Articles written by: Ayla Burnett

Portland native, peace and environmental advocate, writer and music lover

Protect Human Health from Dangerous Exposure to Radiation

Oil-and-gas workers and citizens are being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation found in brine, the byproduct of fracking. Exposure to high levels of radiation causes cancer, regular headaches, joint pain, numbness, and much more. Demand the EPA implement strict safety regulations to protect the public from exposure to the radiation found in brine.

Stop China’s Belt and Road Initiative From Destroying the Environment

China plans to spend trillions on a Belt and Road Initiative that includes, but is not limited to, new gas and oil pipelines, highways, railroads, and dams across the globe. The project will have a massive environmental impact involving large scale deforestation, loss of critical ecosystems and habitats, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and much more. Demand the president of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, halt the construction of the Belt and Road and Initiative and protect the environment.

Protect the Pinyon Pine Tree From Extinction

The critically important pinyon pine tree is at risk of extinction due to the effects of climate change. Rising temperatures and increased periods of drought hinder the pinyon’s ability to germinate. Demand that the EPA address the future of the pinyon pine by taking strategic action to combat the effects of climate change.

Pay Reparations for Centuries of Genocide and Oppression

Centuries of genocide, violation of treaty rights, and systematic oppression inflicted upon native peoples call for restitution. Demand that Governor Inslee and the state of Washington pay restitution by deconstructing false narratives of settler colonialism, promoting education of Native American history, and returning natives to positions of leadership.

Protect Wild River From Industry and Development

One of Texas’ last wild and clean rivers is at the risk of destructive industry and development along its shores. The array of native and rare plants and animals that live among the Llano will suffer the negative impacts of industry, including pollution and destruction of habitat.

Stop the Plastics Industry From Destroying the Environment

Oil giants Exxon Mobil and Shell are fueling climate change by opening new petrochemical plants intended to expand the plastics market. Plastic production and disposal pose harmful threats to the environment and human health, including the release of greenhouse gases and exposure to carcinogenic toxins. Say no to plastic pollution.

Stop Big Oil From Dumping Wastewater Into Rivers And Streams

Big oil plans to dump chemical laden wastewater into streams and rivers. This water contains thousands of highly toxic chemicals, including benzene, lead and radium. Demand that the EPA stop prioritizing corporate profit over human and wildlife health.

Protect Human Health From Harmful Nitrate Pollution

Nearby residents are at risk of birth defects and cancer because of harmful nitrate pollution in Eastern Oregon’s drinking water. Urge the EPA to take emergency action to restore the groundwater to a safe condition by reducing nitrate levels.

Stop Corporations Profiting Off Thirst and Water Scarcity

Private water sellers are price-gouging thirsty residents of Nepal affected by severe water shortages. The expensive water is also known to cause illnesses such as skin problems, diarrhea and intestinal bugs. Stop the tanker industry from profiting off of the water crisis.

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