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Who We Are

The ForceChange community is comprised of passionate individuals who care deeply about issues such as animal rights, the environment, human rights, social justice, progressive politics, and more. We are writers, students, professionals, activists and citizens. We aim to provide the important news, policy and analysis intended to arm people with the information and tools necessary to force change in the unsustainable status quo.

What We Do

We are concerned that our health and resources are being threatened by government neglect and corporate malfeasance.We are frustrated with our leaders in both the public and private sectors who are not taking the necessary steps to alter this untenable course. We aim to promote discussion, analysis and ultimately change regarding the most pressing issues facing our society today.

How You Can Help

Please help us force change by signing and sharing our petitions and joining in the discussion with your comments.  There is, of course, no need to agree with the authors of any petitions or other commenters, but please be constructive and respectful.

How Big Are We?

Our newsletters go out to over half a million citizen activists, creating a giant wave for positive change. Every month, over four million pages are viewed by ForceChange Network community members.