Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

End Sale of Teargas and Rubber Bullets for Use Against Protestors

Sales of teargas and rubber bullets by companies in the United Kingdom to United States police forces have continued throughout the recent protests over George Floyd’s death, indicating a preference for profit over human rights. These weapons have resulted in mass injury and death. Demand that these sales be stopped immediately.

Don’t Jeopardize Human Right to Free Speech in the Name of Counterterrorism

Citizens of the Philippines may soon face arrest, jail time, and denial of legal representation all for speaking out against their government. This destruction of free speech has been pitched as a counterterrorism measure. Demand that this heinous proposal be withdrawn immediately.

Fire Alleged White Nationalist Police Officer Who Sports Nazi Tattoos

A Philadelphia police officer with strongly alleged ties to white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups has been found to be working for that city once more despite having been fired previously. Demand that he be removed from his position for the sake of decency and justice.

Stop Trump From Allowing Bear Cubs to be Slaughtered and Reindeer to be Shot from Motorboats

Bear cubs, reindeer and other defenseless animals can now be lured from their dens and brutally killed by hunters, including being shot at from motorboats, due to a Trump administration’s ruling. This method of hunting is inhumane and unacceptable. Demand that this brutal attack on struggling wildlife be reversed immediately to save these animals.

Don’t Allow Mining Companies to Pump Toxic Waste Into the Ocean

Mining companies may soon begin dumping their toxic waste on the ocean floor, threatening the safety of Indonesia’s countless living creatures and island ecosystems. Demand that those in charge stand against this toxic threat to preserve the health and wellbeing of animals and human beings alike.

Protect Iconic Baobab Trees From Habitat Destruction and Climate Change

Africa’s iconic baobab trees are under threat of extinction due to climate change and habitat destruction. Desperate elephants have begun to ravage them for moisture in the midst of deadly droughts. Demand that rapid action be taken to save these precious trees.

Success: Police Officers Responsible for Death of George Floyd Arrested

The police officers responsible for the death of an unarmed, nonviolent Minneapolis man has been arrested and charged with murder. Congratulate the Hennepin County District Attorney for his response to this tragic event.

Don’t Strip Health and Retirement Benefits From Millions of Seniors During Pandemic

Medicine and retirement funding could soon be taken from millions of senior Americans, despite them having earned it after decades of work. This would strip many high-risk people of their access to medical care during a pandemic. Demand that this funding be maintained in order to protect the lives and rights of older people.

Justice for George Floyd, Killed By Excessive Police Force

A handcuffed and unarmed 46-year old black man was killed after a police officer placed a knee on his neck for minutes on end, cutting off his air supply even as he begged for his life. Demand that all four officers responsible be brought up on criminal charges for their role in this heinous and senseless murder.

End Dumping of Toxic Waste into Papua New Guinean Waters

A lethally poisonous mine has been dumping toxic waste off the coast of Papua New Guinea for years, endangering the lives of thousands of people. Demand the company responsible clean up this waste and pay reparations to the people they’ve harmed and endangered.

Mike Pompeo: Don’t Threaten War Crimes Investigators Tasked With Uncovering Truth

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has responded to efforts to investigate war crimes by threatening international court officials and their families. These investigations must be conducted without bias or interference. Demand that Pompeo withdraw these shameful threats and apologize to those he’s tried to bully.

Fire Police Officer Who Allegedly Ignored and Mocked Domestic Abuse Victim

A 21-year old student was ignored when she approached University of Utah police, afraid for her life and blackmailed by a violent ex-boyfriend, resulting in her murder days later. Demand that the police officer who ignored her be fired and barred from police work in the future.

Success: Green Energy Projects Granted Extended Timelines

Green energy companies will be granted extended deadlines to apply for vitally important tax credits, saving them from discontinuing their environment-saving work. Congratulate the U.S. Secretary of Energy for this momentous decision.

Success: Vital Wetlands Protected From Invasive and Toxic Industry

Uganda’s government will soon remove encroaching farms, mines, and factories
from its wetlands and lakes, preserving threatened species from extinction and giving conservationists the opportunity to better understand rare animals. Congratulate the minister responsible for his decisive action.

Don’t Use Threat of Coronavirus to Force Detained Parents to Permanently Give Up Children

Thousands of migrant parents in immigration detention centers are being encouraged to permanently give up their children to save them from the risk of coronavirus. Demand that this choice be withdrawn and replaced with a compassionate offer of help instead.

Don’t Threaten Native Americans Over COVID-19 Protections

Checkpoints that may be saving hundreds of vulnerable Native Americans from coronavirus are in danger of being removed, thanks to demands made by the governor of South Dakota. Legal action has been threatened if the tribes do not comply. Demand that the governor stop her efforts to bully tribal governments.

Justice for Railway Worker Killed by Coronavirus Due to Lack of Protective Equipment

A London railway worker died of coronavirus after being spat on by a passenger, but this could have been avoided if the company she worked for had listened to her concerns and given her protective clothing. Demand that her employers offer her family their support and protect their employees from similar dangers.

Justice for Prisoner Reportedly Left to Die of Coronavirus-Like Symptoms

A 43-year old mother of three and grandmother of four was reportedly left to die of coronavirus- like symptoms in a locked prison shower. Inmates claim that she begged for help just before passing out. Demand that New Jersey’s corrections commissioner explains the circumstances surrounding her death and apologize to her family for this tragic loss.

Don’t Bail Out Cruel Racing Industry With Public Money

New Zealand’s abusive, failing horse and dog racing industry has received a taxpayer-funded bailout, propping up a sport associated with the mass death of animals. Millions of dollars will be given, money that could be used for more ethical practices. Demand that this aid be withdrawn and put to better use.

Demand Resignation of Senator at Heart of Coronavirus Corruption

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina lied to the public about the U.S.’s ability to respond to coronavirus while using government information to sell his assets before the stock market crash. It has now been revealed that his brother-in-law profited from the Burr’s insider information as well. Demand that this corrupt politician resign from his seat immediately.

Reinstate Researchers Fired for Warning Against Relaxing COVID-19 Precautions

The health of thousands of Arizonans is at risk because Governor Doug Ducey chose to cater to wealthy companies rather than protect the most vulnerable people from coronavirus. Ducey has fired the university researchers creating realistic data about the risks of reopening his state too early. Demand that he reinitiate this research in order to save countless lives.

Reinstate Officials Fired for Protecting the Amazon

Two selfless officials of Brazil’s environmental protection agency have been fired as punishment for protecting the Amazon rainforest and indigenous Brazilians. This is a brutal act of repression against human rights and environmental conservation. Demand that these two men be reinstated to continue doing their important work.

Protect the Hard-Won Rights of LGBTQ+ People and Women

The rights of LGBTQ+ people and women are at risk due to a U.S. State Department commission on human rights staffed by people known to be hostile to these vulnerable groups. Their report will determine how human rights will be handled for years to come. Demand that the Secretary of State reject this report if it allows for inhumane treatment of the people that they have a duty to protect.

Demand Apology for Heroic Doctor Told to Watch Her “Tone”

A British politician and emergency room doctor was told to change her “tone” when addressing the UK’s top health official, merely for pointing out the government’s failure to protect people during COVID-19. Demand that the minister responsible for this insult apologize immediately.

Joe Biden: Dismiss Campaign Staff Member Accused of Sexual Assault

Joe Biden has appointed Senator Chris Dodd, an alleged sexual assaulter, to his campaign, in a move that suggests he isn’t taking assault allegations against himself seriously or being respectful to women. Demand that he fire this staff member to demonstrate a greater respect to women and voters in general.

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