Tell Pepsico That Child Labor and Snack Foods Don’t Mix — Stop Child Labor

Target: Ms. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo
Goal: End child labor and other egregious labor violations in PepsiCo’s palm oil supply chain.

Child labor at Conflict Palm Oil plantations has been directly linked to Pepsico through a new report by Rainforest Action Network, OPPUK and ILRF. This is not news to PepsiCo, which has continually allowed the use of Conflict Palm Oil in its snack foods and drinks. It’s time for PepsiCo to stop profiting off the backs of children and contributing to the destruction of the last remaining rainforest home of orangutans and Sumatran tigers.

The newly released report, The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil: Indofood, PepsiCo’s Hidden Link to Worker Exploitation in Indonesia, details how PepsiCo’s joint venture partner, Indofood is compelling workers to hire children and to bring their spouses to work through an unjust wage system and is subjecting workers to toxic chemicals while denying them fair pay and benefits. Indofood’s exploitation of children and other workers has massive implications – Indofood is one of the largest growers of palm oil in the world as well as Indonesia’s largest food company. PepsiCo relies solely on Indofood for production of PepsiCo products sold in Indonesia.

Rainforest Action Network has succeeded in getting 12 of the 20 worst Conflict Palm Oil snack food offenders, known as the Snack Food 20, to change their unethical and destructive sourcing policies by using a variety of tactics, including petition deliveries. Stand in solidarity with palm oil workers, many of which are children, as we continue to demand that PepsiCo require its suppliers and partners to uphold the rights of all palm oil workers by adding your name this petition. We’ve moved companies from these egregious practices before, and we can do it again with your help.


Dear Indra Nooyi,

Your company, PepsiCo, in partnership with Indofood, is profiting off of the backs of laboring children and exploited workers. Indofood’s workers are exposed to toxic chemicals without proper protection, paid unethically low wages, and often denied full time employment, while PepsiCo and Indofood make billions.

How low will you go to to maintain your bottom line?

In addition to these egregious labor violations, Conflict Palm Oil is also a driver of massive destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests — one of the most biodiverse places on Earth and home to orangutans and Sumatran tigers.

Many years have passed as PepsiCo has refused to meaningfully address its Conflict Palm Oil problem. Each and every year, month, day, and hour that passes, your inaction allows another child to be exploited, another worker to be poisoned, and another vast swath of rainforest habitat to be destroyed.

Please, do what is right – don’t allow another day of child labor to exist within your profit margin. Create and enforce a responsible palm oil policy that ensures workers’ rights are upheld and rainforests are kept standing and hold your suppliers and partners to the same standard.

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  1. Margherita Ferraro says:

    End child labor and other egregious labor violations in PepsiCo’s palm oil supply chain now!

  2. stop destroying the rain forest for palm oil!

  3. Please stop using child labor

  4. Please stop using child labor in palm oil production

  5. Stop the socalled use of children!!! LET THEM BE CHILD AND INVEST IN THEM INSTEAD OF WHAT PEPSICO DOES NOW!!!!

  6. Please stop using children as cheap labor and destroying the environment to become more rich!

  7. Stop abusing people, animals and the world in which we all live for profit !!!

  8. This is the 21st century and big companies are using child labor,seriously shameful!!!!

  9. Salim Ettani says:

    Stop the criminals …

  10. Mr. KJ Singh says:

    Stop this activity and work towards saving our planet.
    Otherwise, we are pretty much doomed.

  11. stop using child labour and stop destroying forests please

  12. Tim Pokela says:

    Stop child labor and destroying the environment!

  13. BOYCOTT ALL PEPSICO PRODUCTS until they change their awful ways!

  14. Jacqui Skill says:

    Stop child labor and End palm oil industry … stop destroying the rainforest which is the home for orangutans and thousands of diverse species of life as well as our only natural oxygen buffer for the climate change!

    Indra Nooyi is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo.; Umran Beba is senior vice president, chief HR officer for Human Capital Management Services and Operations for PepsiCo; Jon Banner is executive vice president of Communications for PepsiCo; Oswald Barckhahn is president of PepsiCo North America Nutrition; Albert (Al) Carey is chief executive officer of North America; Richard Glover is President of PepsiCo Beverages Canada;

    YOU PEOPLE ARE DESPICABLE. You are profiting off the backs of laboring children and exploiting workers for Conflict Palm Oil. This is also a driver of massive destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests — one of the most biodiverse places on Earth and home to orangutans and Sumatran tigers.
    Stop the Use of Child Labor for Conflict Palm Oil.

  16. M. Haybron says:

    This horror needs to stop!

  17. Robert Skappel says:

    Stop it now !

  18. Gill Reeves says:

    Shame on you

  19. Gill Reeves says:

    Will never buy your products

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