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Don’t Let Fracking Destroy English Village

A small village in Yorkshire is under threat of fracking. Demand that the energy company respect the wishes of the village’s citizens and abandon plans to frack their land.

Halt Fracking to Investigate Childhood Cancer Connection

Childhood cancer rates have risen alongside the influx of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Demand an investigation into the health consequences of this dangerous practice.

Stop Stealing Citizens’ Land for Fracking

A natural gas company illegally seized and trespassed on private property for drilling purposes. Demand that this abuse of the rights and property of citizens come to an end.

Support Continued Fight Against Fracking

The fracking industry is claiming that their dangerous practice is beneficial in a last-ditch attempt to remain in business. It is the exact opposite; it harms the environment and living creatures, and only benefits the industry’s desire for profit. Stabilize and tighten anti-fracking laws and regulations to support the continued fight against the practice.

Success: Fracking Tsar Resigns

Fracking tsar Natascha Engle has resigned after six months, thanks to the continued protest of fracking by environmental groups and the general public. It is hoped that her resignation will be a major step in the complete shutdown of the fracking industry. Thank the Extinction Rebellion environmental group for their protests, which led to Engle’s resignation.

Protect Over One Million Acres of Land from Fracking

Over one million acres of public land are at risk of fracking and natural gas drilling. Demand that these devastating plans be put to an end.

Success: Environment Protected by Fracking Ban

Fracking has been banned in Oregon while the government takes time to research the controversial practice. Thank the government for taking a stand to protect the environment.

Protect the Fragile Everglades from Fracking

The rare Everglades and their endangered species may soon be put at risk if fracking is allowed in the area. Demand that the State of Florida ban such a dangerous and damaging practice.

Success: Hazardous Fracking Plans Denied

Lancashire’s unspoiled natural areas are safe from a big energy firm’s fracking plans, thanks to the government rejecting the firm’s bid to open four new wells. Lancashire had previously suffered from earthquakes and tremors due to fracking, and the practice, as a whole, is one of the most dangerous ways of obtaining energy. Sign this petition to thank Lancashire’s government for putting a stop to fracking.

Ban Fracking in the Fragile Delaware River Basin

The threat of fracking is putting the Delaware River Basin and the livelihoods of millions at risk. Demand that fracking be banned permanently in the region.

Don’t Allow Fracking to Harm the Citizens and Landscape of New Mexico

A moratorium on fracking may face opposition by big business, putting the environment at dangerous risk. Sign the petition to demand that the government hold firm to freezing fracking and its damaging effects.

Success: Ireland Bans Destructive and Harmful Fracking

Fracking, a practice that causes man-made earthquakes, pollutes waterways, and harms ecosystems has been banned in Ireland. Thank the Irish government for taking a stand in favor of its country’s environment.

Success: Maryland Bans Dangerous Fracking

The dangerous practice of fracking is being banned in Maryland. Sign this petition to thank the governor for promising to support this ban and protect the people of his state from pollution.

Success: EPA Acknowledges Fracking Can Cause Water Contamination

The EPA has acknowledged that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, can cause water contamination and has highlighted the fact that this contamination can occur at every stage of the process. Applaud the EPA for finally releasing this report about fracking and its impact on our water.

Success: Fracking Wastewater Disposal Sites Closed

In the wake of the recent 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma, state regulators have ordered the closure of 37 wastewater disposal sites. These sites, where wastewater is injected deep into the ground, have been linked to an increase in seismic activity. Applaud these closures.

Success: New York Considers Ban on All Fracking Byproducts

The New York City Council could ban fracking byproducts in city limits. The bill will amend legislation in New York to ban the use, sale, distribution and disposal of any and all fracking waste in the city. Applaud the introduction of this bill to protect the health and environment from this dangerous practice.

Support California in its Oil-Free Future

The governor of California is beginning the long, uphill battle to end environmentally damaging oil production in the state. Sign this petition to encourage him in his valiant and ambitious efforts.

Don’t Risk Water Contamination By Drilling for Oil

A Canadian company is looking to drill for oil in Namibia and Botswana, a project that compromises the wellbeing of the region’s wildlife and local communities. This could cause serious contamination to the surrounding waterways in the name of profit. Sign this petition to demand that the government put a stop to this detrimental plan.

Senator Cruz: Resign to Unite and Heal the Nation

Ted Cruz took a stand against American democracy when he refused to acknowledge the presidential election results. He also used the pain and suffering caused by a pandemic to boost the profits of rich fossil fuel friends. Demand the senator’s resignation for these derelictions of duty.

Don’t Threaten Vital Elephant Habitat with Oil Drilling

Elephants and endangered species across Southern Africa could soon lose access to sorely-needed clean water if oil drilling is allowed to go ahead in protected Namibian wild areas. Demand that permission for this irresponsible project be withdrawn to save threatened wildlife.

Stop Attacking Native American Environmental Sovereignty

Oklahoma has sabotaged the right of Native American governments to protect their homes and their health through safe environmental practices, allowing dirty energy producers free reign to dump dangerous waste on reservation lands. Demand that Governor Kevin Stitt end his assault on tribal governments.

Trump: Don’t Sell Fragile Public Lands to Big Oil

A plan to open 1.7 million acres of public lands across Southwestern Colorado to oil and gas expansion was recently finalized by the Trump administration. Fracking and drilling throughout these crucial ecosystems will threaten endangered species and exacerbate climate change. Demand Trump immediately halt plans for fossil fuel extraction.

Stop Trump From Selling Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil and Gas Drillers

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be opened for oil and gas development due to the Trump administration. This Alaskan refuge is home to countless caribou, polar bears and other vital species. Sign this petition to protect these crucial ecosystems from the Trump administration.

Keep Endangered Species From Extinction by Protecting Their Habitats

Countless endangered species face extinction due to a change in the federal definition of the term “critical habitat.” Demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service step in to prevent this deadly change.

Don’t Build Environmentally Destructive Plastics Plant

A plastics factory which would enable the exploitation of fracking and encourage wasteful consumption has been put on hold, but intervention is needed from Washington to end the threat it poses for good. Demand this destructive project be cancelled.

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