair exemption today.

Stop Trump Administration From Murdering 50 Endangered Orcas

Donald Trump’s appointee is about to allow the U.S. Navy to kill over 50 orcas. This comes at a time that orca numbers have been historically low and is being decided by the same person who helped President Trump falsely alter a hurricane forecast with a sharpie to save face. Sign this petition to demand this heinous proposal be rejected.

Stop the Murder of Wolves in British Columbia

Wolves are being killed by the hundreds in Canada after the publication of faulty and damaging research. Sign this petition today demanding the murder stop.

Don’t Feed Zoo Animals to Each Other in Cruel Contingency Plan

The Tierpark Neumünster Zoo in Germany has reportedly said it will feed some of the smaller animals to the larger ones if they run out of money. Sign this petition today demanding the zoo commit to protecting the lives of every animal under its care.

Extend Federal Eviction Moratorium Through January 1st, 2021

Tens of millions of Americans are facing the threat of eviction and homelessness due to the CARES Act expiring on July 24th. Sign this petition today demanding that the moratorium on evictions be extended.

Justice for Woman Beaten to Death and Left Alone in the Road

Years after Yvonne McDonald’s suspicious and untimely death, her family is still waiting for answers. Demand the Olympia Police Department further their investigation into her death.

Support American Families with Additional Stimulus Checks

Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet during the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic. Demand that the U.S. Government provide additional stimulus checks to ensure housing and food security for all.

Return Capitol Lake to a Natural Estuary

Olympia’s manmade Capitol Lake has bred pollution and invasive species. A natural habitat was destroyed to make room for this body of water that neither animals nor humans can take advantage of. Demand that the lake be returned to a natural estuary.

Success: Georgia Passes Hate Crime Bill After the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

In the wake of the murder of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, Georgia has finally passed a long-delayed hate crimes bill. Thank the governor for signing this important law.

Offer Online Classes to Protect Vulnerable Students From Coronavirus

Students throughout the country may be forced to go back to school amidst a global pandemic. This puts not only the children at risk, but also their immunocompromised family members. Demand that students have the option to attend classes online until it is safe to interact in a classroom.

Disbar Lawyers Accused of Threatening Black Lives Matter Protesters

A lawyer couple accused of threatening Black Lives Matter protesters with guns apparently have a long history of racism and discrimination. Anyone capable of such hate should not be allowed to practice law. Demand that these individuals be disbarred at once.

Puppy Sold for Profit After Being Starved and Infested With Parasites Deserves Justice

River, a starving puppy suffering from parasites, was abused by an unknown woman and sold to an unsuspecting family. Demand justice for River.

Declare the Ku Klux Klan a Terrorist Organization

The Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacist hate group that has terrorized Black Americans since 1865. Its continued existence has caused nothing but death and destruction. Demand that it be classified as a domestic terrorist organization.

Ban Single Use Plastics in Washington State

Single-use plastics have polluted the oceans and devastated the environment for the last 60 years. Demand that Washington State ban these wasteful materials and protect marine life.

Close Zoo Accused of Keeping Animals in Filthy, Unsafe Cages

Photos appearing to show a captive seal covered in seaweed and living in filthy water have sparked outrage around the world. Demand the zoo accused of this mistreatment be closed if the allegations are true.

Success: Migrant Children to Be Released From Family Detention Centers

Migrant children who are confined in US detention centers will soon be freed, thanks to the hard work of immigration advocates. This is an important development for human rights and public health in the wake of the devastating coronavirus pandemic. Thank those who fought to free these children.

Demand Corporations Display Political Contributions on Their Websites

Big businesses donate millions to political campaigns each year. The recipients of these donations are not often disclosed, giving consumers little choice as to where their money goes. Demand that businesses be forced to make their donations available for public view.

Recognize the End of Slavery With a National Holiday

Juneteenth celebrates the day the last slave was freed in America, yet this important moment is still not commemorated as a federal holiday. Give this historic date the recognition it deserves.

Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Ten months after the death of unarmed teenager Elijah McClain in police custody, the officers involved face no criminal charges. Demand justice for this innocent young man whose life was cut tragically short.

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