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Portland native, peace and environmental advocate, writer and music lover

Restore Funding to the World Health Organization to Fight Coronavirus

Crucial funding to the World Health Organization will be cut thanks to a decision made by President Trump. This move could strip the organization of resources vital to fighting the spread of Covid-19. Demand President Trump reverse his decision to cut funding to WHO in order to save thousands of lives.

Stop Trump From Encouraging Air Pollution During Deadly Pandemic

The Trump administration is allowing air pollution from soot to trash our environment during a pandemic that attacks the human respiratory system. Soot pollution is linked to heart disease, severe respiratory illness, and cancer, and leads to more Covid-19 deaths. Demand that the EPA strengthen soot pollution standards in order to save countless lives.

Jair Bolsonaro: Stop Undermining the Threat of Covid-19

Brazil is on the pathway to a severe public health crisis thanks to the president’s adamant undermining of the threat of Covid-19. His failure to implement or practice social distancing could lead to the avoidable death of thousands. Demand President Bolsonaro implement social distancing measures immediately in order to protect Brazil from the threat of coronavirus.

Protect Brazil’s Indigenous Communities from Covid-19

A teenager from an indigenous group in Brazil died last week from Covid-19. Leaders suspect that illegal gold miners exposed their people to the virus, and fear that exposure will decimate their population. Demand President Bolsonaro take action to stop illegal gold miners from entering indigenous territory in order to protect them from Covid-19.

Don’t Slash the Wages of Already Vulnerable Farm Workers

Foreign born farm workers are being threatened with wage cuts thanks to a proposal by the United States Department of Agriculture and The White House. These farm workers, who are deemed “essential” during the Coronavirus, already receive low pay and are forced to live in cramped housing. Demand that these valuable farm workers get paid what they are owed.

Overturn Hong Kong’s Face Mask Ban During Coronavirus

A Hong Kong court of appeals largely upheld a face mask ban, despite the threat of Covid-19. Many turn to face masks for protection from the virus, though fear police could order removal. Demand Hong Kong’s chief executive reverse the face mask ban and instead make masks mandatory during the Covid-19 crisis.

Address Disproportionately High Covid-19 Death Rates Among African Americans

Disproportionately high rates of African Americans are becoming infected and dying from Covid-19. This trend affects multiple cities throughout the country and is a growing concern for an already disadvantaged community. Demand the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide racial data so that officials can address this harmful disparity.

Success: Firefighters’ Health Prioritized in Search for Nontoxic Firefighting Foam

Firefighting foam that contains dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals may soon be phased out, thanks to research done by the United States Air Force. In addition, the Air Force agreed to work with communities contaminated with chemicals and clean them up. Thank the U.S. Air Force for prioritizing the health of firefighters, the public and the environment by working to provide a safer firefighting foam.

Success: Progress Achieved for Movement Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline violates the rights and safety of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and now a federal court has sided with the tribe’s lawyers against the project. Thank the Indigenous Environmental Network for their tireless fight to protect indigenous lands from the threat of this pipeline.

Don’t Use Coronavirus Pandemic as Cover to Slash Pollution Laws

Power plants and factories are allowed to pollute more freely thanks to relaxed environmental regulations pushed through by the Trump administration under the cover of the Coronavirus pandemic. Sign this petition to protest the putting of polluters’ profits over human health.

Stop Selling Public Lands for Fracking During the Covid-19 Crisis

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to sell public lands for fracking and make major policy decisions while the threat of Covid-19 grows. Covid-19 has seriously interrupted citizens’ ability to take part in the decision-making process regarding their public lands and resources. Demand the BLM stop selling public lands and halt any planning processes until the threat of Covid-19 diminishes and Americans can adequately participate.

Success: Increased Protections for Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Achieved

The Trump administration’s attempt to lease almost one million acres of public land without public comment was voided. This land is vital habitat for the greater sage grouse and other sagebrush reliant species. Applaud Western Watersheds Project for highlighting the Trump administration’s corrupt policy and protecting greater sage grouse habitat.

