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The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) works to protect large landscapes in a way that benefits wildlife and people alike. AWF is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa.

Stop Donald Trump From Hosting SNL

Despite cutting ties with Donald Trump months ago over his offensive comments, NBC has announced an upcoming episode of SNL will be hosted by Trump. Letting Trump host will give him a platform to let his offensive comments be laughed at rather than taken seriously. Sign this petition and urge NBC to cancel the episode.

Stop Burger King from Destroying Rainforests

Tropical rainforests home to thousands of imperiled species are being destroyed to supply Burger King with palm oil. Fast food shouldn’t have to be a driver of deforestation and the climate change that comes with it. Tell Burger King, the world’s third-largest fast food company, to use only sustainable palm oil.

Require that School Children be Vaccinated

The recent measles outbreak is the worst in the United States in the past 20 years. Demand that parents be required to vaccinate their children against this dangerous but preventable infection before they enter public school.

Stop Commercial Fishing in the Arctic Ocean

Climate change is causing permanent sea ice to melt and allowing fishing trawlers to enter parts of the Arctic Ocean for the first time in human history. The United States is proposing a moratorium on fishing in the Arctic Ocean. Please sign this petition to encourage the governments of Norway and Russia to join this important agreement.

Commend Country for Protecting Manta Rays

Manta rays are extremely vulnerable to overfishing, but are being hunted for their gill rakers and are in danger of extinction. Commend one country that has protected the two largest species of manta ray.

Commend Arrest of Chefs for Serving Whale Meat

Two chefs have plead guilty to serving whale meat at their restaurants. They were caught after a filmmaker found out they were serving meat from these endangered animals. Sign this petition to applaud the effort to shut down this restaurant and put the chefs in jail.

Commend Crackdown on Illegal Shark Killing

Over 2,000 pounds of illegally harvested shark fins were recently seized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Applaud this bust, and the Department’s ongoing efforts to end the cruel practice of shark finning.

Don’t Restrict Standards for Energy Saving Technology

A new proposal would severely restrict how energy savings programs can be utilized. There is no purpose to this proposal other than to appeal to specific special interest groups that would like to see limited competition among green programs. Please lend your voice in urging that these energy programs be allowed to continue without restriction.

Stop Illegal Sand Exploitation in Vietnam

Residents in Vietnam’s Dong Nai Province are hopelessly trying to protect their homes and farms from erosion as a result of illegal sand exploitation. Illicit sand is transported on barges to nearby cities and sells for top dollar. We must stop the sale and exploitation of illegal sand in Vietnam to save valuable farming and residential properties.

Demand that European Fleets Stop Deep Sea Overfishing

European fleets have been openly disregarding the limits on fishing quotas, and are participating in harmful over-fishing. Deep-sea fish are particularly vulnerable to rampant population decimation as a result of these practices. Demand that sustainable policies are strictly enforced for these European fleets.

Restore Chelsea Wetlands in Hercules, California

The California Natural Resources Agency awarded a grant to the city of Hercules for the restoration and preservation of the Chelsea Wetlands. However, the agency then terminated the grant because of the city’s record of fiscal irresponsibility, despite the city’s efforts to redeem itself. Urge the California Natural Resources Agency to reinstate the grant.

Get Hershey to End its Harmful Child Labor Practices

Hershey continues to be the only chocolate company to use child labor in its supply chain. The child labor practices employed by Hersheys include low wages, physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, and deplorable living conditions. Get Hersheys to adopt human rights-friendly practices and make these practices transparent to the public!

Stop U.S. Army from Poisoning African Monkeys

African vervet monkeys will be overdosed with a drug called physostigmine, to recreate symptoms of a nerve agent attack during a U.S. Army exercise. Tell authorities that this barbaric and inefficient method of testing is in violation of Department of Defense policies and must be stopped.

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