Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Investigate Vicious Attacks on Refugees

Asylum seekers in southern Europe have reported extensive abuses committed by Croatian border police, including beatings, theft, and sexual harassment and assault. Despite the severity of the allegations, the European Union has failed to investigate, allowing possible violence to continue unimpeded. Demand that the refugees’ claims be investigated immediately to determine the truth.

Success: Historic Peace Agreement Signed in Country Ravaged By Civil War

Libya’s decade-old war has finally been brought to a close with the signing of a permanent historic ceasefire agreement. Libyans will soon be able to return to peace and progress with the cessation of hostilities. Praise the work of the negotiators in bringing about this long-awaited peace agreement.

Protect Disabled Voters’ Access to Ballots

Millions of American voters with disabilities could be forced to forgo voting or risk their health to participate in upcoming elections due to restricted access to polling stations and unreasonable rules for mail-in ballots. Urge state elections boards to ensure that no one has to give up their safety to exercise their democratic rights.

Don’t Endanger Vital Wetlands with Ineffective Flood Controls

A once-dead flood control project which would destroy crucial wetland habitats and drain public money has been revived by those who would profit from its construction. Demand that the project be ended to protect life and public funding.

Demand Control and Closure of Water-Poisoning Coal Ash Ponds

The Trump administration has announced that it will allow poisonous coal ash to continue to be dumped into rural water supplies in the latest attack on the environment and public health. This toxin has been linked to a rise in cancers and internal organ ailments. Demand that this administration protect life and the environment rather than corporate profits.

Disband Violent Police Unit With a Reported Record of Human Rights Violations

Calls to disband a controversial Nigerian police unit with an apparent record of brutality and corruption have been answered with the unit’s replacement with a near-exact copy. This move signals a complete disregard for Nigerians’ demands for simple respect and fair treatment from police forces without offering meaningful change. Demand that this new unit be disbanded before the cycle of violence begins again.

Protect Indigenous Fishermen From Potentially Racially Motivated Attacks

Indigenous Canadians have reportedly been attacked and seen their property destroyed by fishermen angered by their traditional fishing rights as defined by long-established treaties. Despite calls for intervention, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not offered assistance. Demand that he protect the rights of Indigenous Canadians immediately.

Shut Down Fur Farms to Protect Humans and Animals From COVID-19

Minks on fur farms could be responsible for spreading a mutated form of COVID-19 to humans, representing a serious danger to human and animal life alike. Demand that Governor Herbert order the suspension of farming until the danger has passed.

Don’t Deport Unfairly Convicted Autistic Man

An autistic British man is under threat of deportation following his imprisonment for a crime he and others insist he did not commit. Demand that this cruel decision be reversed immediately.

Don’t Revoke Custody of Children From Pro-Democracy Activists

Parents have been threatened with the forcible removal of their children in retaliation for protesting the dictatorial rule of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Demand that these threats cease immediately.

Trump: Join Effort to Save Millions of Lives from COVID-19

The Trump administration has refused to join nearly 200 countries in working to find a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19, depriving medical researchers of vital resources and knowledge and putting impoverished communities at risk. Demand that this cruel position be reversed immediately.

Denounce Trump’s Dangerous Disregard for COVID-19 Safety

President Trump removed his mask and told the public not to fear the coronavirus following his release from treatment for the illness, in a dangerous dismissal of universal medical opinion and basic safety. Demand that the chair of the Republican Party call the president out for his reckless disregard for public health.

Combat Deforestation By Forbidding Sale of All Crops Grown on Destroyed Land

New British guidelines on food grown on deforested land don’t go far enough, leaving food companies confused and providing a way for exploitative farmers to continue destroying thousands of square miles of forest every year. Demand that these guidelines be changed to forbid destructive farming and to set identifiable standards.

End Forcible Relocation of Genocide Survivors to Potentially Uninhabitable Island

Victims of one of the largest genocides of the 21st century could soon be forced to relocate to an island where they may be without access to food, water, health services, or communications. Demand that this cruel mistreatment be stopped immediately.

Don’t Invade Individual Privacy with Facial Recognition Technology

Private citizens could soon face a loss of safety and security if plans to expand the use of facial recognition software go ahead in Russia. There must be an immediate stop to any efforts which may harm individuals and violate human rights.

Protect Women from Sexual Assault and Rape

A 19-year old woman has died of severe injuries sustained during a brutal rape, making her the most recent victim of the Indian government’s disregard for women’s safety and rights. Demand that this end now and that rape victims be taken seriously.

Success: Protection Extended For Threatened Birds

A threatened bird species will not be stripped of protection in the state of Arizona, defying powerful interests that would happily see this animal go extinct. Praise this sound and compassionate decision to protect the yellow-billed cuckoo.

End Construction of Coal Power Plant in Ecological Reserve

A harmful coal-fired power plant may soon be built in a pristine region of natural beauty in the Philippines, despite years of opposition from local Indigenous groups and scientists. This pollution factory could cause immeasurable damage to the area’s highly unique flora and fauna. Demand that this effort be stopped.

Prevent Civilian Deaths in Border Conflict

Innocent civilians are reported to have been injured and killed in renewed fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Demand that they be offered protection, evacuation, and assistance away from dangerous areas.

Help Security Forces Prevent Election Violence

Elections in the Republic of Guinea have been marked by violence and death for years, and that pattern seems to be set to occur once more in the upcoming vote for president. Urge the African Union to extend security assistance to Guinean election officials.

Drop Unfair Charges Against Pro-Democracy Protester

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been subjected to a humiliating and absurd legal charge due to his decision to wear a protective face covering. This is yet another attack on those fighting for human rights in China. Demand that this charge be dropped without delay.

Investigate Apparent Cold-Blooded Execution of Defenseless Woman

An unarmed woman appears to have been murdered by soldiers in Mozambique in disturbing video footage which recently surfaced on social media. Demand that authorities take responsibility for this apparent crime and investigate it immediately.

Don’t Deprive At-Risk Prisoners of Crucial Mental Health and Disability Support

A significant number of Western Australian prisoners perish due to the effects of untreated mental illness. The government has failed to provide sufficient medication, counseling, or other mental health support for inmates. Demand that Australian authorities carry out their obligation to offer mental health care and treatment to those in need.

Demand Government Investigate Oil Disasters

Thousands of barrels of toxic oil have been spilled off Peru’s coast in recent years, yet those responsible are allowed to report the results independently of public agencies. Demand that the Peruvian government take an active role in oil spill investigations to prevent bias.

Prevent Destruction of Vital Wildlife Habitat in Building of New Airport

Forests that are home to endangered species and under the protection of Philippine law are reportedly being destroyed for the construction of a harmful airport. Demand that construction be stopped until a plan to protect vulnerable wildlife and communities is drawn up.

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