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Abandon Plans to Construct Dangerous Natural Gas Plant

The construction of a natural gas plant in Minnesota may put the enironment, the economy, and the lives of residents at risk. Demand that these dangerous plans be abandoned.

Stop Boosting Big Oil at Expense of Environment and People

Oil spills, fires, and bountiful supplies of toxic waste have overrun sacred Argentinian lands. The local government has put profit ahead of the environment and public health. Now the national government wants to compound the crisis. Demand they get their priorities straight.

Protect Firefighters from Toxic Chemicals

First responders are in potential danger, with fracking companies allowed to hide from them hazardous or toxic chemicals. Demand that this legal loophole be closed and that oil and gas companies be held accountable for the dangers they pose.

End the Destruction of America’s Open Land

Carbon dioxide levels have reached their highest point in over 800,000 years. Still, the government allows dangerous and deadly fracking on public lands. Levels will only soar higher if this dangerous practice is not put to an end.

Success: Energy Company Abandons Natural Gas Storage Project

Plans for a controversial underground natural gas storage project near major drinking water sources has been abandoned. This came after a years-long grass roots opposition movement which saw over 400 people arrested for civil disobedience. Sign the below petition applauding their commitment and perseverance.

Success: Tighter Regulations for Oil and Gas Emissions Implemented

New rules regulating methane emissions from the oil and gas industry have been announced. Help us applaud the move and call for further regulations to ensure we avoid catastrophic climate change.

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