Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Stop Senseless Slaughter of Millions of Animals at Factory Farms

Industrial farmers have massacred millions of chickens and pigs in recent months as COVID-19 disrupts their businesses, with animals slaughtered even more horrifically than if they had been sold. Demand that these animals’ lives be protected with subsidies to offset economic damage.

Joe Biden: Commit to Clear Plan to Eliminate Abortion Restrictions

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to end restrictions to safe, affordable abortions, thus protecting the health and independence of millions of women. However, he hasn’t released a plan for how he intends to do this, leading many to doubt his sincerity. Demand that he outlines a clear plan to end cruel and unfair abortion laws.

Attorney General William Barr: Admit Existence of Systemic Racism in Policing

Attorney General William Barr has denied the proven existence of institutional racism in a wide array of police organizations. This is an insult to all who would see justice done in the United States’ treatment of people of color. Demand that he withdraw these statements and apologize for their harm.

Don’t Threaten Endangered Chimpanzees and Monkeys With Destructive Logging

Untold endangered species could soon be destroyed in southern Cameroon due to logging. The forest where they live is home to undiscovered chimpanzees, gorillas, and exotic birds. Demand that Cameroon’s government reverse course and work to protect these animals and their home.

Notify Residents Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemicals by Water Treatment Plants

North Carolina residents were exposed to a cancer-causing chemical in their drinking water following an accident at a water treatment plant. They received no warning because the officials have no legal requirement to report accidents like these. Demand that this be corrected with safe environmental regulations.

Protect Thousands of Communities From Toxic Floods

Hundreds of communities could soon be poisoned as rising sea levels threaten to flood toxic waste dumps. The Trump administration stripped climate change funding from the agency responsible, leaving them unprepared for this risk to life and health. Demand that these communities be given immediate protection from this grave danger.

Justice for Indigenous People Rendered Homeless by Industrial Destruction

Indigenous Brazilians whose homes were destroyed in a catastrophic mining accident are without clean food or water, being forced to travel for hours away from their ruined homes just to feed their families. For years, the company that owns the mine in question has reportedly ignored their conditions. Demand that they use their wealth to provide immediate assistance to the devastated tribes.

Investigate Death of Jailed Human Rights Champion Reportedly Tortured in Captivity

A journalist and activist who was seemingly tortured and imprisoned for alerting the world to human rights violations has died behind bars without his family to comfort him. Hold the government of Kyrgyzstan to account and demand an investigation and an apology.

Protect Homeless Migrant Children Forced to Sleep in Tent Cities

Hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children are being forced to sleep in tents due to the inaction of the French government. Outdated interview methods have labeled them as adults, thus denying them access to aid. Demand that these young people be granted the protection they need to survive.

Stop Construction of Ocean-Poisoning Mine Near Native Lands

A mine which would pose a grave threat to the safety of wildlife and humans has been approved, in spite of widespread concerns and opposition from Native groups and scientists. Demand that permission for this project be withheld.

Success: Grizzly Bears Granted Protection From Hunting

The issuing of permits to slaughter Yellowstone’s grizzly bears is now illegal and will cease immediately, thanks to the work of conservation advocates. This will allow the endangered species to repopulate and thrive. Thank those who fought for this victory.

Success: U.S. Army to Suspend Video Game Recruiting

The US Army has suspended its efforts to recruit teenagers through the video game platform Twitch thanks to pressure from concerned citizens. This is an important victory for human rights. Applaud those who spoke out against this practice.

Investigate Police Accused of Ignoring Pleas for Help From Brutalized Minorities

Police stood by and allowed Indian Muslims to be attacked and brutalized before arresting those who were assaulted, according to a report. This accusation shows a grotesque level of discrimination that must be addressed. Demand that the Indian government bring to justice those responsible.

Success: Environment-Destroying Pipeline Cancelled

A pipeline which would have destroyed disadvantaged and Native American communities and harmed the environment has been successfully cancelled thanks to the work of concerned citizens. Thank them for their tireless efforts to protect small towns and wildlife.

Justice for Homeless Man Reportedly Brutally Beaten and Pepper-Sprayed by Police

A homeless person was the victim of an unprovoked, horrific attack by New York City police officers, according to bodycam footage. He was apparently punched, kicked, and pepper-sprayed because they believed he took up too much room on the train. Demand that the victim be absolved, and the accused officers charged with assault.

End Military Use of Video Games to Recruit Children

The US military is using gaming livestreams to speak with children as young as 13 about the possibility of military service, exposing impressionable young people to major choices years before they’re prepared for them. Demand that this disturbing practice be ended immediately.

Demand End to Destructive Wood Pellet Mislabelling

Wood pellets, a harmful biomass fuel, could soon be mislabeled as carbon-neutral, despite decades of research stating otherwise. They are responsible for the destruction of woodlands and they remove vital nutrients from soil. Demand that the dangers of this energy source be revealed to the public.

Offer Immediate Food Aid to Families With Malnourished Children

Thousands of children in England are receiving treatment for malnutrition in hospitals, their families unable to feed them without adequate support under the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. Demand that these families and others at risk be given food assistance immediately.

Don’t Threaten Health and Safety of Public School Students During Pandemic

The US Secretary of Education is threatening to withhold funding from public schools to force them to reopen amidst a pandemic. This disastrous move will result in the risk of injury and death to millions of children due to coronavirus. Demand that the government prioritize the health of students and invest in public learning institutions.

Protect Recovering Mediterranean Marine Life From Plastic Pollution

Marine plants and animals in Italian waters have rebounded due to the absence of humans in the sea, but this progress is threatened by increasing amounts of plastic waste. Urge the Italian government to undertake cleanup operations to protect this astonishing recovery.

Protect Rights to Independent Prosecution and a Fair Trial in Criminal Court

Corrupt politicians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are attempting to destroy their country’s justice system from within by ending the independence of courts and prosecutors. Demand that this effort be ended immediately.

End Potential Capture and Smuggling of Wild Birds That Cripples Ecosystems

Thousands of Indonesian birds are likely to have been captured and smuggled for profit, in violation of laws meant to protect wildlife from starvation and abuse. Demand that this activity be investigated, and the offenders charged.

Publicize Coronavirus Risks to Workers in Meat Processing Plants

Employees at meat processing facilities are forced to work in close conditions without adequate sanitation or knowledge of the risks posed to them by COVID-19. Demand that their employers be required to disclose infection rates at their facilities and provide effective health protections.

Don’t Dynamite Endangered Dolphins and Turtles

Endangered marine life will soon be massacred with dynamite in Brazil in the name of economic progress. Not only is the Amazon river basin home to countless species, but it is also a food source for locals. Demand that this heinous plan be shut down.

Success: Trucks to Transition to Zero Emissions

California has upheld previous decisions on regulations for diesel pollution, while mandating that new trucks must be zero-emissions. Thank the California Air Resources Board for their laudable decision.

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