Investigate Trump Administration’s Violence Against Peaceful Protesters in Lafayette Square

Attorney General William Barr directed the use of violence against peaceful protesters so President Trump could get a photo-op holding a bible. Demand the inspector general open an investigation into Mr. Barr’s violent and unconstitutional actions against peaceful protesters.

Trump: Stop Honoring Pro-Slavery Confederate Traitors

Ten military bases in the United States are currently named after Confederate leaders, despite the fact that the Confederate States of America was a treasonous organization that broke off from the country to wage war and preserve the “right” to enslave Black Americans. Stop honoring the names of these traitors.

Demand Protection Against Voter Suppression in Georgia

The right to vote is under siege in the state of Georgia, where lines are being reported as so long and slow moving that it is taking seven hours or more to vote. This is an unacceptable infringement on the rights of voters and needs to stop. Help defend the right of all Americans to vote.

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Don’t Cut Off Aid to Struggling Citizens Because of Minor Drop in Unemployment

Republicans are threatening to cut off government aid to Americans devastated by the COVID-19 virus. They are using a single financial report showing a 1% decrease in unemployment as an excuse for taking money away from those who need it most. Demand that the Senate Finance Committee continue issuing government aid until unemployment is back to pre-COVID levels.

Facebook: Remove Trump’s Violent Threats Against Protesters

Facebook has taken no action to remove a violent post written by President Trump. The message reads, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” which directly threatens American protesters with military force. Demand Zuckerberg remove the violent post and take a stand against hateful content on Facebook.

Protesters - Rosemary Ketchum

Don’t Designate Anti-Fascism Activists as “Terrorist Organization”

President Donald Trump tweeted a threat to designate Antifa as a “terrorist organization,” despite the fact that Antifa is merely a general term for anti-fascist activists. The President’s claim is baseless, ignorant, and a clear attempt to label anyone who opposes Trump or his cronies as a terrorist. Demand that Attorney General William Barr stand up to Trump and denounce this threat.

Trump: Stop the Cyber-Bullying Twitter Tirades

President Trump’s Twitter feed has long been filled with ugly and hateful name-calling, but now the president is hurling shameful slander and dangerous threats at American companies and citizens. Urge an end to the Bully-in-Chief’s inexcusable behavior.

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Success: Twitter Flags Trump’s Lies With Fact-Check Labels

Twitter has introduced fact-checking labels on Trump’s false statements, drawing ire from the tweet-happy president. Although Trump has threatened to strip the rights of social media companies in retaliation, Twitter is standing strong. Thank the social media company for taking an important step toward mitigating the president’s misuse of their platform.

Don’t Strip Health and Retirement Benefits From Millions of Seniors During Pandemic

Medicine and retirement funding could soon be taken from millions of senior Americans, despite them having earned it after decades of work. This would strip many high-risk people of their access to medical care during a pandemic. Demand that this funding be maintained in order to protect the lives and rights of older people.

Stop Facebook From Encouraging Nasty Content to Increase Profit

Facebook increases virulent polarization and divisiveness in order to boost engagement on their platform. Fact-checking and removal of hateful content has been placed second to profit. Demand Facebook make a significant effort to encourage civil conversation and fact-checking and decrease polarization.

Mike Pompeo: Don’t Threaten War Crimes Investigators Tasked With Uncovering Truth

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has responded to efforts to investigate war crimes by threatening international court officials and their families. These investigations must be conducted without bias or interference. Demand that Pompeo withdraw these shameful threats and apologize to those he’s tried to bully.

Don’t Expand Defense Budget During Pandemic Recession

America is in a recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and Congress is contemplating increasing defense spending. Devoting more money to the military is not a good use of tax dollars when working class Americans are suffering. Tell Congressional leadership that working class Americans should take precedence over expanding the already-bloated military.

Trump: Don’t Damage Foreign Relations with Treaty Withdrawal

President Donald Trump is threatening to put our friendships with other nations in jeopardy by withdrawing from an important treaty that promotes transparency and openness. Now is not the time to make major changes to foreign policy, especially changes that could endanger friendships around the globe. Tell the President not to withdraw from the Open Skies treaty.

