Articles written by: Isabella Skovira

Fire Cop Who Shot and Killed 20-year-old Black Man During Traffic Stop

A police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old Black man during a traffic stop in Minnesota. Allegedly, the police officer meant to fire a taser and accidentally fired his weapon instead. Demand he be held accountable.

Trump: Call Family of Fallen Police Officer Who Died Defending the Capitol

A Capitol Police officer died of injuries sustained while heroically defending the U.S. Capitol from a mob of violent Trump supporters. His family has yet to receive a call of condolence from the president. Urge President Trump to call the grieving family.

Prevent Dangerous “Lame Duck” Presidents by Shortening Time Between Elections and Inaugurations

The stretch of time between the presidential election and the impending inauguration has been disastrous for the United States. The lengthy transition of power has led to unrest, violence, and death. Sign this petition to shorten the time between US presidential elections and inaugurations.

Support Banning Trump From Twitter

Five people have died after a violent riot and insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building. Those involved were directly inspired by President Trump, who praised them on a video he posted to Twitter. Sign this petition to support Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump from its platform.

Biden: Ensure Second Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine Are Given in Time

Many countries are flouting the advice of medical research and the drug companies producing the coronavirus vaccines by widening the gap of time between first and second doses. Sign this petition to urge President-elect Biden to ensure second doses of the vaccine will be available within the 21-day window.

Ban Fans at March Madness Basketball Tournament to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

The annual March Madness basketball tournament may still be held amongst fans, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Sign this petition to demand that the games be played in empty stadiums in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

Federally Prosecute Hospital Employee Who Reportedly Ruined 500+ COVID-19 Vaccinations

A hospital employee in Wisconsin reportedly removed over 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from necessary refrigeration, rendering them unusable. Sign this petition to urge the federal government to charge individuals that intentionally tamper with vaccines to the highest extent of the law.

McConnell: Denounce Trump’s Attempts to Tamper With Election Results

President Trump spent an hour on the phone pressuring Georgia’s Secretary of State to overturn the election results. Trump made false claims about supposed fraudulent votes, voter suppression, and the shredding of votes, none of which are backed up by any evidence. Sign this petition to urge Mitch McConnell to speak out against this behavior.

Trump: Formally Concede 2020 US Presidential Election

The Electoral College has formally named Former VP Joseph Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Still, civil unrest and violence run rampant, spurred by President Trump’s rhetoric. Sign this petition to urge Trump to formally concede.

Save Lives By Enforcing Stricter Regulations on Soot Pollution

Soot particulates puts thousands of Americans at risk from respiratory ailments, especially minority and low-income communities. Yet, the EPA has rejected stricter limits on this widespread air pollutant. Sign this petition to urge the EPA to tighten restrictions on soot.

Pennsylvania: Do Not Entertain Trump’s Attempts to Overturn Election Results

President Trump has personally appealed to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, placing numerous calls to House Speaker Bryan Cutler. There is no evidence of any voter fraud. Sign this petition to urge Cutler to uphold the results.

Trump: Do Not Turn Down Opportunities to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

The Trump administration turned down the opportunity to buy hundreds of millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccination from drug developer Pfizer. Now, Americans may have to wait until the summer months to receive a vaccine that will soon be approved for emergency use. Urge President Trump to take every opportunity to purchase vaccine doses.

Trump: Join Former Presidents in Endorsing COVID Vaccine

Former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton have all stated that they are willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine once it is available, to help stave off skepticism and fear of this important advance in medicine. Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to also agree to a public vaccination.

Urge TikTok Star to Apologize for Potential Closure of COVID-19 Testing Site

Tik Tok star Addison Rae was scheduled to film a movie at a location that required the closure of a COVID-19 testing site, preventing at least 504 patients from attending scheduled appointments during a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge Addison Rae to apologize and to commit to prioritizing public health in the future.

Facebook: Commit to Removing Posts with Medical Misinformation

People, including at least one child, have died as a result of medical misinformation spread on Facebook. The social media company has committed to removing misleading posts about the COVID-19 vaccine, but this policy should extend to all conditions. Sign this petition to urge Facebook to remove all medical propaganda.

Protect Americans From Homelessness During a Deadly Pandemic

Millions of Americans will face homelessness as early as December 31 if an additional coronavirus stimulus package is not passed. Sign this petition to urge Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to extend eviction protection.

Trump: Do Not Grant Preemptive Presidential Pardons to Family and Personal Lawyer

President Trump has discussed the possibility of granting preemptive pardons to his children, son-in-law, and personal lawyer as a defense against any investigations put forth by a Biden Justice Department. No US citizen–regardless of who they are related to or close with–should be above the law of the land. Sign this petition to urge Trump to drop the idea of granting presidential pardons.

Trump: Cancel 20+ White House Holiday Parties Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump has recently sent out invitations to over twenty different holiday parties scheduled to take place at the White House this season, disregarding the advice of public health officials seeking to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to cancel White House holiday parties.

Do Not Leave US Senate Without Representation of Black Women

The US Senate will lack any Black female members once Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris moves into her position at the White House. Sign this petition to urge CA Governor Gavin Newsom to appoint a Black woman to maintain proper representation of the population in the US Senate.

Do Not Ban Abortions Involving Life-Threatening Conditions

Poland is considering banning abortions in cases where the fetus has a serious or life-threatening condition. These types of abortions make up the majority of the very small legally performed procedures in a country that is already very conservative regarding this issue. Urge the Polish Prime Minister to keep abortions legal in the case of life-threatening conditions.

Biden: Continue to Advocate for Rescue Dogs and All Animals in Need

When President-Elect Joe Biden enters office in 2021, he’ll bring with him the first rescue dog to ever live in the White House. Sign this petition to urge Joe Biden to continue to advocate for rescue dogs and all animals during his term as President of the United States.

Sen. McConnell: Include President-Elect Biden on the President’s Daily Brief

President-elect Joe Biden is not being given critical safety and intelligence information. Without his inclusion in security briefings, the transition between presidents could pose a serious risk for the United States. Sign this petition to urge Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to advocate that Biden be included in the president’s daily brief.

Trump: Provide National Guidelines to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

President Donald Trump has ignored the growing danger of the worsening coronavirus pandemic in the wake of his loss in the US presidential election. Thousands more become infected every day with no government response in sight. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to provide federal guidelines and a directive on the prevention of the virus.

Stop Promoting Baseless and Unsubstantiated Allegations of Voter Fraud

Bowing to pressure from election loser Donald Trump, Attorney General William Barr wants to “investigate” supposed voter fraud for which there is no credible evidence. Sign this petition to stop the substantiation of voter fraud claims without evidence.

Save the Affordable Care Act and Maintain Health Care for Millions of Americans

Millions of Americans could soon lose their access to health care as the Affordable Care Act is debated in front of the US Supreme Court for the third time. If it is revoked, then many will not have access to medical assistance during a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge US Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett to vote in favor of healthcare for all.

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