Articles written by: Nicole Hankey

human. writer. queer. leftist. they/she.

forest trail with trees and sunlight peeking through

Save National Forests From Falling Into Disrepair

National Forests have fallen into disrepair, endangering fish and wildlife and increasing environmental harm. This unfortunate consequence comes from a lack of governmental funding. Demand that politicians financially support protecting our public lands.

Climate change activists holding a sign that reads, "There is no planet B"

Don’t Block Funding to Combat the Climate Crisis

Federal efforts to address the climate crisis are being jeopardized by politicians beholden to the fossil fuel industry. Demand that those in charge take this environmental emergency seriously and ensure funding for necessary programs.

Defend Youth From Transphobic Legislation

Trans rights are under attack. Don’t let transphobic legislation strip youth of their human right to healthcare regardless of their gender identity.

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