Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Success: Brutal Police Tactics Halted and Investigated

Peru’s government has announced that all violent attacks on pro-democracy protesters will cease and those responsible for the brutality will be investigated. Thank Peru’s president for making this wise and humane decision.

Success: Recording Police Brutality Won’t Be Criminalized

After widespread protests against the intent to criminalize the recording of police brutality, the president of France has withdrawn his support for this violation of rights. Congratulate him for his decision to listen to the demands and concerns of his people.

Trump: Don’t Destroy Vital Protections for Migratory Birds

Hundreds of species of birds which are vital to the health of ecosystems throughout the Western Hemisphere are under attack by President Trump’s efforts to restrict their essential protections. Demand that this administration halt its intent to endanger migratory birds before it’s too late.

Don’t Infringe on the Right to Record Police Brutality

France may soon criminalize recording police violence, threatening the rights of citizens. Demand that the French Senate protect basic rights and restrain the power of the police.

Success: Horrific Treatment of Defenseless Refugees Under Investigation

Extensive charges of tragic violence and abuse committed against refugees by European border forces are now under independent investigation. Thank the European Ombudsman for her decision to stop these alleged abuses and combat the erosion of human rights.

Success: Sports Official Accused of Extensive Sexual Abuse Banned for Life

An accused sexual predator has been removed from office as Haiti’s top soccer official, ending a decades-long reign during which numerous young women were alleged to have been exploited and silenced. Praise the decision to prevent this potentially dangerous man from doing further harm to young people.

Prosecute Special Forces Soldiers Who Reportedly Murdered and Maimed Civilians

Australian special forces murdered dozens of civilians, as reported following a long-awaited investigation. Afghan civilians were seemingly terrorized with random shootings, unjustified assaults on their homes, and attacks with dogs. Demand that those found responsible for these horrific acts be punished in proportion to the severity of their crimes.

Ban Official Accused of Routinely Sexually Abusing Children From Participation in Sports

Despite being an accused sexual predator, Haiti’s top soccer official remains in office after years of apparently using his authority and privilege to attack countless girls under the age of 18. Demand that this alleged abuser be removed from his post immediately to prevent harm coming to any further victims.

End Sale of Private Information for Military Use

Millions of individuals’ private information has been sold to U.S. security forces, allowing their movements to be tracked without their consent and without legal justification. Demand that this practice be ended immediately.

Investigate Abusive Treatment of Garment Factory Workers

Indian garment workers supplying some of the top retailers in the UK have leveled charges of grueling hours, unsafe conditions, and abusive working environments as they struggle to feed their families. Demand that these claims be investigated and that workers be guaranteed the full protection of the law.

Stop Violent Attacks on Peaceful Pro-Democracy Protesters

Police in Peru have been accused of shocking violent treatment in response to nationwide protests against a recent coup d’etat, resulting in at least two deaths and dozens of severe injuries. Demand that this brutality be halted and investigated immediately.

Trump: Halt Underhanded Sale of Alaskan Wilderness for Ruinous Oil Drilling

The Trump administration is leasing protected Alaskan land to oil producers, whose efforts in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge would result in untold damage to wildlife and Native American communities. Demand that this craven last-ditch effort to destroy the planet be ended immediately.

Biden: Restore Crucial Protections for Threatened Gray Wolves

The gray wolf, once near extinction and still under serious threats to its survival, has been stripped of federal protection by the outgoing Trump administration. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to restore the wolves’ protected status to preserve America’s wildlife and natural heritage.

Ensure Strict Penalties for Oil Companies That Produce Excess Emissions

Oil and gas companies may be allowed to continue venting methane and other dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere despite new environmental regulations aimed at restricting them. Demand that potential loopholes be closed, and penalties guaranteed to ensure a safer, cleaner future for all.

Investigate Toxic Barrels of DDT Leaking Into the Ocean

Countless barrels of the lethal pesticide DDT have been discovered on the ocean floor off California’s coast, confirming decades-old rumors that this substance had been illegally dumped by several chemical companies. Demand that the dump site be investigated and cleaned up to prevent any further harm to life or the environment.

Protect Newly Discovered Monkey From Extinction

A newly discovered species of monkey is already under threat of extinction due to destructive human activity deep in Myanmar’s forests. Demand that the government act immediately to protect this rare and precious animal.

Restore Ban on Potentially Cancerous Herbicide

An herbicide that may have lethal effects on humans and animals has been authorized for use by Trump’s administration. This latest assault on environmental protections could destroy a food source and cause cancer in those exposed. Demand that this approval be withdrawn immediately to save lives and crops.

Cut Harmful Pollutants That Lead to More COVID Deaths

Thousands of people have been needlessly killed by COVID-19, due to the aggravating effects of fossil fuel pollutants which Trump’s EPA refuses to regulate. Demand that this shocking failure be remedied immediately.

Limit the Spread of Election Disinformation on Social Media

As the United States eagerly awaits the results of the 2020 election, social media is being used to spread inaccurate and harmful information about the vote counting process. Demand that Facebook step up its efforts to combat the promotion of unhelpfully or dangerously inaccurate arguments and beliefs.

Combat Severe Spike in Plastic Waste

Hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste have been produced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelming waste management infrastructure in South Korea. Innovative activists are working to slow the tide of waste, but they can’t succeed without help from public institutions. Urge South Korea’s government to support the effort to protect wildlife and the environment.

Stop Attacking Native American Environmental Sovereignty

Oklahoma has sabotaged the right of Native American governments to protect their homes and their health through safe environmental practices, allowing dirty energy producers free reign to dump dangerous waste on reservation lands. Demand that Governor Kevin Stitt end his assault on tribal governments.

Stop Trump From Destroying Critical Rainforest

The Trump administration has completed its greatest act of environmental destruction by opening the Tongass National Forest to logging and industrial interests. Help us save this environmentally critical American rainforest.

Justice for Black Man Shot While Suffering Mental Breakdown

Another Black American has been killed by police, despite his family having called for an ambulance to help him as he struggled with a mental breakdown. Demand that the officers responsible be given a just punishment at the conclusion of the investigation into the incident.

Fight Slave Labor by Restoring Crucial Federal Funding

Over 20 million people around the world are subjected to slave labor, yet years of funding cuts have left federal agencies helpless to combat this systematic violation of human rights. Demand that funding be restored to allow the struggle against forced labor to resume.

Trump: Don’t Stand in the Way of Nuclear Disarmament

The United Nations has announced that international law will soon ban the possession and use of nuclear weapons, but the Trump administration has attacked the historic decision and its supporters. Demand that the administration cease its attempts to bully those nations that support nuclear disarmament.

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