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Matt Lamour is a freelance writer, social media manager, novelist, songwriter, guitarist, and political activist. When he's not writing or working on some sort of creative project, he spends his time with his cats, his wife, and his video games.

Reverse Dangerous Ban on Mask Mandates During Deadly Pandemic

The Governor of Georgia issued a ban on mask mandates throughout the state, a clear threat to the health and well-being of the local people. This decision could cost lives and it cannot be allowed to stand. Demand that he reverses course on this horrible misstep or resign from his position as governor.

Mandate Masks on All American Airlines Flights During Deadly Pandemic

American Airlines is still allowing passengers on their flights without wearing masks, a clear health risk in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless people will die if this isn’t changed immediately. Demand that American Airlines mandates masks for everyone on board.

Tell Ted Cruz to Grow Up and Put on a Mask

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has been photographed on an American Airlines flight and in an airport refusing to wear a mask. Whether he is too vain, too selfish, or too ignorant to take this simple step to save lives, only he knows. Regardless, it’s time to tell Senator Cruz, and other politicians like him, to “put on a mask!”

Fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

The time has come to fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She is trying to force kids to go back to in-person classes, despite COVID-19 infections being at an all-time high. Demand that Trump replace her with someone who actually cares about the education and well-being of the nation’s children.

Stop Trump’s Corrupt Pardons for His Cronies

President Trump has abused his pardoning power to commute the sentence of former advisor Roger Stone. This is a blatant disregard for decency in the administration, as he has used his authority to stop one of his allies from being adequately punished for his crimes. Demand that Congress limit the president’s pardoning power to avoid further corruption.

Return Mount Rushmore to the Lakota

The time has come to return Mount Rushmore to the Lakota people. They are owed the land by rights, by treaty, and it is time to make it right by law. Demand that the United States government returns this stolen land to its people.

Fire White Supremacist Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson continues to spew racist rhetoric on Fox News and it is time for him to be fired. His latest target is U.S. Senator and decorated American hero Tammy Duckworth. Demand that Fox News fires Tucker Carlson and stops giving this white supremacist a platform.

Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain was killed while in police custody and his family desperately needs justice. There is never an excuse for an unarmed, non-violent person to be killed while in the care of people who are supposed to be there for the public’s protection. Demand justice for Elijah McClain.

Stop Mark Zuckerberg From Forcing Native Hawaiians Out of Their Homes

Native Hawaiians are being threatened with eviction from their homes for refusing to sell their land to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The billionaire plans to build a mansion on the property. Demand that the rights of indigenous people are protected from this apparent colonialism.

Shut Down Florida to Save Countless Lives from COVID-19

The state of Florida’s COVID-19 situation is getting worse by the day. They are averaging significantly more than 5,000 new cases per day for the past week, with no signs of it letting up any time soon. The only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to shut down the state. Demand that Governor Ron DeSantis does what needs to be done to save lives.

Don’t Allow COVID-19 to Continue to Spread Uncontrolled

The nation’s top expert on infectious diseases says that new cases could reach 100,000 per day in the United States if something drastic isn’t done to stop the spread of COVID-19. Tell President Trump that we’ve already seen enough death in the United States from this virus.

Don’t Allow Extreme Punishments Against Police Brutality Protestors

Two protestors potentially face a minimum of 45 years in prison for allegedly attempting to set fire to an unoccupied police car. Meanwhile, convicted animal abusers, rapists, and killers have been sentenced to far less. Demand that these absurd charges are reduced in the name of justice.

Rename American City Named After Genocidal Leader

Christopher Columbus was a genocidal slaver, and yet one U.S. state capital is named in his honor. This needs to change. The time has come for all monuments to evil to be torn down, and a major step will be renaming the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Remove Confederate Symbol From Mississippi’s State Flag

Mississippi still utilizes the Confederate Battle Flag in its state flag, a slap in the face to Black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved by the South. Demand that Mississippi no longer memorialize racist traitors.

Grant Miami Nation Native American Tribe Government Protection and Sovereignty

The Miami Nation of Indiana has been fighting for more than a century to get federal recognition for their tribe, which was forcibly split by the American government before the Civil War. This would grant them sovereignty and protect their land. Demand that the federal government recognizes their tribal status and allows them the resources they need to maintain their autonomy.

Don’t Allow Trump Administration to Silence Journalists

President Donald Trump’s State Department silenced a journalist during a conference call that was supposed to be about the importance of the free press. Don’t let the administration’s blatant hypocrisy go by without calling out their corruption. Demand that they take their responsibility to the press and the people seriously.

Lock Down Arizona to Stop Rapid Spread of COVID-19

New COVID-19 cases are spiking dramatically in Arizona, putting the population at serious risk. Something must be done to stop the spread of the virus before it’s too late. Demand that the Governor of Arizona lockdown the state and save countless lives.

Forgive All Hospital Bills Linked to COVID-19 Pandemic

Americans are going bankrupt trying to deal with medical costs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government mishandled the response to this virus, and Americans should not be stuck with the bill. Demand that COVID-19 medical bills be forgiven.

Impeach President Trump Again for Election Meddling and Human Rights Violations

President Donald Trump has once again been credibly accused of asking a foreign power for help in winning a presidential election, as well as encouraging the construction of concentration camps in China. Adding these alleged criminal acts to his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clearly time to impeach President Trump once again and hold him accountable for his disgrace.

Reinstate Shelter-In-Place Order to Save Lives

The COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse and not better, and the first wave is far from over. Many states reopened far too early, and people are losing their lives because of it. Demand that shelter-in-place orders get reinstated to protect the lives of Americans.

Release Black Man Wrongfully Given 55 Year Sentence as Teenager

Lakeith Smith is serving a 55-year prison sentence for felony murder, despite not killing anyone. He was sentenced as an adult at only 15 years old for killing his accomplice, a man who was actually shot to death by police. This man deserves to be free with time served. Demand justice for Lakeith Smith.

Twitter: Stop Protecting TERFs and Encouraging Transphobia

Twitter has a problem with blatant transphobic users on their platform being protected, while those who call out the hate speech are being suspended or banned for it. Demand that Twitter make a change: tell the CEO to stop defending transphobia.

Ban “No-Knock” Warrants to Protect Millions of Black Americans

“No-knock” warrants are a danger to everyone involved, as was proven by the senseless death of Breonna Taylor. These warrants are still legal in Illinois, home to millions of vulnerable Black Americans. Demand an end to these types of warrants once for the protection of all.

Trump: Stop Honoring Pro-Slavery Confederate Traitors

Ten military bases in the United States are currently named after Confederate leaders, despite the fact that the Confederate States of America was a treasonous organization that broke off from the country to wage war and preserve the “right” to enslave Black Americans. Stop honoring the names of these traitors.

Demand Protection Against Voter Suppression in Georgia

The right to vote is under siege in the state of Georgia, where lines are being reported as so long and slow moving that it is taking seven hours or more to vote. This is an unacceptable infringement on the rights of voters and needs to stop. Help defend the right of all Americans to vote.

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