Articles written by: Kathleen Ferguson

I am an educator and activist for such causes as health and human rights, environmental protection, and education.

End High Stakes Testing for Texas Students

Texas is using unfair tests to hold hostage the education of its students. Students can be denied graduation if they don’t pass these controversial tests. Sign the petition to demand Texas end these high stakes tests.

Don’t Discriminate Against Same-Sex Marriages

Texas is trying to prevent same-sex couples from getting married. Politicians are attempting to make it legal for officials to deny same-sex couples the right to marriage based on their religious beliefs. Sign the petition to let Texas know this is unacceptable.

Support Free College for Low-Income Texans

Low-income students in Texas could attend college for free if a new initiative gains momentum. Support this movement to ease the financial burden on students.

Ban Conversion Therapy in Texas

The cruel and ignorant practice of gay conversion therapy is still legal in Texas. Often used on children, this therapy is emotionally harmful and physically painful. Sign the petition to demand Texas legislators ban this horrendous practice.

Allow Online Voter Registration in Texas

Barriers to voting still exist in Texas. Eligible voters are not allowed to register online in the state of Texas. Representatives are now pushing to change that. Sign the petition to demand the state of Texas provide online registration to voters.

Decriminalize Homosexuality in Texas

Consensual homosexual relationships are considered criminal under the Texas penal code. Homosexual conduct has been punishable in Texas since 1973 despite the Supreme Court ruling this is unconstitutional. Sign the petition to support striking this law from Texas books.

No Taxpayer Dollars for Commercial Fishing

Taxpayer dollars could be squandered creating low-interest loans for new commercial fishing vessels. This change would reverse global efforts in sustainability and be an absurd use of public funds. Sign the petition to demand the government say no to this proposal.

Reroute Pipeline That Would Jeopardize Endangered Species

Kinder Morgan has plans to run their Permian Highway Pipeline through an environmentally sensitive area of Central Texas. This pipeline could endanger an aquifer as well as a natural habitat for an endangered species. Sign the petition to demand Kinder Morgan reroute their pipeline.

Decontaminate Oil-Soaked Soil

Toxic oil-soaked soil can be made fertile again using a new method discovered by researchers. These scientists need more funding and resources to take their findings from regional to national attention. Urge the EPA to provide much needed support to this critical investigation.

Help Millions of Americans Suffering From Painful Disease

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with lymphedema. There is no known cure, and Medicare and many private insurers don’t cover essential supplies for patients to maintain a healthy life. Urge Congress to help those suffering from lymphedema.

Don’t Cut After-School Programs for Thousands of Children

President Trump is calling for the elimination of all funding for after-school programs. These programs serve millions of students in underprivileged communities across the nation, and cutting them would have catastrophic results for American’s children. Sign the petition to let Congress know cutting these programs is a bad idea.

Don’t Punish Teachers for Protesting Education Policy

Kentucky teachers used personal days to protest tax credits for private schools and proposed changes to their pensions. Now the Education Commissioner has requested a list of those teachers and hasn’t ruled out punishment. Demand fair treatment for these teachers.

Help Foster Children Be Successful in School

Children in foster care have an alarmingly low high school graduation rate. Foster children also score much lower on standardized tests than their peers. This is unacceptable. Demand that more educational services be provided to foster children.

Investigate Toxic Geothermal-Related Spill

Toxic contamination of fresh water is a concern in the aftermath of a recent geothermal spill. Pollution from the spill could lead to multiple health problems for local residents. Demand an investigation into the spill and any potentially harmful effects.

Publicize Sexual Harassment Payouts at Federal Agencies

The federal government dishes out billions of dollars every year to pay off judgments against the United States, including claims of sexual harassment. Details of these payments must be made public. Demand the release of a current breakdown of all payouts to sexual harassment claims that involve federal agencies.

Protect 6,000 Jobs from Falling Victim to Trump’s Border Wall

Senator Ted Cruz is killing jobs at the border by supporting Trump’s misguided wall. Texas has seen a significant decrease in nature tourism due to negative perceptions of the area, specifically the lower Rio Grande Valley. Senator Cruz must reverse his endorsement of the border wall for the betterment of his constituents and the continued success of eco-tourism.

Denounce Radical Xenophobic and Sexist Government Policies

The Hungarian government wants to bribe women to have more children with money and new cars. Some US officials have shown consistent support for these backwards policies. Denounce Hungary‚Äôs sexist and xenophobic practices and support international women’s rights.

Remove Dangerous Replica Weapons from Active Shooter Drills

An active shooter response training program calls for the use of replica weapons, such as airsoft guns, in their drills. These guns were discharged on school grounds and caused injuries to multiple teachers. Demand that these weapons be removed from the training program to protect both school employees and students.

Stop Funding Harmful Abstinence-Only Sex Education

An ineffective abstinence-only sex education program is draining millions in taxpayer dollars. Not only is this project a waste of money, it feeds harmful misinformation to our nation’s youth. Call for an end to this misguided initiative.

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