Pledge To Go “Car-Free” To Free Up Public Streets

Target: You,

Everyday, we kept relying on cars to go places, resulting to higher levels of pollution. Also, with all of that parking on curbsides of eah block; that causes us to lose these resources when traveling on these streets that are too difficult to rely on for people who operate public transit buses like city buses, taxis, and even streetcars.
All of that automobile dependency, that caused our streets to be more unsafe than you thought.
Going car-free is an only solution to free up streets in our city, suburb, or other cities that are crowded with cars. NOT owning an automobile isn’t just easy for you to go plaes with public transportation, that also help reduce pollution, and the burden of driving to places like going to work, school, or any place where you want to go.
Together; we can reduce our addiction of driving our own cars to go places and choose to rely on public transportation instead. If a city has an underground wubway, use it; if you want to go places via long distanes, take a train. Also; we can help reduce incidents of car accidents, and quiet down our streets.

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