Articles written by: Ayla Burnett

Portland native, peace and environmental advocate, writer and music lover

Protect the Environment From Ozone-Depleting Chemicals

Harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals will pollute the atmosphere under a proposed rollback of EPA rules. Demand the EPA reverse this decision to deregulate these chemicals and instead work to phase them out completely.

Protect Communities of Color From Gentrification

Low-income residents are being displaced by rising housing costs caused by climate gentrification, a phenomenon linked by the threat of rising sea levels. Demand Florida implement affordable housing, provide job opportunities, and consult citizens before displacing them from their communities.

Protect Crucial Forest From Destruction

Mexico’s crucial cloud forests are diminishing due to the expansion of livestock and agriculture. These vibrant ecosystems are vital to the hydrological cycle and to the rich diversity of flora and fauna that they support. Demand Mexico save cloud forests from destruction before it’s too late.

Tell Uber and Lyft to Stop Polluting the Environment

Uber rides are found to be 47 percent more polluting than an individual driving their own car. They are increasing vehicle travel, carbon emissions, and traffic. Demand Uber stop contributing to climate change by expanding the use of electric cars and encouraging customers to take pooled rides and public transit.

Protect Female Firefighters From Toxic, Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Female firefighters face exposure to high levels of cancer-causing chemicals that have resulted in elevated levels of breast cancer. Per-and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals are found in firefighting gear such as uniforms and the foam they use to put out fires. Demand the International Association of Fire Fighters direct resources to develop and/or obtain equipment that is safe for women.

Do Not Complicate or Punish the Reporting of Animal Abuse

The reporting of animal abuse will likely become more difficult or even punishable under a new governing body. If an individual reports potential abuse that doesn’t involve serious injury or death, they can face jail time and fines. Stop this bill from being passed and give animals a fighting chance.

Don’t Diminish the Habitat of an Endangered Cuckoo Bird

The yellow-billed cuckoo has already seen a 90 percent decline in its original breeding habitat, and faces many other additional threats. Demand that the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service does not decrease this imperiled species’ critical habitat.

Success: Cancer-Causing Oil Refinery to Be Closed Permanently

The largest oil refinery on the East Coast will be shut down permanently thanks to four years of campaigning by a Philadelphia-based environmental group. This refinery emitted the highest levels of cancer-causing benzene in the country, far exceeding the EPA standard. Praise the environmental group for working to ensure the closure of this harmful oil refinery.

Oregon Senate Republicans: Stop Threatening Our Democracy and Return to Work

Oregon Senate Republicans fled the capitol in an attempt to kill an important cap-and-trade bill. This bill is important climate change legislation that will have impacts throughout the country. Demand that Oregon Senate Republicans return to the capitol and do their job.

Protect Vulnerable Javan Deer From Extinction

A rare species of deer is declining due to habitat loss and poaching. A large portion of their populations live in unprotected areas threatened by palm oil plantations, deforestation and more. Demand the protection of the Javan deer by designating their territory as a wildlife refuge.

Stop Ignoring Vulnerable Communities Most Affected by Climate Change

The protection of disadvantaged communities from the climate crisis was not mentioned in an important New York State climate policy budget plan. However, their protection is required under a new state law. Demand Governor Andrew Cuomo include a provision to protect vulnerable communities.

Stop Drastic Budget Cuts to Environmental Agencies

Texas has slashed funding to its crucial state environmental agency by 35 percent. However, oil-and-gas industry emissions are growing, which will further threaten Texas’s air quality and waterways. Demand Governor Abbott provide proper funding to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to protect the environment.

End Program that Puts Vulnerable Asylum Seekers in More Danger

Central American migrants are being sent to Guatemala to “seek refuge” without knowledge of where they are going or how to apply for asylum. The conditions in Guatemala are dangerous and pose many of the same threats as the countries these refugees are fleeing. Demand the Trump administration end this “safe third country” program to ensure the safety of migrants.

Don’t Create DNA Database of Detained Immigrants

Plans to collect the DNA of hundreds of thousands of detained immigrants are underway by the Department of Homeland Security. Those who wish not to take part can be charged with a federal misdemeanor. Demand Homeland Security halt invasive plans to collect DNA samples from detainees.

Prevent Climate Change by Halting Damaging Natural Gas Burnoff

Natural gas flaring has significantly increased in the state of Texas, releasing 350 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Demand the Railroad Commission of Texas stop allowing excessive flaring.

Protect Endangered Wolves From Death by Brutal Leghold Traps

Endangered Mexican gray wolves are being caught and killed in leghold traps in New Mexico. These traps can cause slow and painful deaths for these endangered animals. Sign this petition to demand officials halt trapping in wolf territory.

Stop Fatal Disease From Decimating Elk Populations

A fatal disease that destroys the brain and central nervous system is circulating among elk populations. Scientists fear it will spread into an important national elk refuge. Demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service immediately implement a plan to save the elk.

Success: Dangerous Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Kids Will No Longer be Produced

The dangerous and highly controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos will no longer be produced by the largest manufacturer of the chemical, Corteva. This victory comes after years of advocates working to keep this product off the shelves due to its link to brain damage in children. Applaud Corteva for deciding to stop producing chlorpyrifos.

Protect Environment From Rising Oil and Gas Emissions

The oil and gas industry plans to build or augment 157 new facilities that will be allowed to increase their greenhouse gas emissions by 227 million tons. This is an increase from the 764 million tons they released in 2018. Demand the EPA implement stricter regulations on pollution and work to curb the expansion of the oil and gas industry.

Don’t Reopen Dangerous Cancer-Causing Oil Refinery

An oil refinery known for releasing excessive and dangerous levels of benzene may be reopened with the help of the Trump administration. Benzene exposure is linked to headaches, anemia, respiratory illness, cancer, and much more. Urge the Trump administration to prioritize human health and cease the re-opening of this refinery.

Protect Marginalized Communities From Severe Heat Waves

Marginalized communities of color face disproportionate exposure to severe, climate change induced heat waves. These heat waves have caused an increase in illnesses such as heat stroke, dehydration, heart conditions, COPD and more. Demand the protection of these communities against the harmful effects of climate change through access to more green space and better housing opportunities.

Stop Trump Family’s Senseless Killing of Endangered Wildlife

Donald Trump Jr. is auctioning off a 10-day trophy hunting trip in Alaska at a Safari Club International convention. The trip will include hunting Sitka black tailed deer and sea ducks, alongside other prizes to kill an elephant, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest and crocodiles. Demand that the Safari Club International cancel the convention and stop Trump Jr. from promoting the senseless killing of endangered wildlife.

Demand Justice for Pig Thrown From a Bungee Jump Tower

A pig was tied to a pole with its legs bound and forcefully thrown off of a 68-meter-high bungee jump tower. The event was part of an opening ceremony for a new bungee jump attraction at the Meixin Red Wine Town theme park in China. Demand justice for the pig by urging China to make animal cruelty punishable by law.

Demand Justice for Communities Affected by Toxic Waste

An Alabama community faces daily exposure to dangerous substances such as coal ash, asbestos, and petroleum. Coal ash contains dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. Demand the EPA bring justice to residents by protecting them from exposure to harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

Protect Human Health and the Environment from Nitrogen Fertilizer Pollution

Nitrogen fertilizer is directly linked to water pollution, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, creation of aquatic dead zones, and lethal explosions. However, farmers still use excessive amounts of synthetic fertilizer. Demand that the American Farm Bureau Federation halt the use of harmful nitrogen fertilizer to protect human health and the environment.

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