Articles written by: Matt Lamour

Matt Lamour is a freelance writer, social media manager, novelist, songwriter, guitarist, and political activist. When he's not writing or working on some sort of creative project, he spends his time with his cats, his wife, and his video games.

Shut Down White Supremacist Racist Website That Reportedly Threatens Interracial Couples

An openly racist website is publishing the private information of interracial couples in the apparent hope of inciting violence against them. This kind of hate should not and cannot be tolerated. Demand real legislative change that will stop racists from being able to violently target interracial couples.

Success: Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden for President

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden for president in a live stream on Biden’s social media. Bernie is putting party unity first and ensuring that Biden will take the progressive part of the Democratic Party very seriously in the coming election to beat Donald Trump. Thank Bernie for supporting party unity.

Success: Chris Matthews Resigns From MSNBC After Sexist and Antisemitic Comments

Chris Matthews resigned from Hardball on MSNBC during a broadcast following sexist and antisemitic remarks. Thanks to pressure from activists, Matthews is making way for a younger and more progressive generation of journalists. Thank Matthews for showing remorse and stepping down.

Success: Ban on Transgender Children’s Medical Care Fails

Transgender children in South Dakota scored a major victory, as a proposal to take away their rights to medical treatment was thrown out. Health care is a human right that must be upheld for all. Praise those who took a stand for transgender and human rights.

Success: Man Who Callously Murdered Dog Gets Jail Time

Benji the dog died brutally and painfully when he was slammed into the ground. Now, the man found guilty of this cruelty has been sentenced to a year in prison and a year of probation. Thank those who fought hard to ensure that justice was served for Benji.

Success: Court Stops Expanded Logging in National Forest

Almost 1,200 acres of irreplaceable old-growth forest in Alaska is at least temporarily spared, thanks to a court injunction. This means there is still a chance to save this beautiful forest from destruction. Thank an organization that fought for this monumental decision.

Success: Cities and Churches Saying “No” to ICE

The mayor of Dearborn, Michigan announced that his city would no longer be co-operating with ICE, a huge victory for the fight against the horrible organization destroying families in the U.S. Additionally, more than 1,000 church congregations are now offering sanctuary to migrant families facing deportation. The tide is turning against ICE. Praise this success and thank those who are fighting to keep families together.

Success: Habitat for Endangered Bog Turtle Restored

Thanks to the efforts of conservationists and environmental activists, 50 acres of habitat for the critically endangered bog turtle will be restored This has the potential to save the species, which has suffered drastically from habitat lose. Praise this major victory for conservation.

Success: Governor of Puerto Rico Announces Resignation

Activists like you won a great victory, as Puerto Rico’s corrupt and bigoted Governor Rossell√≥ announced he would be resigning. Thanks to the pressure of strong leadership and resistance from human rights advocates everywhere, there will be one less bigot in office.

Success: Nicki Minaj Cancels Performance in Saudi Arabia

Nicki Minaj cancelled her concert in Saudi Arabia after pressure from human rights activists. This is a big victory and sets a precedent for other performing artists when they consider the venues that they play. Thank Nicki Manaj for her commitment to human rights.

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