Pompeo: Reinstate Inspector General Fired Without Reason

Secretary Pompeo fired the State Department’s Inspector General, who was investigating Pompeo’s alleged misuse of government resources for personal and political gain. Demand Pompeo reinstate this hard-working employee unless there is a valid reason for firing him.

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Stop Republican Party’s New Plan to Suppress Voters

The Republican party is doubling down on efforts to weed out Democratic voters for the 2020 election. The party was repeatedly banned from taking part in “voter fraud” investigations after suppressing and intimidating voters, but a recent court ruling has lifted this restriction. Demand that this attack on voting rights be stopped.

Trump: Stop Using “Obamagate” as a Distraction From Coronavirus

President Trump is accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of masterminding the 2017 Russia investigation in a blatant attempt to distract from his administration’s dismal response to the coronavirus crisis. Demand President Trump stop using “Obamagate” as a distraction from Covid-19 and instead start focusing on adequately addressing our country’s public health crisis.

PATRIOT Act protest - Ashleigh Nushawg

Stop Government’s Attempt to Enable Surveillance of Private Citizens

The Republican-controlled Senate is attempting to erode American privacy rights while the nation is distracted by the coronavirus. The Senate passed a new bill that would reinstate that PATRIOT Act while rejecting amendments that would protect the rights of private citizens. Demand that the House pass these amendments to stop this dangerous attack on human rights.

Grant College Students Financial Assistance During Coronavirus Crisis

College students were not included in the first COVID-19 financial stimulus package because they are often claimed as dependents by their parents. No working American should be exempt from getting the financial help they need to make it through this pandemic. Tell our legislators that college students need help paying their bills, too.

Don’t Disempower Minority and Non-Citizen Voters Before Presidential Election

Missouri’s electoral districts may soon be subject to manipulation by biased representatives, putting minority and non-citizen voters at a disadvantage. This planned redrawing of maps threatens partisan voter fairness and the integrity of elections. Demand Missouri Republicans maintain protection against gerrymandering in the 2020 presidential election.

Demand Resignation of Senator at Heart of Coronavirus Corruption

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina lied to the public about the U.S.’s ability to respond to coronavirus while using government information to sell his assets before the stock market crash. It has now been revealed that his brother-in-law profited from the Burr’s insider information as well. Demand that this corrupt politician resign from his seat immediately.

Demand Resignation of Corrupt Attorney General William Barr

Attorney General William Barr’s reign of terror in charge of the Department of Justice has now allowed Michael Flynn to go free, despite his pleading guilty to charges of lying under oath to the FBI about his connections with Russia. This is the latest episode in a tenure of corruption of the highest order. Demand that William Barr resign and allow someone with some integrity to take the office of Attorney General.

Demand Apology for Heroic Doctor Told to Watch Her “Tone”

A British politician and emergency room doctor was told to change her “tone” when addressing the UK’s top health official, merely for pointing out the government’s failure to protect people during COVID-19. Demand that the minister responsible for this insult apologize immediately.

Don’t Deny Employees’ Rights to a Safe Workplace

Mitch McConnell wants to take away the rights of workers to sue their employers if they are not provided with a safe workplace. This is a dangerous violation that sets a horrible precedent that cannot be allowed to continue. Tell Nancy Pelosi to stop any bill that prevents an employee from suing if they are not protected from COVID-19.

Trump: Stop Blaming Obama for Your Own Incompetence

President Donald Trump continues to blame President Obama for his own failings, despite there being no evidence that Obama-era policies have created any of his current problems. Tell President Trump to stop acting like a child and own up to his own administration’s failings.

Stop Giving Coronavirus Aid Meant for Small Businesses to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Millions of dollars in coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses is being used to bailout fossil fuel companies. Reportedly, some of the oil and gas firms receiving money have personal ties to President Trump. Demand President Trump stop giving aid money meant to help struggling small businesses to polluting fossil fuel companies.

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