Success: Egyptian Men Facing Execution Acquitted

Four Egyptian men facing the death penalty were acquitted of their alleged charges. They were arrested as teenagers and reportedly faced horrendous torture while imprisoned. Thank human rights group Reprieve for their hard work campaigning to bring these men justice.

Ban Brutal Trapping That Harms Endangered Wildlife

Brutal trapping is legal in New Mexico, which can cause the maiming and killing of foxes, bobcats, coyotes, endangered mexican gray wolves, and more. Demand the New Mexico Game Commission reverse their decision to allow trapping and instead ban the cruel practice.

Don’t Build Gas Wells Over Ancient Pronghorn Migration Route

3,500 new gas wells will be built that could block an ancient and essential migration pattern for the pronghorn species. This migration corridor has been traveled for 6,000 years and is crucial to the survival of the pronghorn. Demand the Bureau of Land Management reverse their decision to allow 3,500 new gas wells in pronghorn territory.

Ban Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Ski Wax

Cancer-causing chemicals have been found in ski wax used by high level skiers. These chemicals, known as perfluoroalkyl, (PFAS), are linked to reproductive and developmental problems, liver and kidney issues, cancer, and more. Demand the EPA ban ski wax containing PFAS in order to protect the environment and human health.

Stop Threatening Endangered Bighorn Sheep

An ancient bighorn sheep herd is declining drastically, with only around 100 remaining. Backcountry skiers are contributing to the problem by displacing sheep from their vital habitat. Demand the United States Ski and Snowboard Association educate skiers on the threat to bighorn sheep and stay away from their territory.

Stop Reported Human Rights Abuses Toward Indigenous Groups

“Eco-guards” are reportedly committing violent and repressive human rights abuses against indigenous communities in Africa. These guards are seemingly beating native peoples, displacing them from their homeland and wrongfully accusing them of poaching. Demand the Worldwide Fund for Nature de-fund eco-guards in order to protect valuable indigenous communities.

Don’t Rebuild Road That Threatens Endangered Grizzly Bears

The reconstruction of a Northern Idaho road will threaten endangered grizzly bears, caribou and other wildlife. This road cuts directly through vital habitat. Demand the United States Forest Service halt the reconstruction of this road in order to protect grizzly bears and other sensitive wildlife.

Halt Destruction of Forest Habitat That Houses Endangered Species

A logging company is decimating what is left of crucial forest habitat in the aftermath of the Australian bushfires. These forests are home to endangered species that have lost up to 82 percent of their territory in the fires. Demand the logging company stop cutting down unburnt forest in order to conserve the critical habitats of endangered species.

Protect Low-Income Communities of Color From Lead Exposure

Property owners in low-income communities of color face increased exposure to lead in drinking water. This is due to water utilities requiring property owners to pay the significant cost of pipe replacement. Demand the EPA require utilities to pay for pipe replacement in order to protect the public from the dangerous effects of lead exposure.

Justice for Rare White Giraffes Killed by Poachers

Two rare white giraffes were killed by poachers at a wildlife refuge in Kenya. Now only one white giraffe remains in Kenya. Demand the poachers that killed these rare and important animals be brought to justice.

Union Bank: Stop Funding Climate Destruction

Japan’s biggest bank is fueling the climate disaster by funding deforestation and dirty energy. They have financed palm oil in Indonesia, coal fired power plants, and destructive pipeline projects that disrespect indigenous rights. Demand this bank stop funding extractive industry in order to protect our planet from the climate disaster.

Stop Poisoning Low-Income Communities

An oil refinery is accused of emitting toxic pollutants far beyond the federal limits, causing nearby communities to suffer from high rates of cancer, respiratory illness and even death. Demand the CEO of this company lower emissions to protect people’s health.

Stop Slaughtering Threatened Wombat Species

Wombats are being slaughtered by farmers who were issued permits to cull by the government. These animals are already under threat due to disease outbreaks and habitat loss. Demand the Government of Victoria stop the killing of southern hairy-nosed wombats.

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