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We’ll get right to the point – We need your help. Without the financial support of our Premium Members, we could not afford to continue our work. Over the years, we’ve helped animals, saved the environment, and fought for justice. However, without your support, we will have to close our doors. Don’t let that happen. Please upgrade to a Premium Membership right now to ensure we can continue our essential work protecting animals, the environment, and more.

Of course, all Premium Members gain immediate access to our incredible Premium Perks, which include:

• Feed shelter animals by spinning the Premium Meal Wheel.
• Sign 100’s of petitions with one-click.
• Feed shelter animals for correct answers on Educational Series quizzes.
• Remove ads from the site.
• Decide which petitions are promoted to millions of people.

If you upgrade right now, we’ll guarantee a full refund if you are unhappy with your membership and let us know within 7 days. Please support our work and upgrade now!

Here is a testimonial from one of our happy Premium Members:

“Thank you SO much for the premium feature of being able to sign multiple petitions with one click. Many of us go for hours at a time signing each and every petition and crying as we read them. I have often wished for a way to sign my name on every petition because I passionately support them and they all need our voice. This is the best thing – thank you very much!”
-Karilyn K., Premium Member

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