Articles written by: Cameron Jenkins

Stop Deliberately Pumping Greenhouse Gases Into the Air

Oil wells and refineries pump millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the air each year with impunity. Action is being taken, but not fast enough. Help protect our environment from willful destruction.

Stop Forests From Being Stripped of their Biodiversity

The biodiversity of mature forests is being cut away by the logging industry. Sign this petition to protect the invaluable flora that safeguard the planet.

Protect Caribou From Being Slaughtered at an Alarming Rate

Caribou are being mercilessly poached, and perpetrators are getting away. Help protect this endangered species and maintain the delicate balance of the north.

Save Sea Cows From Starving to Death

Manatees in Florida are starving to death as toxic algae threatens their habitat and destroys their food source. Sign this petition to ensure immediate action to save these friendly sea cows.

Don’t Annihilate Entire Colony of Cliff Swallows

An important cliff swallow colony is set to be destroyed even though there’s an easy solution. Help save these imperiled birds.

Don’t Celebrate Sport That Exploits Animals for Entertainment

The rodeo is known for the exploitation of animals for entertainment. This abusive pastime may soon become the official sport of Alberta. Don’t let animal cruelty become a government endorsed activity.

Stop Factory Fish Farms from Polluting the Ocean

Farmed salmon are crammed into cages that leach toxins into the ocean. These open pens are unethical to the fish, unhealthy for humans, and dangerous for the oceans and marine life. Sign this petition to stop open-pen fish farming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Stop Exporting Millions of Animals to Their Deaths

Millions of farm animals are locked onboard ocean vessels, long-haul trucks, and airplanes. They suffer from unnatural and unsanitary conditions, stress and abuse as they are shipped around the world. Add your voice to stop the global export of livestock.

Stop Puppy Mills From Keeping Dogs in Misery and Squalor

Dogs in puppy mills live in filth and are bred their entire reproductive lives until they are auctioned, abandoned, or euthanized. There are no laws to protect them. Take action to criminalize this deplorable, exploitative abuse of our greatest companion.

Allow Chronically Ill People to End Their Suffering

Medical assistance in dying is a difficult but necessary right that should be given to all patients living with debilitating and horrendous suffering. These people deserve to have control over their life, liberty, and security. Sign this petition to help all individuals end their lives with peace and dignity.

Stop Peddling Products Containing Animals to Unsuspecting Consumers

Consumers looking for plant-based products must carefully read labels to ensure their purchases are not derived from animals. With society moving in this direction, urge the government to make it mandatory to clearly label any product that is made from animals or their parts.

Stop Trophy Hunters From Ravaging the Prairies

Trophy hunting is a disgusting sport that threatens local wildlife and impacts rural communities across North America. Sign this petition to put an end to the senseless slaughter, and shameful exhibition, of nature’s majestic creatures.

Success: False Charges Against Amazon Firefighters Dropped

Firefighters in charge of saving the Amazon rainforest were arrested on false accusations of setting the blazes to receive donations. The destruction of the Amazon has significant global implications, and the people who fight it are heroes. Sign this petition to applaud the release of these innocent, and brave, firefighters.

Success: Honeybees Are Being Saved From Murder Hornets

A full-on war is being waged against the Asian giant hornets, also known as murder hornets. These invasive killers can mercilessly decapitate entire colonies of honeybees in a matter of hours. Applaud the dedicated efforts of those who are vigilantly working to protect the defenseless bees.

Save Joe the Pigeon from Certain Death

A racing pigeon made an incredible journey from the United States to Australia. Now, the Australian authorities plan on euthanizing him. Help save this daring bird’s life.

Ban Cruel & Abusive Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds are abused for human amusement and profit. The government must take action to protect the thousands of dogs who are injured, drugged, and exploited for entertainment. Sign this petition to stop this archaic sport and liberate the abused companion animals.

Stop Killing Hummingbirds With Poisoned Nectar

Hummingbird lives are being taken by means of poisoned nectar. Although studies show that Red Dye #40 causes horrible illnesses, it is still allowed as an additive in hummingbird food. Demand that this cruelty stop.

Success: Starbucks Has Replaced Plastic Straws

Starbucks has reached its goal of replacing plastic straws in stores across North America. Show support and encouragement as this company continues to make environmentally sustainable decisions.

Stop the Spread of Covid-19 at Costco Stores

Costco’s nearly 100 million customers must flock to the stores to redeem their member coupons, exposing themselves and others to Covid-19. Call upon this company to make these member checks redeemable online, so people can stay home and stop the spread of the global virus.

Demand Godiva Chocolate Stop Reported Use of Child Labor

Over 2 million children labor in fields in horrible conditions to feed the $100 billion chocolate industry. Godiva apparently needs to do more to ensure its chocolates do not contain the sweat and blood of abused children. Sign this petition to ensure Godiva takes a strong stance against unethical labor practices.

Make the Circus Cruelty-Free

Circus animals are mistreated and forced to perform for people’s entertainment. Abusive handlers are not held accountable for their horrific actions. Sign this petition to stop animals from being exploited by the circus industry.

Success: Canada Has Banned Assault-Style Weapons

Assault rifles and other deadly weapons will be removed from Canadian streets, allowing citizens to rest easy. These weapons will no longer be available for madmen to use against innocent people in the deadly mass shootings that ravage our communities. Thank the Prime Minister of Canada for prohibiting them.

End Cruel, Unnecessary School Animal Dissections

The dissection of animals is an archaic practice that is still common in biology classes across the country. Virtual apps and models render this barbaric and disgusting school project obsolete, and students need to be presented a cruelty-free and compassionate future. Stop dissecting living beings in schools.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline from Destroying Our Sustainable Future

The Keystone pipeline is a blight on North America’s landscape, destroying pristine forests, contaminating water, and condemning the future to an environmental disaster. Join this petition to stop the construction of this controversial project.

Stop Maiming Dogs by Removing Their Vocal Cords

Dogs are having their vocal cords removed in a painful, unnecessary operation that serves no purpose other than human convenience. Stop subjecting pets to this cruel form of abuse.

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