Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Offer Apology and Compensation to Victims of State-Sanctioned Sexual Slavery

For over a decade, hundreds of thousands of women were abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the Empire of Japan, yet no Japanese government since has accepted responsibility or offered restitution for this heinous crime. The demands of the few remaining survivors must be satisfied by Japan’s prime minister in order to see justice done.

Stop Exposing Asylum Seekers to Physical Danger and Trauma

Refugees seeking asylum in the United States are forced to live in dangerous conditions in northern Mexico, in violation of decency and international norms. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to repeal this cruel policy at the earliest opportunity.

China: Stop Obstructing Essential Investigation of COVID’s Origins

China has denied or delayed entry for key scientists who hope to study the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, endangering countless lives through bureaucratic indecision. Demand that the entry process for these experts be sped up to save critical time.

Don’t Hold Endangered Animals Hostage for Human Entertainment

Patrons can play with endangered or threatened otters, owls, lizards, and other animals who require unique care in cafes throughout Japan. This practice is not only cruel to captive animals, but it could also encourage the public to adopt illegally traded wildlife for their own amusement. Demand that these establishments be closed immediately to protect the animals.

Share Critical Military Information With Incoming Administration

President-elect Joe Biden’s team has been cut out of communication by Trump’s Department of Defense, jeopardizing military operations and heightening fears that the United States armed forces may soon be deployed domestically to influence political disputes. Demand that transition meetings resume to ensure responsible public oversight.

Don’t Threaten Vital Elephant Habitat with Oil Drilling

Elephants and endangered species across Southern Africa could soon lose access to sorely-needed clean water if oil drilling is allowed to go ahead in protected Namibian wild areas. Demand that permission for this irresponsible project be withdrawn to save threatened wildlife.

Demand Release of Saudi Activist Subjected to Horrific Torture

A heroic activist who led the campaign to expand women’s rights in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to years in prison on seemingly baseless charges. Demand this selfless campaigner be released immediately.

Provide Funding for Under-Supported Park Lands

Parks, nature reserves, and wildlife are in dire need of funding to ensure their survival. Loopholes in current environmental aid packages, however, have starved conservation efforts. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden and the U.S. Congress make good on their duty to protect natural heritage.

Don’t Victimize Poorest Households in Fight Against Climate Change

Single mothers, retirees, and low-income families in Canada could suffer from new fuel regulations announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. Demand that these new rules be altered to provide crucial funding to protect Canadians from rising fuel costs.

End Discrimination Against Black Service Members

Black service members in the U.S. Air Force are significantly more likely both to face racial discrimination and to have their complaints about it dismissed or ignored. Demand that this discriminatory culture be ended immediately.

Lift Children Out of Poverty by Removing Limits on Aid

Thousands of children are at risk of falling deep into poverty under restrictive British laws which deny them the aid they need. Demand that this policy be ended to aid Britain’s most vulnerable citizens.

Protect Delicate Marine Life from Deadly Fishing Practices

Fishing nets which capture juvenile fish, trap dolphins and sea birds, and cause extensive damage to the ocean floor and reefs are once more allowed for use in Indonesia. Demand that the long-standing ban on these destructive methods be restored to protect weakened marine life.

Trump: Restore Vital Living Space Robbed From At-Risk Wildlife

The Trump administration has doomed countless species to destruction and endangerment by restricting the definition of protected habitats and forbidding the designation of new ones. Demand that this cowardly act be undone before the new administration takes charge.

Compensate Victims of Violent Abuse in State-Run Facilities

Hundreds of thousands of children in state care suffered extensive abuse over the course of decades in New Zealand. Demand that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern offer assistance to all survivors as they come to terms with this tragic legacy.

Share Conservation Funds With Crucial Overlooked Species

Vital species including snails and spiders receive a fraction of the European Union’s conservation budget, despite being essential to a variety of ecosystems. Under current practices, popular vertebrates such as wolves, bears, and birds receive more than their fair share of support. Demand that this funding be redistributed to protect all species equally.

Demand Surrender of Officials Suspected of Murdering Researcher

Several members of Egypt’s security forces have been accused of murdering 28-year old researcher Giulio Regeni, yet these men may escape punishment completely without the swift action of Egypt’s government. Demand that President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi allow the accused to be extradited to stand trial for the crimes of which they’re suspected.

End Exploitation of Persecuted Minorities on Cotton Farms

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims and other minorities are forced to pick cotton by hand in western China as Beijing violently and unjustly suppresses basic human rights. Demand that this exploitative practice be stopped without delay.

End Use of Pesticide Linked to Developmental Disabilities

A hazardous pesticide has been approved for continued use by the Trump administration, despite extensive evidence linking it to lifelong disabilities and health problems in infants and toddlers. Demand that this dangerous substance be banned to protect countless children.

Don’t Endanger Women and Minorities in Battle Against Islamist Radicalism

Essential medical rights could soon be restricted in the name of combating religious extremism in France. Demand that lawmakers protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of faith.

Stop Destruction of Sacred Native American Sites By Copper Mining

Ancient sites sacred to a Native American tribe could soon be lost forever to a copper mine. Ask President-elect Joe Biden to stop this backroom deal and give Native Americans the respect they deserve.

End Unfair Sex Examinations Which Violate Athletes’ Privacy and Dignity

Female athletes are reportedly subjected to invasive tests to determine whether they meet sporting authorities’ ideas of acceptable femininity, apparently forcing them to undergo humiliating examinations and operations to compete in the events for which they’ve trained all their lives. Demand that this seemingly cruel and outdated practice be ended.

Biden: Fire Lobbyist Who Protected Poison-Peddling Corporations

President-elect Joe Biden has appointed an official to his environmental team who defended a major chemical corporation as it spread a lethal poison through countless public water supplies. Demand that this choice be reversed and that Biden appoint known advocates of the environment and public health instead.

Protect Religious Minorities From Brutal Attacks

A majority-Christian village has been brutally assaulted in Indonesia, with four villagers killed and hundreds more forced to flee their homes in the latest assault on religious minorities. Demand that Indonesia’s government take action to end religious violence and protect all citizens regardless of creed.

Don’t Threaten Critically Endangered Orangutans with Hydroelectric Dam

A newly discovered and critically endangered orangutan could soon be wiped out by the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in Indonesia’s forests. Demand that this project be cancelled to protect this beautiful animal and others like it.

Investigate Possible Desecration of Medic’s Body at the Hands of Soldiers

Philippine soldiers have been accused of desecrating the body of a young medic and using photographs of the event as propaganda. Demand that this possible crime be investigated and atoned for.

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